Chapter 357.1: Shocking Change


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Tang Doudou was given such a fright that she reflexively jumped away. Her heart pounded nonstop. It felt like a demon had grabbed her shoulder, that chilling sensation nearly made her heart stop.

Was this Ninth Uncle a human or a ghost? Tang Doudou looked at him in alarm as she tried to come up with a way to get away. Based how he had been able to get close to her without a sound, his martial arts were definitely better than hers. If she tried to go with force, she'd end up with even more severe injuries.

When Tang Doudou came to this conclusion, she swallowed and decided to go with the flow for now. Once a chance came up, she'd flee for her life.

"Run ah! Why aren't you running? You wretch! You won't be able to escape! I was actually thinking about how to find you, but you actually ended up sending yourself to my door! Hahaha… it's truly help from the Heavens!"

Tang Doudou watched him nervously. "We've never met before, so there's no reason you should resent me. Why are you trying to kill me?"

"Haha, you want to know why?" Ninth Uncle gradually got closer. His eyes were completely red. "I won't tell you. I want you to die without ever obtaining peace!"

"Ah!" Right after he finished speaking, he abruptly pounced towards her. Tang Doudou screamed but managed to narrowly escape.

"Stay away!" As she was dodging, she picked up a stone from the ground. "If you get any closer, I won't go easy on you!"

"Go easy? I'd like to see what you can do." Ninth Uncle's tone changed, then he started attacking like a starved savage wolf. Every single strike was aimed at a fatal spot. At first, Tang Doudou was able to fend the attacks off, but gradually the difference in skill became clear. After just a few exchanges, she got wounded on the arm. The burning pain made her groan.

Suddenly, she spotted moving figures in the forest behind Ninth Uncle so she hastily ran in that direction. "Save me! Someone save me!"

"Sister-in-Law, is that you?" It was Baili Yiling with the other tribesmen. Although Tang Doudou didn't know if the rest of the people were friend or foe, she was relieved to hear Baili Yiling's voice. However, before she could even relax, she felt sharp pain from the back of her head. Following that, her vision turned dark and she fainted.

Ninth Uncle picked Tang Doudou up with a dark expression. After glancing in Baili Yiling's direction, he quickly moved in the opposite direction and disappeared from sight.

By the time Baili Yiling made it over, there was no one left. "Sister-in-Law! Where are you?


"Eldest Miss, that's enough, there's no point. Young Madam has probably been kidnapped by someone." There were about twenty people with Baili Yiling. The person in the lead was a young man, about thirty years old, with tanned skin.

"Ah Jie, you have to help me find Sister-in-Law! I heard her voice earlier, they're definitely still nearby. Let's go chase after them, alright?" Baili Yiling really wanted to just kill herself right now. She thought that they would be completely safe as long as they reached this place, so she lowered her guard, which allowed someone to kidnap her sister-in-law from right under her nose.

If she couldn't find Sister-in-Law, what was she supposed to say to Big Brother!?

When she said this, a strange expression flashed through Ah Jie's eyes. However, Baili Yiling was too preoccupied and didn't notice it.

"Eldest Miss, don't worry, we'll definitely look for her. However, you're also aware of how this place is filled with traps. If that person came from outside, he's probably already been captured by one of the traps. Let's head back and turn off all the traps, then come back to inspect them. We'll definitely be able to find Young Madam soon!"

Baili Yiling understood that his suggestion was logical, but they weren't aware that Tang Doudou was pregnant. If they had encountered a trap, what if the person that got trapped was not the bad person but Tang Doudou…

She didn't dare to keep thinking along those lines.

"That won't do! I have to look for her right now!" Baili Yiling knew that she had to calm down. The more she panicked, the more of her judgement she'd lose. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened her eyes again, her eyes were once again completely clear. She turned towards Ah Jie calmly and commanded, "Ah Jie, assign some people who are familiar with the traps to me. The rest can head back to turn off the traps."

Ah Jie hesitated in clear disagreement.

Baili Yiling abruptly raised her voice and looked over with a sharp gaze. "What? My instructions no longer hold weight?""Of course not!" Ah Jie hastily replied. At the same time, inwardly, he was shocked. Baili Yiling was clearly not a pureblood Saint Tribe member, so why was she also able to have such an imposing aura?

However, Baili Yiling didn't give him any time to continue wondering about this. She walked directly into the group and asked, "Who's familiar with the sinkhole?"

Everyone moved slightly and soon, everyone was looking at Ah Jie.

Baili Yiling was aware that her current situation was actually very dangerous as well. These people might treat her the same way as they treated Big Brother back then. Although they call her Eldest Miss, in reality, all they cared about was what she brought them. Originally, Big Brother had been responsible for bringing them those things every month. Since she was now the one doing it, it was a matter of course for them to be friendly towards her.

She had only brought Tang Doudou here because there was no other choice. Everyone in the country wanted to capture her. Only the concealed Saint Tribe territories which were isolated from the outside world were temporarily safe.

However, they had ended up encountering danger the moment they arrived.

And where did Ninth Uncle go?

He had clearly been in front of her, but she hadn't seen him even when she reached where the tribesmen stayed. Earlier, she had been too anxious to take this into consideration, but now that she thought about it… Her back filled with cold sweat. Although Ninth Uncle wasn't very cordial to her in the past, he still wasn't as cold and indifferent as he acted today. And after he saw Sister-in-Law…

Baili Yiling instantly realized what was off. She was also aware that this wasn't the time to mess with this group, but she had no choice, she had to take this risk!

She had to bet on the fact that they wouldn't dare to do anything to her before they could get someone else to help bring them those items.

When Baili Yiling's thoughts reached this point, her eyes turned cold. "Stop looking at him, face me!

"Everyone that's familiar with the sinkhole, step forward!"

Both Baili Yu and Baili Yiling carried a natural aura that made people feel instinctive reverence towards them. However, Baili Yu had been trained a lot more and could make people's knees feel weak with just one glance. A lot of the time, even if his eyes were closed and he was just there resting, he'd give off an oppressing aura like a temporarily hibernating tiger.

This was also the reason why Tang Doudou had such a bad impression of him at first. Tang Doudou was pretty cowardly and was instinctly afraid of oppressive pressure. In addition, in her understanding, everyone in the world was equal. People that acted like Baili Yu, in her opinion, were just idiots that liked to act cool! Very few people would have good impressions of people like that.

In contrast with Baili Yu, Baili Yiling was still very young, so she could only rely on her cold words and a sharp gaze to increase her imposing aura. Although this was effective on those ordinary tribesmen and made them quickly shift their gaze away, it had no effect on Ah Jie.

His expression darkened slightly, then he said, "Eldest Miss, out of all of us, I'm the most familiar with this place. Allow me to take you."

Originally, Baili Yiling wanted to reject his offer, but it occurred to her that Ah Jie really was more familiar with the sinkhole than the rest of them so she should just keep her guard up and go with him. There weren't many people that were able to trap her with schemes. Even Yun Hai hadn't been able to trap her after all.

"Alright! Then you'll follow me!"

Her decisive tone surprised Ah Jie. It was clear that he hadn't expected for her to accept it so quickly. After all, her gaze earlier clearly contained suspicion.

However, since he was going to be following her, there was no need to worry about her causing any trouble.

If it weren't for the fact that their clan still needed those things, they would've already killed Baili Yiling!

Although Ah Jie said that he would go with her, he turned and started giving the tribesmen detailed instructions. Baili Yiling became more and more antsy as she waited. She knew that Ah Jie was purposely delaying things, but she didn't dare to call him out on it.

Finally, Ah Jie finished giving his instructions and the tribesmen started heading back. Ah Jie turned around and said, "Eldest Miss, this way."

Baili Yiling had long been at the end of her patience, so when she heard this, she immediately jumped forward. Just as she was about to take another step, Ah Jie shouted, "Eldest Miss, be careful! There's a trap that way!"

Baili Yiling hastily stepped back until she was behind him. "You walk in front, I'll follow you."


Like this, under Ah Jie's lead, Baili Yiling was led further and further away from the place where Ninth Uncle took Tang Doudou. This had been something she had never considered.


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