Chapter 334.1: Having Children Discussion


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As Baili Yu traveled while teasing Tang Doudou, the sun ended up setting before they even caught sight of the city.

In the end, it got so dark that they couldn't see the road clearly and had to stop.

Tang Doudou poked out her head. When she saw the darkness all around them, she fell speechless. "I told you to hurry, didn't I? Now this is just great, what are we supposed to do now?"

Baili Yu glanced towards her hesitantly. "Why don't we just rest here until the sun rises?"

Tang Doudou glowered at him. "What other idea is there? Seriously, you prepared everything, but why did you forget something as important as a rolled torch?"

"Ahem, based on my predictions, we should've been able to reach the city before nightfall." Baili Yu looked up at the sky. It really didn't feel nice to have things fall outside of his expectations.

Upon hearing that, Tang Doudou wanted to cry but had no tears. What could she say about this?

"Enough, hopefully we won't encounter some wild wolf or anything. Let's sleep!" After saying that, Tang Doudou went back inside to sleep.

After a short while, Baili Yu entered the carriage as well. Tang Doudou thought that he was going to sleep as well, so she shifted over a little. However, she was still peeved with him so she didn't speak.

Baili Yu sat down next to her. It was dark outside, but it was even darker inside the carriage. It was so dark that not even a finger held right up to the eye could be seen.

However, Baili Yu seemed to have night vision and calmly took Tang Doudou's hand to rub and squeeze it. "Wife, don't be angry anymore, alright?"

Tang Doudou gave a humph without speaking.

Baili Yu turned around and his warm breath hit Tang Doudou's face. "Doudou, I was wrong."

"Wrong? What did you do wrong?" She couldn't take the feeling of that warm breath anymore and sat up as she spoke in an annoyed tone.

Baili Yu moved closer. "I shouldn't have kept flirting with Wife to the point I forgot about driving the carriage, causing us to have to wait through the night by the side of the road. It's unsafe and also uncomfortable…"


"And…" Baili Yu was puzzled. What else?

Tang Doudou puffed up her cheeks. "That's right, and!?"

Baili Yu wasn't as dumb as to ask what else was there. He understood that if he asked, it would not end well.

So he squeezed Tang Doudou's hand again. The soft plump feeling made his mood lift, and as soon as his mood lifted, his head also started working a lot better.

"Wife, I know that a hundred wrongs or a thousand wrongs, it's all my fault. I'll admit to it and never do it again, alright? Just forgive me this once, alright? I promise that there will never be a next time!" As he spoke, he made a serious expression. However, then he recalled that it was too dark for Tang Doudou to see his expression, so he relaxed and tugged on Tang Doudou's sleeve. "Wife…

"Don't be angry anymore, alright?

"Wife, then why don't you just hit me?

"If you're angry, just vent your anger on me. I guarantee that I won't fight back!

"Wife, you should just vent all the darkness in your heart on me!"

Baili Yu seemed to have instantly transformed into a seventy-year-old granny. He was chattering nonstop, so much that Tang Doudou couldn't even edge a word in.


"Alright, alright! I'm not angry anymore." So it turned out that it could be this scary when a man started acting coquettishly! Tang Doudou conceded her defeat.

When Baili Yu heard that, his hand that had been itching to move started traveling restlessly.

Tang Doudou grabbed his misbehaving hand and said, "Behave! Sleep!"

"Wife, I want to hug you while sleeping. I'm afraid…"

Tang Doudou wanted to cry but didn't have the tears. She was also afraid ah! Afraid that this guy was going to transform into a wolf. She had no desire to play such an exciting game in the wilderness!

"Ahem! A man and a woman alone together should maintain some distance," said Tang Doudou.

Unexpectedly, right after she said this, the hand that was tightly hugging her pulled back. There was an unusually loud sound of someone turning, then Baili Yu's presence moved away. He seemed to now be hiding in a corner.

Tang Doudou was confused. "What are you doing?"

Baili Yu replied sulkily, "Wife said to maintain distance."

"I didn't tell you to get that far away!" Tang Doudou was speechless.


Tang Doudou also felt uncomfortable when Baili Yu was far away. When she saw that he didn't have any intention to move back here, she said, "What are you still doing there?"

"Wife said to maintain distance."

Tang Doudou: …

"I said there's no need to maintain that much!"


"What do you mean by 'oh'!?" Tang Doudou got up. This guy was seriously being too much, she had to teach him a lesson today!

When Baili Yu sensed Tang Doudou getting up, he hastily got up as well.

Although the carriage was small, since Tang Doudou couldn't see anything, she didn't dare to just walk over. Instead, she kept her hands on both walls of the carriage as she slowly moved over. However, when she reached out, she didn't feel anything. Where was he?

"Baili Yu?"

No one replied.

"Big evil spirit? Baili Yu? Say something!

"I'm warning you, if you don't hurry and say something, I won't ever talk to you again!"

"I'm over here." Perhaps the last sentence scared Baili Yu because he replied to her timidly.

He had actually run behind her back again.

Tang Doudou was ticked off. Was he trying to play hide-and-seek with her!?

"You're not allowed to move, I'm going over to find you!" commanded Tang Doudou. Then she turned around to head over. However, as soon as she took a step, her foot got caught on something and she fell forward.

The carriage was only so large, so she fell right into Baili Yu's arms.


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