Chapter 340.2: Like Them Both


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"En, I guess I got a little overexcited-yo." Nan Maner walked towards Tang Doudou. With her back facing Xiao Ziyu, she winked towards Tang Doudou. "Aunt, although I don't know medicine, there's a prescription in the Wind Tribe that's really effective in stabilizing pregnancy. Why don't I head back with you guys and make that medicine for you-yo?"

Upon hearing this, Baili Yu glanced towards Tang Doudou. "Wife, are you alright with this lady coming with us?"

Tang Doudou smiled foolishly and clapped her hands. "Great! Great! I like beautiful little ladies the most! A lady flower, dressed in flowers, heading back home happily…"

Her acting seemed almost real, so Nan Maner had to press her lips together to hold back her laughter. "En, just take me with you since I don't have anywhere to go right now-yo!"

"Maner, why don't you just give them the prescription and come back to the Xiao family with me?" said Xiao Ziyu hastily.

Nan Maner glanced at him with a blush. "Xiao gongzi, you heard what Nangong Yan said earlier-yo."

"Although I also have a good impression of you, I can't go back with you. I'm the Saint Maiden of the Saint Tribes, so I'll have to go back to the Saint Tribes-yo!" Nan Maner looked towards Xiao Ziyu apologetically as she tactfully rejected his offer.

Xiao Ziyu froze. Ever since he had seen her during the lantern festival, he hadn't been able to get her out of his mind for even a second. Later, he had asked around a lot and finally found out that her name was Nan Maner and that she was traveling the Jianghu on her own. That was why he pursued her while protecting her this entire way. He knew clearly that he had fallen for this bright, wide-eyed girl with a straightforward personality and strange way of speaking.

After interacting with her, he sensed that she also liked him. After this time in which he saved her from distress, according to normal logic, she should've accepted him, but why did she say this instead?

Could it be that the favorable impression she exhibited before was fake?

No, she was definitely only saying this because of what Nangong Yan said earlier.

When Xiao Ziyu reached this conclusion, he said softly, "It's fine, Maner, I'll wait for you."

Nan Maner didn't bother to be polite. "Alright, then wait for me-yo!"

Xiao Ziyu smiled in relief. So it had been because of what Nangong Yan said. "Then be careful, if anything happens, remember to come to the Xiao family to find me."

Nan Maner nodded. "En, then when I go look for you, you had better not ignore me!"

Xiao Ziyu's expression suddenly turned extremely earnest as he pulled a command tablet off his waist and handed it to Nan Maner seriously. "Maner, remember, you have to come look for me!"

After saying that, he didn't wait for her reply before jumping out of the window.

Once he left, Tang Doudou stopped acting and crossed her arms as she asked, "Maner, who exactly is it that you like? Mu Ye or this Xiao gongzi?"

Upon hearing this, Nan Maner scratched her ear in embarrassment as she mumbled, "I seem to like both of them."

Tang Doudou staggered. "Both of them?"

"Aiyah, let's not talk about this. Where are you guys staying? Remember to take me along!" Nan Maner walked up and hugged Tang Doudou's arm. "If I follow you, I'll definitely be able to see that man-yo!"

Tang Doudou smiled wryly. "Maner, don't mess around anymore. You should know my current situation. If I bring you, there'll definitely be trouble."

"Don't worry, I won't cause trouble for you!"

"You guys are in disguise, I can disguise myself too! And it's much better than yours!" Nan Maner proudly pulled out several things from her waist, then rubbed and dabbed them on her face. In just a few moments, she was transformed into a wild girl from the countryside. There was no trace of her earlier appearance. Tang Doudou was taken aback.

"That's amazing, how did you do that?"

Nan Maner giggled. "Grandma taught me! How is it? Isn't it much better than yours?"

Her disguise truly did look much more real than theirs. In addition, there were some things that only she would be able to tell them. Tang Doudou considered it for a while, then nodded. "It's okay if you come with us, but you must remember not to stir up trouble!"

Nan Maner immediately patted her chest and promised, "Of course-yo!"

"Husband, let's bring her along." Tang Doudou finally recalled that she hadn't asked Baili Yu for his opinion. What if he was against it?

Baili Yu could guess Tang Doudou's intentions so he said with a candid smile, "It's perfect, now there will be someone to keep Wife company and liven up the journey."

Tang Doudou felt so moved to hear these considerate words that she felt about to cry.

Nan Maner stared at the two for a few moments, then blinked. "I'm going to go get changed. Once I change, let's set off?"

They were supposed to have left way earlier, but had gotten delayed by Nangong Yan. Time didn't wait for people, so Tang Doudou said, "En, we'll wait for you downstairs."

With Nan Maner tagging along, the three of them got on the carriage and slowly left Clear Creek Garrison.

When they got far enough that there was no one around, Tang Doudou and Nan Maner started trading news. Nan Maner's motive was very simple, it was just Mu Ye.

Meanwhile, Tang Doudou had so many questions that she didn't know where to start.

However, it turned out that Nan Maner had been holding back a big question. She glanced at the two of them, then hesitated.

"If you have something to say, just say it," said Tang Doudou with a smile.

Nan Maner had a straightforward personality that was quite like Tang Doudou's. After hearing that, she laughed and asked, "When Uncle said you were pregnant earlier, was that for real-yo?"

"It was fake!"

"It's real!"

The two spoke at the same time, but with opposite answers.

Nan Maner's expression became puzzled. "So is it true or not?"


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