Chapter 344.2: She Understood the Logic


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However, she really loved the feeling of being pampered and protected. Perhaps it was because she had been an orphan. Although later, there was Grandpa to take care of her, most of the time, she had to live on her own since Grandpa had to work in order to pay her tuition.

After she got here, a lot of people took very good care of her, but she still had her guard up against everyone. Baili Yu was the only one she never guarded against. That was why, whenever Baili Yu treated her well, she would be struck with the feeling that she never wanted to lose him.

Especially now, when Baili Yu said that he was going to leave, she felt like the sky was collapsing on her and she was overwhelmed with fear.

In front of Baili Yu, she never bothered to pretend. Even if she feigned calm, there was nothing that Baili Yu's sharp eyes couldn't see through. He sensed her fear and panic, so he pulled her tightly into his arms. "Those places are too dangerous. I can't allow you risk such danger with me."

Tang Doudou trembled in his arms. She greedily took in his warmth and buried her face in his chest. "I'm not scared."

Silently, in her heart, she added: What I'm scared of is that you'll never come back.

Baili Yu gently patted her back as he comforted her. "But I'm scared, I'm scared that something might happen to you. If anything did happen, I'd blame myself until I die."

"Since you'll be fine going, I'll definitely be fine. I know martial arts, so I can protect myself. Please let me go!" When Tang Doudou got to the end, her voice was filled with a sobbing tone.

Baili Yu's heart squeezed with pain. He lifted her face and kissed away the tears in her eyes. It was a little bitter and salty. He sighed softly, not knowing what to do.

In reality, if he had a choice, he wouldn't leave at this sort of time. However, those scenes he was seeing would likely help him recover his lost memories and they seemed to be crucially linked to these current events. It would probably tell him why Yun Hai betrayed him.

He subconsciously sensed that regardless of whether it was Feng Long, Jun Xin, or Yun Hai, there was no way any of them would betray him.

"Doudou, I'm sorry, I can't agree to that. This is responsibility. As your husband, I have a responsibility to protect you. And because of that responsibility, regardless of whether I live or die, or even if all I have left is a breath of life, I'll still return to your side. So please trust in me, alright?"

Tang Doudou hadn't expected for Baili Yu to be so determined. She couldn't bring herself to say anything about going through life or death together anymore. She softly pushed him away and turned around to lie down, then silently closed her eyes. If he wanted to leave, just leave. He could return if he wanted, in any case, he made the decisions. He could just treat the fact that she had spent so long searching for him as her repaying the past times he had saved her.

Tang Doudou was angry, but Baili Yu could only look on helplessly. If she didn't have that child in her belly, he definitely wouldn't leave without her, but with this current situation…

He sighed and lay down as well. As he stared at the black curtains above them, a trace of confusion flashed through his eyes. What had his past been like? Why did it feel like he wanted to run away from those memories?

Could it be that his past was so terrible he didn't want to recall it even subconsciously?

After Tang Doudou lay down for a while and Baili Yu didn't continue to try to comfort her, she immediately started regretting. She knew that she was kicking up a senseless fuss again, after all, there was no way that two people could stay together forever without even parting a bit. Giving each other enough room was the best way to interact.

She understood the logic, but doing it was really hard.

They shared the same bed that night, but they had very different thoughts.

They didn't sleep at all. Both of them were feeling regret and wanted to clear things up, but they didn't know how to start.

So they just lay there motionlessly with their eyes open until morning.

Even when the sun rose, neither of them moved.

After quite a while, the waiter knocked on the door. "Guests, are you awake?"

That was how the stuffy atmosphere was finally broken. The two shared a glance, then quickly looked away again.

"Guests? Are you guys in there? Did something happen?" When the waiter got no response, he called out again in concern.

When they heard this, they instantly understood. The shopkeeper had seen them enter the room yesterday afternoon, but they hadn't left or called for any food today, so he probably got worried that something had happened to them and sent the waiter up to check.

When Tang Doudou's thoughts reached this point, she took the initiative to say, "We're fine, we just overslept a little. Thanks for your concern!"

The waiter stopped himself from knocking again and said with a smile, "Alright, since you guys are fine, I won't disturb your rest."

"You've worked hard!" replied Tang Doudou. Then she pointedly ignored the person behind her and put on her shoes and her human skin mask before opening the door.

The waiter was about to leave, but when he heard the sound of the door opening, he turned around and smiled towards her. "Did I disturb your rest?"

"Not at all, it was thanks to your reminder that we woke up. We almost overslept and neglected an important matter." Tang Doudou pulled out a piece of loose silver and pressed it into his hand. "We'll have to trouble you to bring up our breakfast."


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