Chapter 359.2: Human or Ghost?


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Since that person wasn't speaking, it fell silent again. Soon though, Tang Doudou heard heavy breathing come from not far in front of her. It sounded like the panting of someone doing heavy exercise.

"Is that you?" Tang Doudou tried to light up the torch again to get a look, but that person stopped her.

"Don't light up that thing. I can't look at light."

Tang Doudou asked, astonished, "Why?"

"After being in the darkness for too long, light burns the eyes like fire." That person's tone was very sad.

"Are you really a person?"

"I've already talked to you too much. It's up to you whether you want to believe, I won't repeat myself. In any case, anyone that stays here who doesn't die will become like me." When that person saw that Tang Doudou still didn't believe him, his voice became emotionless again.

From the looks of it, this person was very familiar with this place. If she got to know this person more, she might be able to learn more about this place and Ninth Uncle's motives.

"No, no, I believe you! I do!" said Tang Doudou hastily.

That person just said, "It's up to you whether you believe or not. If it weren't for the fact that he said he'd allow you to know the meaning of a true psychopath, I wouldn't have bothered with you."

Tang Doudou silently remarked that it made a lot more sense even as she asked, "Why would you bother with me do to this?"

"Haha." That person's laugh was chilling. "Because I'm bored."


How could she have forgotten that they were in a hole inside a sinkhole? Even if this person was human, his mental state definitely wasn't normal.

However, the good thing was that this person still hasn't exhibited any weird symptoms.

So this conversation could still be continued.

However, the light swaying of the surroundings was starting to get stronger. Tang Doudou didn't know what Ninth Uncle intended to do, but she had already given up on the situation. She'd just deal with things as they came.

She felt for her flat bag of pickled plums. Hopefully, Baili Yiling and Mu Ye would be able to see that trail of pickled plums.

"Ahem, is that so?" Tang Doudou sat down on the ground and started revolving her energy to recover her inner strength. "How long have you been here?"

"I don't know," said that person. Then he added, "I've forgotten. But it's been a very very long time."

"When I came in earlier, I saw that there were a lot of corpses outside. Were they people that died in here?"

That person was silent for a long while. Then he seemed to laugh. "He actually put the corpses outside? He sure is fearless. If someone found them, he'd die countless deaths."

Tang Doudou latched onto this topic, "Do you know what exactly he'll be doing? I want to be mentally prepared."

"Mentally prepared? I'd advise you to give up preparing and just leave before he actually does anything to you."

"I also want to leave, but that's easy to say and not so easy to do."

"It's not hard to leave," said that person.

Tang Doudou was skeptical. If it was easy, why had he been trapped here for so long?

That person seemed to guess what she was thinking. "I don't want to leave."

"Since you came from outside, you've definitely seen what this thing is. It's not very tall. With your qinggong, you'll be able to fly out. As for whether you'll be recaptured once you get out will depend on your luck. If you're lucky, he won't be guarding outside and your chances of escape will be 100%. If he is guarding outside and you can beat him or outrun him, your chances will be 50%. If you fail, then your fate will be having your meridians and limbs crushed before being thrown back in here."

When that person got to his last sentence, his voice filled with intense hatred. Tang Doudou immediately realized why he said that it was easy to escape, but he didn't want to escape.

It wasn't that he didn't try, but that he did and failed. His limbs and meridians had been ruined. That was why he would become so tired from moving that he'd pant to catch his breath.

"With how much he hate me, he definitely wouldn't leave until he sees with his own eyes that I'm barely a breath away from death." Tang Doudou shook her head helplessly, then started walking forward in order to figure out where exactly that person was.

She finally understood why she didn't see the person earlier. The first reason was because there was only a brief moment of light. The second was that the person's limbs were crushed, so he definitely wasn't standing. This means that while she was looking around, the person in front of her had been lying on the ground with his eyes shut tight. He only used his inner strength or some other method to extinguish the rolled torch once she turned around to look at the wall.

So the question was, why couldn't she find the rock wall even though she had seen it earlier?


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