Chapter 359.1: Human or Ghost?


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Before she even had a chance to break out in cold sweat, she had already fallen into the hole and crashed to the ground. The hard meteorite almost deformed her poor butt.

Fudge! Couldn't he give a warning before doing something?

Tang Doudou grimaced as she got back up. All she could see was black. Normally, a person who was in the darkness would be able to see light very well even if there was only a tiny amount of it, but unexpectedly, even when she looked up, all she could see was black and there was no trace of Ninth Uncle who was still standing at the edge of the hole.

"Hey! What exactly are you trying to do? Why did you throw me in here!? Hey! I'm talking to you! Are you there or not? Weren't you going to kill me? Hurry up with it!" Tang Doudou started feeling around in the dark to move closer to the walls.

Humans instinctively felt fear in the darkness.

"Jeje, I told you that I wouldn't let you die so easily. I'm going to torture you until you wish you were dead! Until you beg me to just kill you!"

"You fricking psychopath!" cursed Tang Doudou. She was surprised. She had already moved backwards so many steps, so how come she still hadn't made contact with the wall?

It was seriously strange. No matter how big this hole was, it couldn't be larger than the meteorite, right?

These ten steps covered a distance way larger than the meteorite's radius, so why hadn't she hit the edge yet?

"Psychopath? Humph, that's right, I am a psychopath! So have fun down there. You'll soon understand what a real psychopath is!" Right after Ninth Uncle said this, Tang Doudou felt like her surrounding were starting to sway.

It was obviously Ninth Uncle's doing, but beyond that she had no idea what was about to happen. She stared at the darkness warily. Suddenly, she recalled that the chest she was carrying seemed to have some rolled torches.

Ninth Uncle had been in too much of a rush to kill her, so he didn't even notice that she was carrying a chest.

That was fortunate, because Tang Doudou would rather die than lose the chest. She opened the chest and dug through it. Baili Yu was the one who had placed the rolled torches into the chest before he left. He knew that she tended to forget important things so even made sure to place several inside.

When she got one, she carefully closed the chest again before blowing on the rolled torch until it lit up.

However, a strange incident occurred. Right after the torch lit up, it crackled for barely a few seconds before it abruptly went out like someone had blown it out.

The moment this thought emerged, it just kept growing.

Could it be that there was someone else here?

Tang Doudou recalled that pile of rotting corpses she saw outside. Could it be that those people had died in here, then Ninth Uncle pulled them out of here and just threw them in that pile?

When her thoughts arrived at this point, she started holding her breath. It was completely instinctive, she had no idea why she did so since it wasn't like she was facing a ghost. In addition, she had already called out so that person was already aware of her presence, so what use was there in holding her breath?

However, these things weren't the main problem. The first thing she had to do right now was light up the torch again in order to get a clear look at the surroundings. She couldn't help but be frightened by the fact that she knew nothing about this place.

She took a few steps back again. Suddenly, an almost lifeless voice appeared in the darkness. "Stop backing away. There's no end to this place."

There was no end?

That wasn't possible!

"Were you the one that blew out my torch earlier?" Tang Doudou felt relieved to find that someone else was here even though that person sounded very exhausted. Two people were at the very least better than one.

However, that person didn't respond to her, making it seem as if the voice she heard earlier was just a hallucination.

"Are you still there?" After facing silence for a while, Tang Doudou tried asking again.

That person still didn't speak. After waiting for a long time, Tang Doudou came up with an idea. "If you aren't going to talk, I'm going to light up the torch again!"

If it had been that person who put out the torch, he would definitely stop her from lighting it again.

When Tang Doudou's thoughts reached this point, she looked in the direction of the torch attentively as she carefully blew it until it lit. However, as the bit of light illuminated the darkness with a hazy yellow glow, she discovered that, to her astonishment, there was no one around!

There wasn't even a trace of a ghost.

Who exactly was it that had been talking to her?

Tang Doudou walked forward, then turned around. Not far from where she was standing was the wall of the meteorite. If she had taken just one step backwards, she would've made contact with the wall.

However, that voice had told her that there was no end to this place. It was seriously strange.

It didn't matter though, her main priority was to get out of here first.

Right at this time, there was the sound of blowing again. The torch she was holding flickered, then went out.

This time, Tang Doudou saw what happened clearly. The torch had gone out on its own, there hadn't been anyone blowing it!

"Fudge! No way that there's really a ghost, right!?" When Tang Doudou recalled that she hadn't been able to see anyone earlier, she started getting scared. As she muttered worriedly, she started backing towards the wall again. However, another strange incident occurred. She walked straight towards where she saw the wall earlier, but she didn't make contact with it.

She felt about to fall apart.

"Stop wasting your energy. If you conserve your strength, you'll be able to live for a couple more days." That voice appeared again.

Tang Doudou hastily asked, "Are you a human or a ghost? Why didn't I see you earlier?"

That person seemed surprised by this as his originally lifeless voice now contained a bit of emotion. "You didn't see me? I've been right in front of you this entire time though?"

His words made Tang Doudou break out in cold sweat. "Th-that, no way right?"That person said angrily, "Why would I lie?"

Tang Doudou was about to pee her pants. "B-but I really didn't see you!?"


Wait for what? Tang Doudou was at a loss. This person didn't sound like a ghost, but when she lit the torch earlier, she really didn't see anyone. She wasn't blind. Although it was dark, there was no way she would miss someone that's right in front of her, right?


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