Chapter 351.1: A Havoc in Huai City


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There was no way Tang Doudou would know that these people had long been tormented beyond belief while waiting for her arrival. It was enough that their superiors kept harping on about capturing her, but the citizens were also complaining that their nightly rounds were disturbing their rest.

So when someone finally showed up, they were of course extremely excited, and this excitement spread like an epidemic through the city. The shouting woke up many families and light appeared in many houses as people came out cursing.

The people who were still running along the roads earlier gradually started moving up to the roofs. Tang Doudou's lips twitched when she saw. What the fudge, why were there so many people?

Could that she has really become a street rat that everyone wanted to kill upon sight?

But she hadn't freakin' done anything?

Although she was feeling quite depressed, her thoughts continued to whirl quickly in order to come up with an idea to shake off these annoying people.

She was grateful that her strength had returned a little while she was resting in the old temple, otherwise she would've already gotten captured. Her qinggong wasn't something that these people could match up to, so although she couldn't shake them off, they also couldn't catch up with her.

However, this situation couldn't continue like this. These people were small fries and was no threat to her, but if things went on like this, this situation would definitely attract the attentions of those more troublesome guys. At that time, all she'd be able to do was cry.

Most importantly, she had gotten attacked the moment she entered the city, then she ended up being pursued by such a large crowd, so she completely lost her bearings in this dark city. She had no idea where to go, meaning that she had no idea where Plum Garden was.

It was seriously demanding Beanbean's old life!

"Alliance Head Li! Stop running, we're not here to capture you!" shouted someone.

Tang Doudou didn't even bother to turn back. Fudge! If they weren't here to capture her, then why were they chasing after her?

Did they think that she was a three-year-old?

"Alliance Head Li, Bai gongzi had sent us to welcome you!" Suddenly, a masked person appeared on the roof in front of her and said this.

Tang Doudou rolled her eyes and changed directions. Fudge, Bai Feiyun didn't even know that she was coming back, how would he welcome her? And who'd welcome someone with an unsheathed sword in hand? Was he worried that she wouldn't be able to tell what he was up to?

This won't do!

Tang Doudou was becoming increasingly alarmed. The fact that this person had been able to block her path meant that his martial arts was better than that of the people behind her. This meant that the news of her return had probably already spread through the city.

She glanced back, then the expression in her eyes turned serious. It seemed there was no choice but to take emergency measures!

When she came to this decision, she quickly flew and landed in a small courtyard. She looked around and quickly located the kitchen. After grabbing flint, she immediately ran off. The owner of the house woke up with the start from the sound and went out to check if it was a thief. He opened the door just in time to see a black figure leap onto the roof. It really turned out to be a thief! So he woke up his family to see what exactly they lost.

However, the rest had nothing to do with Tang Doudou. She had already landed in another small courtyard. She saw that there was a donkey tied up near the kitchen, so she untied it and drove it towards the doors. The sound of the donkey woke up the owner of this courtyard and it caused another loud racket.

Tang Doudou once again left the courtyard. When she saw that people were still chasing after her, she started shouting, "The Demonic Sect is attacking! They're killing everyone they see! Everyone, hurry and escape!"

"They're not even sparing the chickens, ducks, fish, dogs, or pigs!" As Tang Doudou shouted, she pulled the donkey she had dragged out earlier onto the roof. The donkey had never been in such a situation before and immediately started screaming like it was being slaughtered. The terrified sound was eerie in the dark night.

Although her speed had slowed down a lot since she was pulling the donkey with her, it successfully caused the city to light up much more.

Tang Doudou's shouting and the donkey's screaming scared quite a lot of people. They all ran out onto the streets in a panic. When they saw the guards, they immediately surrounded them to demand answers.

"Officer, why is the Demonic Sect in Huai City?"

"Officer, you have to protect us!"

"Officer, we don't want to die!"

The guards wanted to explain, but these people spoke so fast that they had no chance to say anything at all. Frightened citizens were the scariest to deal with. As more and more people started pouring out, the originally quiet Huai City instantly became as lively as it was during the day. Noisy clamor filled the streets.

Of course, it was still accompanied by the frightened cries of the donkey.

When Tang Doudou saw that the situation had developed well enough, so she kicked the donkey off the roof and quickly ducked into an empty house. Then she shoved the firewood in a pile near the side of the room and lit it with the flint she had grabbed earlier. Flames immediately whooshed up.

Following that, she shouted, "The Demonic Sect wants to start a massacre! They're setting everything on fire! Everyone, run for your lives!"

After she finished that, she ran over and kicked on the doors of the nearby houses and screamed, "It's a fire! It's arson!!"

When people heard that, all sleepiness was immediately scared away and they got up to look outside. When they saw that there was smoke nearby, they became even more alarmed.

Tang Doudou repeated this process several times. After successfully starting ruckus, she then snuck into the crowd and took off her human skin mask.

She changed into clothes that someone had left out to dry and wiped some black soot on her face before running towards a nearby patrol group.

"There's a fire over there! It's huge!" She purposefully lowered her voice so that her voice sounded completely different from the voice she was using earlier. Then she started crying and sniveling as she cried, "My poor son ah! I could do nothing as the flames swallowed him up!"

Nearby civilians immediately came over to comfort her while asking if it was the Demonic Sect's doing.

Tang Doudou wailed, "I don't know. All I saw was a black figure when I came out. Then, oh my poor son!"

She looked as if she was about to pass out from grief, so those people started urging the patrol group to hurry and go take a look at that place.

The patrol group considered things for a moment. When they saw that the fire was growing fiercer on that side, they had no choice but first send some people over. The rest went to notify the higher ups of this and ask for further instructions.

No one expected that Tang Doudou would cause such a ruckus the moment she entered the city. Huai City was practically overturned. How was her manner anything like that of a fugitive? Her behavior remained unbridled and showed not even a trace of fear. After she caused this disturbance, all the spies that were following her lost track of her whereabouts.

This angered so many of the higher-ups to the point that they puked blood. Elder Yu actually did puke blood. Then he shouted as he kicked the messenger, "Trash! You're all a bunch of trash!

Inside a certain room that had been lit this entire time, after receiving this news, Bai Feiyun smiled slightly. It truly did match with her style. However, with this, wouldn't the entire city know that she, Li Xueyi, had come back?

He really didn't know whether to describe her as intelligent or dumb.

However— He stood up and his smile faded. "Since you've come back, then don't leave again. You've taken her place. I'll make you pay the price for that!"

His usually gentle expression was now twisted into a look that was terribly sinister.

There were quite a lot of people infuriated over this news, but there was one person that was extremely happy. He asked the messenger repeatedly, "It really is her? She's come back? She's really come back? Was it one person or two? Is she alright? Did she escape? I knew that she would come back!"

Before the messenger could reply, he gnashed his teeth and continued, "That dumb woman! Doesn't she know that this would only expose her identity even more?"

This person was of course, Jun Xin. He glanced at his trusted aid. "The news will probably spread quickly. Go find Miss Yiling and have her think of a way to go get that dumb woman!"

After saying that, he scratched his head in a vexed manner. "F*ck, if it weren't for that Yun Hai keeping me cornered here, I'd go look for her right now!

"Yun Hai, that damned son of a bitch! I'll hack him into pieces sooner or later!

"What are you still standing here for? Hurry up and go! If anything happens to that stinkin' woman, prepare to die!"

"Understood!" The messenger was so frightening by his master's almost deranged behavior that he hastily left without another word.

After glancing at the dark skies for a moment, he moved to carry out Jun Xin's orders.


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