Chapter 342.1: Lifting a Sign and Begging to be Taken as a Mistress


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Baili Yu smiled. "Don't overthink."

Tang Doudou shrugged. She was just about to say something when she saw that there was a noisy crowd ahead of them.

"Husband, let's go over and take a look?" From the sounds of it, it wasn't something bad but something fun. The sounds of laughter rang out so Tang Doudou became interested.

She had never been someone that could sit still, so all this constant traveling in the carriage was close to driving her mad.

Since they had already reached Green Maple City and nothing out of the usual had happened, Tang Doudou felt that they might as well go see what was going on rather than head straight to the inn just to rest, especially since she was no longer sleepy all the time.

There was no way Baili Yu would rain on her parade when he saw how excited she was. He nodded and said, "En, let's find a place to leave the carriage, then head over."

While Baili Yu did that, Tang Doudou asked around to find out what was going on.

"An admirer of the Steadfast Prince is confessing to him!" An uncle shook his head. "The ladies nowadays! They seriously don't know shame, to actually do something this damaging to their reputation in public…"

The Steadfast Prince?

She recalled that the last time Baili Yu came to Green Maple City to find her, he had been with the Steadfast Prince's procession, so those two probably knew each other.

Thus, she reconsidered her decision to head over.

However, she recalled that Baili Yu's personality was quite different after he lost his memories. In addition, due to Nan Maner's help, their human skin masks were now extremely flawless.

Nan Maner had said that only people whose disguise skills were greater than hers would notice.

This was also an important factor that had allowed them to reach Green Maple City safely.

So, they should go after all!

Tang Doudou giggled, then ran towards Baili Yu. "Is it done?"

When Baili Yu saw her childish excitement, he dotingly tapped her nose, then finished up tying the horse. "Let's go."

With Baili Yu carefully protecting her, Tang Doudou finally managed to squeeze through the crowd.

She looked over and saw that in the center of the crowd, there was an extremely flashy palanquin. It was obvious that the Steadfast Prince was sitting inside the palanquin. She hadn't gotten a clear look last time, but this time she did and she immediately understood why a woman would throw away her reputation to confess in public. That person was seriously good-looking, he was only a tad bit inferior in comparison to her big evil spirit. This world was seriously filled with beautiful men. Those high arched brows of his added a bit of devish charm to his face, and during this whole time as he watched that young girl walk towards him, he had an unreadable smile hovering around his lips.

It was hard not to get visually worn out from looking at handsome men too much. Tang Doudou only took one glance at the Steadfast Prince before turning to look towards the girl standing in front of the palanquin. When she got a clear look, she couldn't help but sigh. It was truly peaks made from snow that seemed to emit a fragrance, what a good chest ah!

The young girl that was making the confession was wearing a light fluttering skirt that emphasized her slim waist and her stunning soft curves. As she slowly walked forward, those luxurious mounds bounced up and down slightly, causing quite a few men's breathing to become heavy.

They couldn't help but sigh that the Steadfast Prince truly had luck, to get a confession from such a beautiful woman. It was truly enviable.

Tang Doudou glanced down towards her own flat body and became depressed. They were both mountains, but why were that person's peaks high enough to enter the clouds? They were so high that you could only express your admiration by prostrating yourself.

Her waist seemed delicate enough to fall apart with a squeeze, her lips were tinted vermilion, and her features were like strokes of a painting. Her skin seemed even smoother than jade and not a single vein was visible. Of course, these weren't the main points\. The main point was that the person possess the 'waves surging forth with great momentum' that she would never possess in this lifetime.

Even the words she spoke were extremely alluring. "Could it be that Steadfast Prince doesn't think that this humble girl is beautiful?"

Her looks, her movements, and even her voice was so alluring that all the people present, even the women, were captivated.

"How is 'beautiful' enough to describe her beauty? She's practically even more beautiful than someone from the Ninth Heaven! There's practically no words to describe it! Tsk tsk…"

As Tang Doudou watched the young woman slowly walk forward, she couldn't help but sigh in admiration.

Everyone innately tended to compare themselves to others, so she couldn't help but glance down at her flat plain of a chest again. Then she glanced towards Baili Yu rather sympathetically.

"In this husband's opinion, just enough to fill one's hand is the most beautiful." Baili Yu grinned as he looked towards her with fan-like adoration.

"Pei! Indecent old thing!" Tang Doudou's lips curved up happily. She'd like to ask what could make a person more happy than having their man feel that you're beautiful from head to toe?

It was good that the two of them were whispering in each other's ears, otherwise, if the people around them heard and saw their aged appearances, they'd definitely think that they were senile.

Just as Tang Doudou and Baili Yu were bickering flirtatiously, the crowd was sent into confusion by the Steadfast Prince's words.

He laughed with disdain, then sneered, "With these looks, how could you be called beautiful?"


If this wasn't beautiful, then this Steadfast Prince's eyes truly were set so high that there wasn't a sky.

That young girl's captivating smile had stiffened. It was clear that she had suffered a severe blow.

However, it wasn't over. The Steadfast Prince walked down from his palanquin. His luxurious brocade robe seemed to have been made from gold threads as it sparkled brilliantly under the sun.

"Pretty and beautiful are two different things. Although appearance-wise, you do count as a beauty, your eyes carelessly reveal your frivolous nature. In addition, though you have an imposing and well-rounded chest, your butt isn't perky enough, so it'll be hard for me to enjoy myself on the bed. Moreover, though you used a long skirt to conceal your legs, you don't walk softly enough. This shows that your legs are actually thick and you're heavy… This is even harder for me to accept, it's practically unbearable. The only reason I was able to bring myself to come down and say this was in appreciation for your courage. The fact that someone who can't count as beautiful dared to stop my palanquin in the middle of the road to confess means you truly have admirable courage!"

After that, he glanced at the woman's butt and shook his head ruefully. That woman's eyes were fluttering as she held back her welling tears.


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