Chapter 346.2: There's No One Inside


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Inwardly, Tang Doudou also gave a cold humph. She had never been an overly kind person, it was just that she had a conscience. Now that she had already delivered the warning, the rest had nothing to do with her.

Just as she reached the door, the waiter suddenly recalled something and shouted to stop her. "Aunt!"

Tang Doudou stopped. Since the waiter had rushed into the water to greet her, she didn't want this waiter to die from drowning like this. She turned back. "Little waiter, do you want to go with me?"

The waiter shook his head. "I've lived here for over ten years. I've seen water this high before, and no one has ever drowned. Aunt, you should just stay as well!"

"You're really not leaving?" Tang Doudou got straight to the point.

The waiter shook his head, then said, "Aunt, I won't go, but if you're going to, you should bring Uncle with you. Although he's severely ill…"

When he brought this up, Tang Doudou immediately cursed at herself for being stupid and forgetting about this.

However, there was no one inside the room, so how was she supposed to bring 'a person' with her?

After a brief moment of thought, Tang Doudou made a pained expression. "Look, I'm already so old. It's hard just for me to get myself out, to bring another person…"

The waiter had a pretty good impression of this aunt and was surprised to find out that she was actually this heartless. It really showed the truth of that saying, although a wife and husband were originally birds of the same forest, when calamity struck they would flee in separate directions!

The waiter sighed. "Aunt, if you leave, that uncle will definitely die here!"

At that point, there was no need to even worry about drowning. Since that uncle was heavily ill with an infectious disease, if no one was there to look after him, he'll definitely die.

Tang Doudou sighed. "I understand everything you said, but…"The waiter couldn't take it anymore. "Aunt, since you're insisting on leaving, you should bring the uncle with you!"

Tang Doudou exposed a troubled expression. The waiter gritted his teeth and said, "How about this? Since it's raining so hard, there probably wouldn't be any more guests. The guests in the inn are also resting right now, so I'll go ask the innkeeper to let me take a break, then I'll help send you guys out. How's that?"

Fudge, can't that! Send them out? Where was she supposed to find a person for him to send out?

A lot of the guests that had been woken up were now standing on the second floor corridor watching the waiter and Tang Doudou. The reason for it was simple. After being kept inside for so many days due to the rain, they were glad for any excuse to get out of their rooms for some air.

Quite a few of these people were of the martial arts circles, so if she didn't bring someone with her or they figured out that there was no one in the room, they might become curious about why she had been lying.

She still needed to stay in Green Maple City for a while, so that situation would be unfavorable.

"Fine, I'll go see the old man. If he wants to leave, I'll bring him with me. If he doesn't want to, then let him just stay here!" When she saw that the waiter's expression was becoming even worse and filled with contempt, she paused, then said, "If this place isn't flooded by tomorrow, I'll come back!"

"However, for the time being I'll have to trouble you to brew this medicine and bring it to the room along with the meals. Please put it inside through the small window next to the door."

The waiter thought about it, then said, "Alright, but make sure to come back!"

"Don't worry, as long as this inn isn't flooded, I'll definitely come back. After all, that's the companion I've spent over twenty years with. If it weren't for the fact that I still have an elderly mother at home and there's a child in my belly, I'd bring him along even if it meant certain death!" When she saw that the waiter was that kind-hearted, she resorted to appealing to his empathy. At the same time, she became even more vexed. Why was this waiter so stubborn? Why did he insist on staying here?

"So it was like that!" The waiter reacted with surprise and realization. He then patted his chest and said, "Aunt, don't worry, I'll definitely send the uncle his food and medicine on time!"

"En, but no matter what, don't go in. It'll be troublesome if you get infected!" Tang Doudou purposefully raised her volume. In ancient times, people avoided infectious diseases like they were snakes. Thus, after she said this, it was unlikely that anyone would dare to enter her room.

"I'll remember." The waiter then glanced at the pouring rain outside. "Aunt, why don't you wait until the rain lightens up a little before going? The rain's so heavy…"

"It's fine. I have to hurry and leave while the water is still not that deep. Little waiter ah, since you're so good-hearted, this old lady will be nosy just one last time. You should hurry and pack up to leave as well! If something actually ends up happening, it'd be too late for regret!" After she said that, she strode out of the inn without hesitation.

The waiter followed her to the inn's doors and saw that water was already overflowing the doorsteps. This had never happened before.

"Innkeeper, Innkeeper!" The waiter hastily ran back inside to tell the innkeeper about this.

The innkeeper went over to the door to take a look as well and frowned. He glanced up towards the sky. The rain showed no indication of coming to a stop. It was as if a hole had opened in the sky that was pouring water out nonstop.

"Waiter, hurry and call all the neighbors out to discuss what to do!" said the innkeeper.

The waiter asked in confusion, "Why should we discuss with them? They definitely wouldn't believe either."

"The more people, the more power. It's truly fortunate that the aunt earlier warned us. If it weren't for her, we might've closed the doors and gone to sleep… Aiy, there's no time. I'm going to go pack up, you should go call the people."

When the innkeeper said this, the people inside the inn immediately started reconsidering their decisions. Quite a few went to look outside too. When they saw that the situation didn't look optimistic, they went in to pack up their things in preparation to leave.

The waiter went to call the neighbors, then returned to the inn. As he watched the guests leave, his gaze landed on the room that Tang Doudou had stayed in.

"Ah! Aaah!!!"

"What are you screaming for? Let's go!" When the innkeeper saw that he was still inside that room and recalled that the aunt said her husband's illness was infectious, his face immediately paled.

The waiter ran out. As he pointed at the room behind him, he stammered, "I-in-innkeeper…"

"What is it? Spit it out already!"

"There's no one inside!" After the waiter said that, he ran downstairs. "It's completely empty, there's not a single person inside!"

"There's no one?" The innkeeper was confused for a moment, then he pulled the waiter over and quietly rebuked, "Silly fool! Isn't it better that there's no one there? Hurry up and help me pack up!"

The waiter scratched his head. He couldn't wrap his head around the fact that although there was supposed to be someone in there, there wasn't.

However, he was simple-minded, so he didn't think much into it and started helping the innkeeper pack.


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