Chapter 354.1: Phoenix Store


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Her guess had been right on the mark! Liu Da's family lived outside of Huai City!

This meant that she had hope for getting out of the city!

Of course, she hadn't been guessing blindly. When she had been taking off Liu Da's shoes earlier, she found that he had hidden banknotes in his shoes. Would a normal patrol guard have something like banknotes?

So Tang Doudou's conjecture was that he had probably accumulated this sum since he didn't go home often.

Since her guess had now been confirmed, the following matters would be much easier to carry out. As for her actions being suspicious, she was sure that this supervisor would deal with that for her.

"Supervisor, to tell the truth, I've been wanting to go back for a long time, but I never had the chance to tell you. There's one more matter that I feel like I need to tell you."

When the supervisor saw her mysterious and hesitant manner, he couldn't help but become curious.

He did have a slight impression of Liu Da. He was very timid and weak, so the higher ups didn't have much hopes in him. He didn't command much respect from the newcomers either and would often get bullied.

After rumors about him running into a ghost spread, some people were saying that Liu Da was off the hinges. When he heard this, he thought that Liu Da may have become unhinged due to being in such depressing circumstances for so long.

That was why he had come to take a look for himself. After seeing this, he felt that it wasn't as bad as they've made it out to be. However, he clearly hadn't gotten any smarter. The higher ups were the ones that formed the patrol group. If a member hadn't commit some great offense, who would dare to casually fire a member?

He was the supervisor, but he was only in charge of managing these youngsters and really didn't have much power. When he saw the higher ups, he'd still have to grovel and curry favor with them.

"Just say it! Stop dawdling like an old lady, I still have to go patrol!"

"Supervisor, actually, I know where Li Xueyi is!" Tang Doudou had glanced around cautiously before leaning close to the supervisor and whispering this.

The moment she said this, the supervisor hastily covered her mouth and shouted harshly, "Shut up! What nonsense are you saying!? Don't try my patience, I'll beat you to death!"

Tang Doudou was dumbfounded when he started yelling at her. Normally, shouldn't he be happy to hear this news?

But he was practically choking her to death, how hateful!

When the supervisor saw that Tang Doudou didn't struggle, he hastily released her. "You little brat! You're seriously hanging the god of longevity! You feel like life is too long? So you're seeking death?"

A trace of hesitation flashed through his eyes. "How about this, it's fine if you want to go back. When we go patrol later, you can head straight out of the city. Make sure to bring your luggage."

Tang Doudou asked delightedly, "Really?"

"Would I lie to you?" The supervisor paused for a minute, then whispered, "Was what you said earlier true?"

Tang Doudou was well aware that if she didn't give the supervisor some concrete proof now, this tactic would end up backfiring and he might even start suspecting her, so she said, "Earlier, I saw a bamboo tube in the well over there. Inside was…"

The supervisor immediately made a hush movement, then whispered, "Take me there."


A few moments later, Tang Doudou was fishing up the tube she had thrown into the well. She handed the message to the supervisor and said, "It's this one."

The supervisor looked at the message, then his face flushed slightly because he didn't freakin' know how to read!

Tang Doudou noticed but she didn't point it out and just continued explaining as if talking to herself, "Back then, I had no idea what this was. I was just thinking that the bamboo tube was quite nice-looking and might be useful to have in the future, so I shook it to shake out the water and the letter ended up falling out. I looked at it and couldn't understand it at all, but I could still make out a few characters. This is definitely ten in the evening and then there's those words at the bottom. It really looks like the words on the sign of Phoenix Store!"

The supervisor nodded in an understanding manner, then asked, "How did you know that this message was for Li Xueyi?"Tang Doudou scratched her head embarrassedly, "I-I guessed."

"You guessed?" The supervisor glowered and was barely able to stop himself from throwing the bamboo tube at this guy's face. This guy actually dared to blindly guess about such an important matter!?

When Tang Doudou saw that the supervisor was angry, she inwardly celebrated. Then, she said, "It's better to believe in a possibility than to let a possibility slip by. Supervisor, even if you don't believe me, you should still show it to the higher ups. Even if it isn't about Li Xueyi, it might be about some huge secret!"

"What you're saying makes quite a bit of sense." The supervisor considered it for a moment, then said, "How about this, you should go with the group to patrol for now. I'll go meet with the higher ups and then help you out of the city once I get back."

"Supervisor, if it's too late, the city gates will close," reminded Tang Doudou.

"Alright, then I'll send you out first. I'll just have them wait for a little while before rotating shifts."Tang Doudou knew that the supervisor wasn't doing this out of sudden kindness. He was definitely thinking that once she left, there wouldn't be anyone to compete with him over the credits for this achievement. His little schemes were clear as day to her.

After all, from the start, she had brought this up with the intention of making use of the supervisor's greed.

The supervisor gave his word and had her head back to wait for the group to gather.

After an hour, Tang Doudou headed onto the streets with the patrol group.

She was with the group for about ten minutes, then the supervisor told her to follow him and they went towards the city gates.

When she got there, she discovered that there was barely anyone at the gates, but she didn't dare to ask anything and just followed silently behind the supervisor. She saw the supervisor walk up and talk to the guards at the gate, then he turned and beckoned her over.

She thought that she would be inspected and was very nervous. She quickly glanced towards the city gates. She could probably rush out with qinggong if it was just this distance…

"Liu Da, you can go now! But don't forget what I told you and remember to head back early, got it?" Unexpectedly, this was what the supervisor told her when she headed over.

She was elated to hear this, but on the surface, she just nodded dumbly. "I got it, don't worry, Supervisor!"

"En, take care."

Tang Doudou cupped her fist towards them and bowed, then turned to leave the city. This process had been too easy, it felt as surreal as if she was walking on cotton.

It was only when she walked out of the city and saw the flat open fields that it finally hit her that she had gotten out of the city.


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