Chapter 333.1: You Can Look for Me Even if There's Nothing You Need Help With


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As expected, after that person heard this, his expression changed and his imposing aura dissipated.

He didn't respond, so Baili Yu just leaned back against the frame of the carriage and stuck his finger below the curtain to squeeze her hand. The ticklish feeling made Tang Doudou laugh.

"Quit messing around, his face is about to turn purple!" Here they were messing around while the guy was standing there not knowing what to do. Anyone would be angry in this situation. And this guy seemed to have an inherently bad temper as well.

Baili Yu said quietly, "Even if his face turns black, he still wouldn't dare to do anything to us."

"Even a rabbit bites when it's cornered!" Tang Doudou shot Baili Yu an annoyed look. Just a few days ago, this guy was still acting as such a good person at the Wind Cherishing House.

She thought that his personality had changed after he lost his memories, but unexpectedly, it was just as bad as before.

"Even if a toothless rabbit bites, it wouldn't hurt. Don't worry, Wife."

"Aren't we also in a hurry? What are we supposed to do if they keep blocking the way?"

Baili Yu's hand gently brushed over her wrist. He only let go after he confirmed that her current condition was pretty good. "There's no need to worry, they're even more anxious than we are."

As he said, right after he said this, another horse squeezed through. Tang Doudou lifted the curtain slightly and saw that it was another young man that was wearing an identical outfit to the man currently in front of them. However, his personality seemed much gentler. He first shot a look at the man blocking the road before turning his horse to stop next to the carriage.

Releasing his reins, he cupped his fist towards Baili Yu and said politely, "This uncle, we're guards of Indigo Mountain's Xiao family. Due to an urgent matter, we have to get to Indigo Mountain immediately. We ended up being discourteous due to our impatience, but we hope you will take the Xiao family into consideration and forgive Xiao Yi."

Xiao Yi immediately opened his mouth to protest, but this young man shot him a warning look. Xiao Yi humphed unhappily, but in the end, he stayed silent and just turned his head to the side in contempt.

Baili Yu looked calmly at the young man in front of him and gave a warm smile. "There's no need to talk about forgiveness. In addition, it's this young man blocking the way now. If you guys are in a rush, then you should talk to this young man instead."

The young man from the Xiao family smiled as well. "We'll just pass through by the side. Uncle, please hold onto your horse well."

After he spoke, he called for the people behind them to pass through by the side. Once most of the servants passed by, the young man cupped his fist towards Baili Yu again. "We truly are in the wrong for this matter. If it weren't for the fact that we have a pressing matter to address, we'd definitely invite you two to the Xiao family to rest for a while."

When he saw that Baili Yu showed no reaction to his words, he glanced towards Xiao Yi. "I hope Uncle will tell us your surname and residence. After we deal with this matter, I'll definitely bring Xiao Yi there to apologize in person."

When Xiao Yi, who was already surrounded by people, heard this, his eyes widened and he shouted, "Xiao Sizhui, have you gone crazy!?"

Xiao Sizhui didn't pay him any heed and just continued, "Uncle, there's no need to worry about us taking revenge. You probably already know about our family teachings, so please tell us your surname and where your residence is."

"It's fine. Since you're being so sincere, I, as a generous person, won't hold it against you and tell the Xiao family about what you guys did. Since you guys have urgent business, then hurry and go." Since Xiao Sizhui had been pretty polite, Baili Yu finally gave a very magnanimous smile as he waved them away.

Xiao Sizhui lowered his eyes. He said that he wouldn't tell the Xiao family, but what if he did right after they left? That would be huge trouble.

It must been known that the Xiao family were extremely strict about these matters. Regardless of who started the conflict, they'd definitely have points deducted and be punished...

When Xiao Sizhui didn't say anything else, Baili Yu didn't speak either.

Tang Doudou quietly persuaded, "In our current situation, we shouldn't make too much of a fuss. Since they've apologized, let's just let them go?"

Baili Yu said with a smile, "I already said that they could go, they're the ones that don't want to leave. This can't be blamed on this husband."

But the way you spoke made it so that the gentle-looking youngster doesn't even dare to say anything else.

Tang Doudou silently criticized him. Her eyes suddenly lit up with a thought and she quietly asked, "Could it be that you're trying to get them to help us? I don't feel like that's a reliable idea though. The four large clans—Lin, Bai, Murong, and Xiao—although they're very influential within the Jianghu, they rarely get involved in matters of the Jianghu. They barely even participated in the martial arts conference."

A trace of bewilderment flashed through Baili Yu's eyes after he heard what she said. Although he had a feeling that the Xiao family could help them, after losing his memories, he had no idea what kind of help the Xiao family could provide. He didn't even know of the four large clans.

It seemed that he had to hurry and recover his memories.

"What's wrong?" When Baili Yu didn't respond, she poked her head out and glanced around at the people from the Xiao family in front of them. There were about seventeen of them and they were all currently looking at Xiao Sizhui worriedly. Meanwhile, Xiao Yi was standing awkwardly at the side and peeking over from time to time.


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