Chapter 336.2: I Must Have You, Grandma Wang


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Tang Doudou nodded and sat back down as she continued fanning. The bursts of cool wind allowed them to be a lot more comfortable than the rest of the people.

However, it also attracted a lot of looks.

Several guards started heading towards them. The first thing that annoyed them was that they were all enduring this silently, but she was sitting comfortably on a carriage and fanning herself. What was with this?

In addition, they were currently looking for a person and this carriage looked like it could hide a person easily!

When they got to the carriage, a guard slapped the side of the carriage and said in an unfriendly tone, "Get off, we're inspecting this!"

It was much more comfortable inside the carriage. Who knew how hot the ground was?

Baili Yu smiled humbly. "Sirs, we're good people that follow the law. The only person inside my carriage is my wife. If you guys aren't assured, you guys can go in to search. However, my wife's condition is inconvenient, so is it alright if she stays on the carriage?"

That guard refused to yield. "Who cares if you're a good or a bad person? You can only pass after this big master checks your carriage. And what do you mean her condition is inconvenient? You'd better not tell me that at your age, she's actually pregnant with a baby."

Tang Doudou's hand paused. This person's way of speaking really called for a beating!

Baili Yu pretended to support her in order to stop her from being angry. He said with a smile, "Sir truly has sharp eyes. My wife is indeed pregnant, so…"

"Pei! Who would believe you? What if it's just an excuse to stop us from searching the carriage properly so that a criminal can get through?"

The guard's words were seriously heartless. Everyone around started talking about it. A particular elderly grannie with a strong voice said, "That woman's steps are weak and her face is flushed, so she probably is pregnant."

"That's right, that's right! So what if they're old? In our neighboring village, that Master Liu who practically has one foot in his grave managed to impregnate his newly taken little wife!"

"Master Liu's wife? Master Liu is already eighty! He was still able to do it?"

"That kid probably isn't Master Liu's, you know!"


"You guys shouldn't say nonsense. The baby's already been born and gone through the blood drop test. He really is Master Liu's son!"

The conversation was getting further and further off topic, but Tang Doudou really wanted to correct these people and tell them that the method of using a drop of blood to verify blood bonds wasn't reliable!

For an eighty-year-old to get a son, it's ninety-nine percent not his.

"How do you know so much about it? Could it be that you've seen it with your own eyes?"

That grannie smiled in delight. "I was the midwife that helped deliver that baby. What does seeing count? I personally delivered it! I even performed the blood drop test. I was the one that squeezed that drop of blood out from that little young master's finger."

"Could it be that you're Grandma Wang?"

"That's me, that's me!"

"Aiyah, Grandma Wang, we truly have fate to encounter each other at such a place. You know, I have a wife and she's almost about to give birth, can you…"

"Fate is fate, but rules are rules. You should know my rules…"

When the guard saw that some of the people were starting to talk business, he shouted, "What are you doing? Do you want to enter the city or not? If you do, shut up and behave!"

Grandma Wang pursed her lips unhappily and muttered, "What are you yelling for? I'm here to deliver the baby of County Magistrate Wu's little wife. If you delay things and County Magistrate Wu gets angry, I'd like to see how you guys can explain yourselves."

The moment those guards heard this, their expressions rapidly changed. Everyone knew that the county magistrate's wife was close to giving birth and that the county magistrate loved his wife a lot. If they didn't let the people past and ended up causing trouble for the delivery of the child, all of them would probably lose their jobs.

The originally arrogant guard immediately asked Grandma Wang to step out of the line respectfully. "Grandma Wang, why didn't you say this earlier? If you stay in line like this, you'll definitely be late. Aren't you harming us like this?"

"This grandma! Doesn't want to be treated special, understood?"

"I understand!" The guard hastily nodded. "But this is related to a person's life, and human life is beyond value, so it should be handled specially. Grandma Wang, I feel like there's no need to inspect you. Hurry and enter the city to help Second Madam!"

Grandma Wang laughed. "Aiy, even though it's related to a person's life, what's necessary shouldn't be neglected, lest others say that I'm making use of my connections. These are my midwifery tools, so inspect them carefully. Once you're done, I'll enter the city."

Actually, it was good for them that she had allowed them to inspect her possessions. The task this time was very important, to the point that they could lose their heads if they weren't careful.

The guard got someone to check through Grandma Wang's bag, then they packed it back up carefully and handed it back to her. "There's nothing out of the ordinary. Grandma Wang, please enter the city."

Tang Doudou and Baili Yu shared a look. It was the first time they had seen soldiers treat a midwife so respectfully. In the past, they hadn't even heard of such a thing.

Baili Yu said in a low voice, "She's probably a very good midwife. Once we enter the city, let's ask around about her. If she really is skilled, let's invite her back."

"Invite her back for what?" Tang Doudou was baffled.

Baili Yu coughed. "In preparation, just preparation…"

Tang Doudou was speechless. There was no even a trace of pregnancy yet and he was already inviting a midwife back in preparation? Had he gone crazy from his desire for kids?

She rolled her eyes at him, then continued watching Grandma Wang.

That guard walked Grandma Wang to the city gates like she was his own mother. When Tang Doudou saw this, she wondered if perhaps Grandma Wang truly was skilled.

As she was thinking this, that Grandma Wang stopped walking and said to the guard, "That little lady is probably already three to four months pregnant. It's just that her health is too poor, so it isn't evident."

The guard was confused. "Grandma Wang, what do you mean?"

"Human life is beyond value ah!" After saying that, Grandma Wang walked into the city.However, Baili Yu's eyes turned fervent. He must have this Grandma Wang!

Meanwhile, that guard and Tang Doudou seemed completely confused. It was only after someone urged for the check to go faster that the guard walked back over.


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