Chapter 345.2: Such a Great Husband


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Once the rain got a little lighter, Tang Doudou borrowed an umbrella from the waiter on the pretext of going to the pharmacy to get medicine for her husband. She even exhorted for the waiter not to knock on the door so that he wouldn't get infected.

She frightened the waiter so much that he nodded frantically and promised never to knock on the door.

As she walked in the drizzle, the accumulated knee high water soon drenched her skirt. Since it was troublesome to move with such a heavy skirt, she just lifted it up and tied it at her waist as she continued plowing forward.

The further she walked, the more the water level dropped. She glanced back and realized that the street was actually slanted. It wasn't noticeable when walking, but the water made the large slant clear.

She frowned as she glanced up at the sky. The sky was filled with dark clouds. It seemed there would be a lot more rain coming. She found it confusing as well since it was already autumn.

However, regardless of why this was occuring, if things went on like this, the buildings on the inn's side would soon be submerged.

She decided to hurry up and finish her task in order to tell the innkeeper about this. This was a serious matter which couldn't be neglected. In the modern era, she had seen plenty of news about natural calamities like this. There were so many stories about how the weather was nice during the day, but in the course of a night, an entire village was drowned.

Most cities had water systems and there should also be water systems in the ancient era, but Green Maple City's water system was obviously far from good. If it had been good, there wouldn't be so much water accumulated.

Even in the shallowest area, the water still reached the ankle.

Tang Doudou shook her head and started heading towards the Alliance Head Residence branch in Green Maple City.

She was the alliance head of the martial arts circles. Even though she didn't have the Alliance Head Tablet, she still had other ways of proving her identity. Although her whereabouts might end up being revealed, as of now, she couldn't be bothered to worry about that.

It was just that it was hard to guess a person's heart. She had to be careful and run at the first sign of trouble.

Since Green Maple City wasn't far from Huai City, if news was spread that she was in Green Maple City, Jun Xin and Bai Feiyun would definitely rush over. Regardless of which one it was that came, her safety would be much more guaranteed.

However, she still had a plan to protect herself for the time being if they didn't come.

As she was thinking about this, she soon got to the branch. She glanced around. When she saw that no one was around, she quickly moved into a nearby alley and pulled off the human skin mask and tucked it away. Then she put on the clothing she had prepared and put her wet clothes inside her cloth bundle. She also closed the umbrella and hid it in a corner of the alley.

After finishing everything, she walked quickly to the branch.

With Nan Maner's help, a third of her inner strength had returned. If it hadn't been for that, she wouldn't have dared to act on her own.

As soon as she got close to the Alliance Head Residence branch, someone blocked her way.

"This young sir, may I ask where you've come from? For the time being, we're not receiving any visitors. If you have no urgent business, please stay in the inn across the street instead." The person who blocked her way saw that her aura was out of the ordinary and that she had high quality clothing. In addition, although it was raining heavily, there was not a trace of water on her head, face, or clothing. From that, he could tell that her inner strength was profound enough to block water. There was no way that such a person should be trifled with.

Tang Doudou responded to his polite words with a faint smile. "I'm not here to seek lodging. I'm looking for your hall master."

In the branches of the Alliance Head Residence, the leaders were known as the hall master.

"You're looking for Hall Master?" A trace of hesitation flashed across his face. "Is it an urgent matter?"


"Then I'm really sorry. To tell the truth, our hall master was called back to the main branch by the Alliance Head Residence half a month ago and he has yet to return!"

"Who called him back?" He had been called to the main branch? Most of these branches had been set up last time when they were fighting against the Demonic Sect. Back then she had said that no one was allowed to call the people from the branches back to the main branch without the Alliance Head Command Tablet.

Could it be that someone had obtained the Alliance Head Command Tablet?

She had asked her question with an imposing air, so that person felt pressed to answer it. "It was Bai gongzi. Bai gongzi had used the Alliance Head Command Tablet to call all the people from the branches back."

"Did he give a reason?" It was actually Bai Feiyun? Tang Doudou felt like collapsing. First it was Jun Xin becoming the person in charge of the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce, now Bai Feiyun was making use of the power only the Alliance Head was supposed to possess. So… Fudge, she really didn't dare to go look for them anymore!

What exactly had happened to make things become like this?

Though Tang Doudou was stunned, she didn't let any of it show on her face.

That person had his misgivings, but he replied honestly, "I heard it was something about coming up with a way to save the Alliance Head."

"Li Xueyi? What happened to her?"

"They say she's been caught by something called the Seven Great Saint Tribes and they're demanding something in exchange. Bai gongzi said that he couldn't make the decision, so he called everyone back to discuss a plan."

"Discussing a plan requires over half a month?"

That person scratched his head. "I don't know about that."

Then he glanced at Tang Doudou weirdly. "Sir, you haven't heard about these events?"

"Oh, I had gone into the mountains with my master to train. We only came out recently, so we haven't gotten caught up on recent events. Since the hall master isn't here, I'll take my leave!"

The situation had changed again. She had to return to the inn and draw up a new plan.


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