Chapter 343.1: Should He Tell Her?


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"Young Lady, it's not that I don't want to help you, but I truly do not have the ability!" She did have money, but to use it to help a complete stranger? Tang Doudou expressed that she couldn't do it.

In addition, this woman was a braindead person that had left her hometown to come all the way here without ample preparation for the sake of the Steadfast Prince who she had never seen previously. Tang Doudou expressed that she wasn't saintly Mary Sue enough to help such an idiot.

The woman still refused to let go and clung to Tang Doudou.

"Aunt, I'm begging you. Please take pity, you've seen what I just went through, please help me!

"If you don't help me, I'll definitely starve to death. It's already been three days since I last ate.

"Aunt, please give me some food! Wuuwuuwuu…"

Baili Yu originally wanted to berate this woman, but Tang Doudou just ripped her garment then pulled Baili Yu to walk away. "Husband, let's go."

The woman stared dazedly at the ripped piece of garment left in her hand. She never imagined that Tang Doudou would be so heartless as to leave just like that.

Whenever she encountered elderly ladies in the past, they would always give her some money out of pity. That was why she had targeted the only elderly lady here and purposefully collapsed at her feet.

Unexpectedly, this ended up being the result.

Unwillingness flashed through her heart. She glanced around tearfully, but most of the spectators had already left. The only few that were left were vulgar looking men that were pointing at her as they snickered rudely.

She looked away in disgust. These disgusting men!

"Lady, are you alright?" Just as she was wondering what to do next, a shadow suddenly fell over her head and there came the pleasant voice of a man.

The woman looked up. The man's face wasn't visible because his back was against the sun.

However, based on his figure and his voice, she was pretty sure that he was a very good-looking man. From his shoes, she could tell that he was quite wealthy as well.

She analyzed these factors in an instant, then made a pitiful expression and shook her head softly. "Many thanks, Sir, I'm… fine."

"There's no point acting in front of me. Get up, I have a business deal for you." The man's voice had initially contained some trace of gentleness, but now it was filled with icy ridicule.

The woman abruptly lifted her head. "Who are you?"

"Who I am isn't important. In addition, isn't it your group's principle not to ask for the identity of the clients?" replied the man coldly.

The woman furrowed her brows as she pursed her lips. How had this man recognized her when she was in this disguise?

The man saw her confusion and chuckled. His laughter contained a strange feeling. "Fu Yunliu, Palace Head Fu, Lady Fu…"

"I get it! Let's go!" The woman swiftly got up from the ground. There was no trace of that earlier weak and pitiful manner left. She casually brushed back her loose hair and said, "Find me a quiet place to eat."

The man smiled, then turned and walked away.

The two walked, at first one behind the other, but later, they gradually left while walking side by side.

Tang Doudou stepped out from behind a lantern and gazed after the two thoughtfully.

Of course, she was also extremely shocked.

She thought that the palace head of Flowing Clouds Palace was a man, she had even suspected Gu Xun of being the palace head. It had never occurred to her that Fu Yunliu was actually a woman.

It was no wonder that there were so many young handsome men in Flowing Clouds Palace. It was probably because their palace head was a woman that was a fan of beautiful guys. This was probably the reason why she came to find the Steadfast Prince. Based on how different her personality was before and after the incident, it seemed that she really was a strong actress.

"I know that man," said Baili Yu who was standing behind her.

Tang Doudou was surprised. "You know him?"

Baili Yu glanced towards her. "He's very familiar."

"Then he's a close acquaintance?" Tang Doudou rubbed her chin, then laughed strangely. "Based on how they were acting, they definitely aren't up to anything good. Since we're not far from Huai City anyways, let's just stay here for a few more days. I'll come up with a way to contact Jun Xin."

However, before they even made it to the inn, they bumped into Nan Maner on the way.

"Why are you guys still out here?" Nan Maner walked up to grab Tang Doudou's arm.

"We were watching a street show."

Nan Maner asked, "What's fun about a street show?"

"It really wasn't very interesting." Tang Doudou shrugged, then asked, "How about you? Did you finish your matter?"

When this was brought up, Nan Maner immediately started cursing. "That damned bastard! He said he'd be waiting here for me, but I've already searched through this entire Green Maple City and there's no trace of him!"


"A very loathsome guy. Forget it, let's stop talking about him." Nan Maner pouted, then she glanced at them. "What are you guys planning to do now? This is already very close to Huai City. Do you guys plan to rush back, or wait and see?"

"Let's figure out the situation first." Tang Doudou rubbed her chin. This wasn't a good place to talk, but…

"Maner, are you busy with anything else right now?"

"No, I only came here with you guys to look for this person, but since I can't find him, I'll probably leave in a few days," replied Nan Maner.

Tang Doudou giggled mischievously. "You're not looking for your man anymore?"

Nan Maner's face flushed and she mumbled, "I thought that he was following you, so I followed you as well. However, even after so many days, he didn't show up at all…"

"Why would he follow me out of the blue? However, I do know where he currently is and I have a way to contact him. I have my hands full right now and can't make a clone of myself to go look for him... I wonder if there's someone that's willing to help me?" Tang Doudou lightly lifted Nan Maner's chin. "Hm? Maner? Are you willing?"


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