Chapter 325.1: It's the Boys that are the Cutest!


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Early morning the next day, Gu Xun came to knock on the door while Tang Doudou was still sound asleep.

Baili Yu got up and glanced at Tang Doudou who was still snuggling into the blankets. His lips hooked in a soft smile and he leaned over to kiss her before reluctantly getting up to open the door.

"Baili gongzi, I hope I haven't disturb your rest?" Gu Xun was smiling politely.

"You didn't disturb us, but she's still asleep. If there's no rush, please wait until she wakes up." Baili Yu stood at the door without allowing Gu Xun to enter while speaking softly in order to avoid waking Tang Doudou up.

For some reason, he got the feeling that Tang Doudou was very tired. It was as if she hadn't slept this well for a very long time, so he wanted to let her sleep her fill.

Gu Xun's smile stiffen. If he waited until Tang Doudou woke up, how long would he have to wait?

He still needed to arrange for people to send them away. Since Tang Doudou's identity had been revealed, quite a lot of people were already secretly rushing here. If they didn't hurry, they probably wouldn't be able to leave.

Gu Xun was just about to say this when Baili Yu said, "Boss Gu, she told me yesterday that she would agree to your request. I hope you can hurry and arrange for our departure."

Gu Xun's face lit up with joy. He hadn't been able to sleep at all last night due to anxiousness over this reply. Now that he finally got the reply he had been longing for, he couldn't quite believe it. "Did Alliance Head Li really say that?"

"En, that's what she told me. If there's nothing else..."

Gu Xun hastily replied, "There's nothing else... Baili gongzi, have a nice rest. I'll go prepare things for your departure right away. You guys have to leave by tonight at the latest. When Alliance Head Li wakes up, please pass this message onto her."

Baili Yu nodded, then closed the door.

Gu Xun hadn't expected for Baili Yu to react so straightforwardly without even bothering to say a polite goodbye. It was like he was extremely worried that just one additional word would end up waking Tang Doudou up. As Gu Xun turned away, his eyes filled with irrepressible excitement. He was about to become the martial arts alliance head!

When Baili Yu returned to the room, he saw that Tang Doudou was already sitting up on the bed. "Did I wake you?"

Although he had tried to be quiet, he still ended up waking her. He couldn't help but feel guilty. Sitting down on the side of the bed, he said, "Boss Gu said that we had to leave by tonight at the very latest. You should sleep for a while longer. I'll keep you company."

Tang Doudou stretched, then leaned her head against Baili Yu's chest. "I woke up when you got up. I probably won't be able to fall asleep for a while."

"Then let's go walk around." Baili Yu carried her off the bed and placed her on the seat in front of the dressing table.

"I don't want to move." Tang Doudou clung onto him and refused to let go.

Baili Yu picked up a comb and shifted her around as he said with a pampering laugh, "If you don't want to move, don't move. I'll move for you."

Uh, why did this sound a little weird?

Tang Doudou's face flushed red. She closed her eyes and allowed Baili Yu to fix her hair. In reality, she felt like Baili Yu was pretty good like this. He was gentle and considerate, and even allowed her to bully him. If he really stayed like this, it wouldn't be bad.

Then she considered not going back to the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce. She could just bring Baili Yu to a remote place and live in seclusion, away from the turmoils of the Jianghu.

However— Tang Doudou sighed. How could she leave before Baili Yu's Hoarfrost Poison has been cured?

"Why are you sighing?"

Tang Doudou opened her eyes and looked at the hairstyle that Baili Yu had combed for her. It was a perfect match for her face and brought out her delicate and simple beauty. She smiled happily. "Big evil spirit, you're getting better and better at this!"

Despite the fact that she had already been here for a year, a ponytail was still the only hairstyle she could do.

Baili Yu rummaged through the drawer and finally decided on a white jade hairpin. He helped her put it on. "If you like it, I can do your hair for you everyday."

"Haha, you'd better remember that you were the one that offered!" Tang Doudou kissed Baili Yu's cheek, then wrapped her arms around his neck. "Baili Yu ah, Baili Yu, how can you be so cute!"

Baili Yu chuckled. "Cute is for describing ladies."

"Says who? Nowadays, it's the boys that are the cutest! The ladies can't even compare!" Tang Doudou refuted.

Baili Yu didn't understand where she got these ideas from, but he wasn't the type to bicker. He just put Tang Doudou down, then walked with her out of the room while holding her hand.


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