Chapter 344: She Understood the Logic


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Her gaze sharpened and she quickly lay back down on the bed and pulled the blankets up. Then she forced herself to breathe evenly.

The door was pushed open with a creak. Baili Yu's steps were a little unsteady. He had accidentally drank a little too much. He had only snapped out of it when the waiter came over and expressed concern.

He was worried about Tang Doudou doing something out of anger so he couldn't be bothered to wait for the alcohol to fade and stumbled his way up the stairs.

When he saw that Tang Doudou was sleeping peacefully, he sighed in relief and sat down next to the table. He poured himself a cup of tea to moisten his dry throat, then he exhaled. There wasn't much smell of alcohol, so he walked over to the bed.

He stroked Tang Doudou's face longingly, and the human skin mask came off.

Tang Doudou's eyes whirled slightly with confusion. Why was he taking off her mask?

The answer soon came.

After Baili Yu took off her mask, he took off his as well. His slightly intoxicated peach flower eyes were stirring with some sort of emotion as he took in the peaceful sleeping face in front of him as if he could never get enough of it.

He didn't know if it was because of the alcohol, or because it has been a long time since he had touched her, but after gazing at her face for a while, he couldn't hold himself back anymore. He slowly leaned over and approached Tang Doudou's cheeks.

Although she hadn't drunk, she looked as if she did. Her skin that was as white as porcelain was flushed a healthy peach pink like a ripe honey peach. The more one looked at it, the more tempting it was to just take a bite and let that sweet and soft sensation fill the mouth.

The slight flutter of her soft eyelashes seemed to tickle Baili Yu's heart. He subconsciously gave a soft call, "Doudou…"

Tang Doudou barely managed to stop herself from replying. Luckily she had been able to hold herself back since she wanted to see what he was up to, otherwise she definitely would've kicked him flying.

Although she wasn't opposed to getting intimate with him, for Baili Yu to do something to her while she was sleeping… No matter how she thought about it, it felt a bit vulgar.

Baili Yu? Vulgar?

Tang Doudou really wanted to cry. How had those two words ended up being linked?

Following that, she sensed Baili Yu's soft breath over her eyes, nose, mouth, and chin. It contained his usual distinctive smell along with the faint scent of alcohol.

He actually went and drank!

It was no wonder he ended up doing such a vulgar thing.

Tang Doudou wanted to open her eyes, at the same time, deep in her heart she seemed to be anticipating something.

Anticipating, anticipating… Fudge, she was actually anticipating for Baili Yu to do something vulgar!

Baili Yu had no idea that the little beauty in front of him was awake. He kissed her so softly it felt like the brush of numerous feathers as he left kisses all over that enchanting face.

His senses were filled with her smell. Baili Yu's self-restraint gradually weakened and he subconsciously started touching her.

"Doudou…" He murmured softly, "You're so beautiful."Tang Doudou was also getting aroused due to his movements, but she forced herself to endure it. Her face was completely flushed from her struggle to remain motionless, but her lips refused to obey and parted slightly with a soft exhale.

When she heard what he said, she couldn't stop herself from asking, "What part?"

"Every part?" Baili Yu showed no surprise towards her sudden question. He replied as he kissed each part, "Your brows are very beautiful, your eyes are also beautiful, your nose and mouth are beautiful too."

"Did you fall in love with me just because of my looks?" asked Tang Doudou.

Baili Yu chuckled, then shifted his attention to her delicate ear. "Yes and no."

"Humph!" Tang Doudou turned to her side so that he couldn't get her ear. "So you were actually such a shallow person."

"Doudou, Wife…" Since she wouldn't let him have her ear, he should just seal this restless mouth instead.

"Mmmphf…" Tang Doudou struggled to push Baili Yu away, but her resistance just made Baili Yu even more excited.

He pulled her into his arms and while Tang Doudou was still out of it, moved on top of her. "Wife, be good. This husband will be gentle. I won't hurt you.

"Relax, alright?"

Tang Doudou's face was bright red. She wasn't struggling to reject him, she just wanted to say something to him.

But in the face of his onslaught of passion, no matter how much she wanted to say, she couldn't help but drown in his gentle embrace. As he slowly moved down, she could no longer think of anything else.

Baili Yu smiled when he saw that Tang Doudou was conceding to him. He reached back and tugged softly, then the heavy curtain parted them from the rest of the room.

One area was cold and quiet, while the other was hot as flames.

At night, Tang Doudou woke up, her body sore all over. When she looked up, she saw that Baili Yu's arm was on top of her, so she gently moved it away.

She had done it very carefully, but Baili Yu still ended up waking up.

He opened his eyes and looked towards her sleepily. "Wife."

"Uh, I didn't wake you on purpose. Why don't you go back to sleep?" Tang Doudou was captivated by the sight of his beautiful eyes for a moment. When she snapped out of it, she gave a soft cough and quickly replied.

Baili Yu played with Tang Doudou's hair silently for a while. "Wife, I might need to leave for a while."

Tang Doudou abruptly sat up. "You're leaving?"

"No, don't be so stirred up. I'm only leaving for a few days to investigate something.""Why can't we go together?" Tang Doudou was scared. She looked towards Baili Yu and asked, "Are you already tired of me?"

"Don't be silly." Baili Yu sealed those lips that always spoke nonsense for a while before reluctantly releasing them. "Lately, a few particular scenes keeps surfacing in my mind. I want to figure out what exactly they are so that maybe I could recover some of my memories."

"Then let me go with you, alright?" Tang Doudou pouted. Although this was what Baili Yu said, she felt that he was keeping things from her. He was definitely annoyed with her strange temper lately.

After all, the novels and the TV dramas she saw before were all like this.

When two people were dating, everything was perfect, but once they got married, all sorts of problems would pop up.

Having different daily habits and differences in opinion caused large fights over the littlest things.

Although Baili Yu had yielded to her about everything, doted on her, and was very attentive during this past period… allowing her to comfortably live as a little princess, she knew that a person's patience was limited. It was even easier for a problem to occur when one side was always the giving party.


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