Chapter 343.2: Should He Tell Her?


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Nan Maner's eyes had widened as she listened to these words. She was so excited that she didn't even notice what Tang Doudou was doing. "R-really?"

"Why would I lie to you?" Tang Doudou laughed as she moved her hand away.

Nan Maner rubbed her head embarrassedly. "I-I…"

"Look how silly you're acting." Tang Doudou shot her a mock annoyed look as she untied the bamboo flute that Mu Ye had given her from her waist and placed it in Nan Maner's hand. "If nothing unusual has happened, he'll be in Dream Mountain. Just go look for him with this bamboo flute."Nan Maner kept staring and examining the bamboo flute. Happiness had come too suddenly, so she couldn't quite believe it. She glanced apprehensively at Tang Doudou, then gulped and asked, "Will I really be able to find the man just with this?"

Tang Doudou laughed. "What, you don't believe me?"

She made to snatch the flute back. "If you don't believe me, just give the flute back to me!"

However, there was no way Nan Maner would let go of something that could help her find Mu Ye. "I-I believe you!"

Tang Doudou retrieved her hand, then hugged Baili Yu's arm. "The matter can't be delayed so hurry and go. I'll wait here for your good news!"

Nan Maner squeezed the flute happily and nodded. "I won't let you down, don't worry!"

After saying that, she turned and quickly ran off. After a few moments, she ran back.

"What is it?"

She hesitantly glanced towards Baili Yu, then hesitated again before pointing at him. "There's something I need to say to him."

Tang Doudou glanced at the two strangely. "What is it?"

Nan Maner coughed. "Privately."


An hour later, Tang Doudou snapped her chopsticks with her teeth as she glanced with annoyance over at Baili Yu and Nan Maner who had been talking this entire time. Question marks were flying out of her eyes.

When had they gotten so close?

They had only known each other for about a month and had barely spoken during this time, so why did they have so much to say now that they were parting?

What exactly were they talking about!?

Heavens! Tang Doudou scratched her head, vexed. Nan Maner liked Mu Ye, so she shouldn't have any thoughts towards Baili Yu. However, she couldn't be sure because Nan Maner seemed to like handsome men a lot too...

Although she hasn't seen Baili Yu's true looks, Baili Yu's title as the most beautiful man in the country wasn't there for show.

Then what about Baili Yu?

Could it be that he was interested in Nan Maner?

That was quite possible since he had lost his memories after all.

Pei pei! She should stop thinking along such strange lines. They might just be talking about something perfectly normal.

She groaned in vexation and plopped down over the table. Why did she keep thinking about silly things like this lately? It felt like she was about to become a tiger wife.

"Doudou? Are you not feeling well?" Just as she was getting confused over this, Baili Yu's voice suddenly appeared from above her. His voice contained strong concern.

Tang Doudou abruptly sat up and looked at Baili Yu in surprise. "W-when did you get back? You guys are finished talking?"

Then she glanced behind Baili Yu. "Where's Maner?"

"She left." When Baili Yu saw that she was fine, he sat down opposite her. His lips lifted in a slight smile as he gazed deeply into her eyes. "Wife, are you jealous?"

"Nonsense! As if I would be jealous! Maner is still a child! Who would be jealous of a child?" Of course she had been jealous! He clearly knew that she was jealous, but he was still asking? Was he doing this on purpose to mock her!?

When Baili Yu saw that she was getting stirred up, he shifted topics. "After we get dinner, why don't we go on a walk?"

"If you want to go on a walk, go by yourself. I'm going to rest." Now he was changing the topic? Humph, he was definitely feeling guilty.

Baili Yu was thinking that Tang Doudou was definitely tired from rushing about the entire day, so he said, "That's fine as well. You should head back to the inn to rest. Meanwhile, I'll go see if there's any new information."

Was he out to find new information, or a woman?

Tang Doudou snapped her chopsticks, then threw it on the table. "I'm going to go rest! You can go wherever you like!"

After she said that, she got up and left without turning back once.

Baili Yu heard the anger in her voice, but he really had no idea how he ended up angering her. He had clearly been very careful this whole time. He had even purposefully changed the topic when he saw that she was getting stirred up.

Haaa. He sighed softly. Her temper really seemed to have been getting worse.

Could it really be as Nan Maner said, that child was influencing her?

Was it the right choice to keep Tang Doudou in the dark about her pregnancy? If he didn't tell her and something ended up happening with the child, how was he supposed to explain it to her?

Should he trust Nan Maner just this once and tell her about her pregnancy, then respect her decision…

Baili Yu tilted his head back and poured the cup of wine down his throat. Let's wait a few more days until she calmed down a little to tell her.

When Tang Doudou got back to the room, she immediately lay down on the bed, but then she tossed and turned restlessly. Her eyes were open wider than light bulbs.

She glanced over at the quiet door, then felt anger rush up again.

What exactly was with Baili Yu!?

Why hadn't he come up to comfort her after this long?

Could it be that she hadn't made the fact that she was angry clear enough?

In the past, he had been able to sense it when she was even the slightest bit unhappy. Could it be that Baili Yu's feelings really had changed, that's why he no longer cared about her getting angry?

She abruptly sat up. No, she couldn't just sit still and wait for the end. She had to shadow Baili Yu and figure out what exactly he was up to!

However, just as she was about to get off the bed and put on her shoes, a black figure suddenly appeared outside the door.


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