Chapter 329.1: Goal Achieved


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Tang Doudou patted Lian er's face. "Be good and just do as you're told. Asking too much isn't good for you."

Lian er immediately stopped crying. After a brief moment, he started crying with even more energy.

"Hehe, I knew you were smart." Tang Doudou nodded in satisfaction, then pinched Lian er's face before getting up. "I'm heading out to handle a few matters, I'll be back soon. No matter what, don't stop before I get back, got it?"

Lian er hastily nodded.

"En, good boy. After this is over, I'll help buy your freedom and arrange a place for you to live the rest of your life." After Tang Doudou said that, she took off her pink outer garment, then took off Lian er's clothes and threw them towards the foot of the bed.

Following that, she jumped out of the window and headed towards the room she had stayed in before. When she saw that there was no one around, she quietly pushed open the window and walked in.

Although a lot of events had occurred, barely any time had elapsed since Tang Doudou entered the inn and left the room. Jin Yi had waited outside Yuelai Inn for a while before giving his subordinates the instructions to wait around discreet areas of the inn.

Meanwhile, he quietly landed on the roof and leaned down to listen. After a short while, his face flushed and his expression turned strange. Li Xueyi had actually brought Lian er out to do... that!?

It was preposterous!

But it wasn't that strange. Li Xueyi has always been infamous. Even if she had returned to her female identity, it was still hard for her to change her vulgar habits. Baili Yu was the one that should be pitied. He had money, influence, and incomparable looks, yet he fell in love with this kind of woman despite all the women available to choose from.

Jin Yi ordered his subordinates to continue watching the inn, then headed back to Wind Cherishing House.

"It's no wonder she insisted on bringing Lian er out of all those courtesans!" After hearing Jin Yi's report, Gu Xun's facial color turned dark. If she had wanted to do something with Lian er, she could've just brought him back to Huai City with her. How could she have the mood to play even in such an important moment...

That wasn't right. Gu Xun furrowed his brows and asked, "Tell me everything she did after she headed out. Don't leave even a single detail out!"

"She didn't do anything special. She just strolled around the streets with Lian er several times, then headed to the garrison entrance before turning back to head to Yuelai Inn."

"Stroll? Which street was it on?"

"The street on the east side of Yuelai Inn," replied Jin Yi.

Gu Xun's expression immediately changed. "Isn't that where Lin Shuxuan is staying? She went to look for Lin Shuxuan!"

Jin Yi was confused. "That's impossible, right? She hasn't left Yuelai Inn since going in, and this subordinate personally went to eavesdrop on them..."

"There's something fishy, so be vigilant. Head back and just keep a watch on her for now. Once the time comes, remind her to hurry back. This cannot be delayed, otherwise we'll all be in trouble."

"Master, why go through so much trouble?" Jin Yi couldn't understand why Gu Xun was going to such lengths. Baili Yu and Tang Doudou were currently in their hands, so his master could easily decide those two's fates.

Gu Xun smiled coldly. "What would you know?

"i want to openly become the martial arts alliance head. I'm not aiming to get it with threats and tricks!"

"This subordinate understands. This subordinate will go right away!"

Tang Doudou took that box down from its concealed location above the beam of the roof. After making sure that everything inside was still in order, she jumped back to the ground.

There was a person in the room that had been watching her this whole time.

Once she came down, that person asked quietly, "Alliance Head Li, why were you looking for me?"

Tang Doudou put away the box, then smiled widely. "Brother Lin, you've been aware of my identity this whole time?"

"Alliance Head Li is overestimating me." Lin Shuxuan laughed politely. "All that I guessed was that Alliance Head Li was female. I had no idea that you were actually the alliance head."

Tang Doudou smiled. "It was that time when we were drinking on the boat, right?"


"Brother Lin, to tell the truth, I'm still suspicious of you..."

"Suspicious of me?" Lin Shuxuan burst out laughing. "What does Alliance Head Li need to be suspicious of me for?"

Tang Doudou didn't explain and just continued, "Brother Lin, I indeed have something to request of you. Will you be able to help me?"

Lin Shuxuan could tell that it was an urgent matter since she was being so straightforward about it. After considering it a moment, he nodded. "As long as it's something I can help with, I'll definitely help."

"Don't worry, Brother Lin, this is something you'll definitely be able to help with!" Tang Doudou pulled him over. "It's like this, my situation is a bit troublesome right now. I'm being held captive in Wind Cherishing House."

"Huh?" Lin Shuxuan was surprised. "But you're the martial arts alliance head. That Wind Cherishing House..."

"It's because of the owner of Wind Cherishing House. We have a bit of history, and now I've fallen into his hands. That's why I spent so much time strolling on the streets. I had no choice but to use the methods you told me about a few days ago to contact you instead of looking for you directly. Right now, this inn is also surrounded by his men."

"You want me to help you escape from Wind Cherishing House?"

"No! To leave Hibiscus Garrison."

"This..." An unreadable expression flashed through the depths of Lin Shuxuan's eyes. "Alright. Then Alliance Head Li, please tell me how I can help you."

Tang Doudou smiled mysteriously, then leaned closer to his ear and whispered into it.


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