Chapter 328.1: Not Allowed to Stop


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Tang Doudou smiled slightly. "Just listen to my instructions."

Lian er looked troubled. "Alliance Head Li, I'm just a courtesan."

"Don't worry, I won't ask too much of you. You wouldn't be able to do much anyways." Tang Doudou patted his shoulder and had him get up. "I just want you to accompany me out, that's all."


"That's right, to Yuelai Inn."

As she was speaking, Gu Xun walked in.

Lian er hastily curtsied towards Gu Xun. Gu Xun waved to dismiss him.

"Don't." Tang Doudou called out to stop Lian er, then she said to Gu Xun, "In a little while, Lian er will be heading out with me."


"Has Boss Gu come up with a way to help me get out?" asked Tang Doudou.

Gu Xun sighed. "This is precisely why I came to talk to you. Alliance Head Li, perhaps you should consider sending someone after all. There's seriously no way to hide from the spies outside!"

Tang Doudou said with a smile, "It's fine, I have my own ways. If there's no way to hide from the spies, then just give up doing so and head right out."

Gu Xun tried to dissuade her. "Alliance Head Li, we can't risk that!"

"It's fine, don't worry. I won't joke with my life." Tang Doudou stood up and grabbed Lian er. "Do you courtesans have any clothes that will fit me?"

"You?" Lian er sized her up. "Alliance Head Li's figure isn't that different from ours. You can probably fit into most of our garments."

Gu Xun frowned. "Alliance Head Li, this is?"

"En, so I'll be borrowing Lian er for now. Boss Gu wouldn't happen to have objections, right?"

"It is Lian er's fortune to be able to help Alliance Head Li." No emotions could be heard in Gu Xun's words, but his eyes were dark. He was clearly unhappy with her insistence in going out.

However, that had nothing to do with her. She had to get the box containing the antidote to the Hoarfrost Poison personally!

She couldn't even entrust Jun Xin to do it!

With how reckless he was, what if he ended up breaking the things? Then it'd be too late for regret.

"Lian er, after you head out, make sure to look after Alliance Head Li with your life, understood?" said Gu Xun.

Lian er's shoulders trembled. "Understood."

"Alright, go."

Tang Doudou and Lian er left the room together. As Gu Xun watched them, his gaze darkened. He had already sent someone to the inn to search her room, but they hadn't found anything.

What exactly was she heading there to grab? Or was it that she was purposefully using this chance to do something else?

Why was she taking Lian er with her?

Gu Xun couldn't tell what Tang Doudou was thinking, so he went to Jin Yi and instructed, "Get someone to tail them. I want to see what exactly she does."

"Alright, but, she'll definitely be able to guess that we sent someone after her, so she probably wouldn't do anything out of the ordinary."

"Then allow her to shake you guys off." Gu Xun furrowed his brows. "And, go check if there's any news from the Lin Clan Stronghold."


Tang Doudou spent a long time picking out her outfit in Lian er's room. These courtesans only had garments that were white, blue, or pink...

The styles were pretty much all the same as well. Tang Doudou had no choice but to settle for a pink one. After putting it on, she borrowed Lian er's cosmetics to do a heavy smokey eye. She gazed at her flirtatious appearance in the copper mirror, then nodded in satisfaction.

Not even Baili Yu would be able to recognize her like this, much less those spies.

Lian er was shocked by her appearance and his finger trembled as he said, "Alliance Head Li, that makeup of your is truly..."

"Beautiful, right?" Tang Doudou turned around and winked towards him. "Lian er, come here."

She looked like a ghost. How was it anywhere close to beautiful?

Even as Lian er refuted this silently, he kept a smile on his face. "Alliance Head Li is naturally beautiful. No matter what you wear, you're still a beauty capable of overthrowing a city."

Tang Doudou said with a smile, "This is called smokey eye makeup. Come here, I'll help do your makeup too."

"This, there's no need for Alliance Head Li to go through that trouble." Lian er edged backwards.

Tang Doudou smiled sweetly and made comere motion. "Come here."

"Alliance Head Li..."

"Hurry up! I don't have that much patience!"

When Tang Doudou's tone became angry, Lian er started and hastily said, "I-I'll head over right away."

Tang Doudou said, "Don't worry, this makeup will make you seem like a vixen. Later I'll teach you a dance, I guarantee that you'll become the most desired courtesan in Wind Cherishing House!"

"Really?" Lian er's face was filled with doubt.

"Alright, time is short so hurry up and come over here."

Lian er couldn't understand what Tang Doudou was trying to do, but he couldn't disobey so he sat down.

Tang Doudou worked hard and soon applied smokey eye makeup to Lian er's eyes as well.

After stepping back and taking in his sultry look, she finally put the cosmetics down in satisfaction. Then she pulled Lian er up to leave Wind Cherishing House.

Without any hesitation, she pushed open the door and walked out.

Hibiscus Garrison was just as lively at night as usual.

Tang Doudou hugged Lian er's arm and said sweetly, "Big Brother Lian er, where should we go to play tonight? It wasn't easy for us to finally get a holiday. If we don't play our fill, that'd be wasting this chance."

Lian er was pretty clever and quickly caught on. "Alright, where do you want to go? I'll keep you company."

"Teehee, Big Brother Lian er, you're the best!"

The two of them continued chatting like this as they walked slowly towards the street.

Jin Yi watched in confusion from the shadows. What exactly was Tang Doudou going to do?

The other spies only watched the two for a little while before shifting their attentions away.

It was obvious that these two were courtesans and they looked way too different from Li Xueyi. However, it must be acknowledged that it wasn't easy to do that makeup. They looked like two female ghosts.

No, two male ghosts.


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