Chapter 324.1: You'll Catch Cold if You Sleep on the Ground


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There was one sentence that Tang Doudou and Gu Xun didn't say out loud, which was that Yun Hai had definitely betrayed Baili Yu.

Both of them could tell that although Baili Yu had no memories of the past, he still had impressions of the past and his analysis skills hadn't dulled at all.

"Since Boss Gu has shown such sincerity, I won't drag the conversation out either. As long as you're not asking me to massacre or commit arson, I'll agree to whatever you ask." In reality, she wanted to know more. The fact that Gu Xun sought her out for a chat meant that he had definitely prepared a lot of information.

"Haha, Alliance Head Li truly is a straightforward person. In that case, I'll be direct as well." As Gu Xun spoke, he reached to undo his waist belt.

Tang Doudou's face turned black. Could it be that Gu Xun wanted her to pay with her body? But to do this right in front of Baili Yu, t-t-that was too much!

Right as this thought emerged in her head, a large shadow fell over her. Baili Yu had stepped in front of her.

Gu Xun seemed to realize that his behavior was inappropriate, but he didn't stop his motions and just said in explanation, "Don't misunderstand, I just want to show you something, Alliance Head Li."

Tang Doudou poked her head out to look, but Baili Yu gently pushed her head back. "I'll look for you."

"Alright!" After all, how could she dare to say no in front of her own husband?

Gu Xun took off his clothes very fast, as if he often did things like this.

After he took them off, he turned around and showed his back to Baili Yu. "Baili gongzi, do you see it?"

"I see it." Baili Yu glanced down behind him towards Tang Doudou. "There are a lot of wounds, it seemed to have been done by a sharp blade."

"Boss Gu, those wounds are?"

"They were all granted by Bai Luoqing, that damned woman!" spat Gu Xun between gritted teeth. "Back then when my father brought me away and my mother took my brother, Bai Luoqing sent two groups to individually pursue us and kill us. Mother had a lot of old friends helping her, so she successfully managed to get away. However, my father and I were captured and brought back to the Bai family.

"After I was brought back, I was thrown into a water prison. I didn't know where they brought Father, however, I heard from the servants that abused me that Bai Luoqing had used me to blackmail Father into attending to those beasts!" Gu Xun slowly pulled on his clothes and redid his belt. These experiences sounded terribly painful, but he spoke these words with abnormal calm.

Baili Yu only moved aside once Gu Xun had put all his clothes back on. He pulled Tang Doudou over to a chair and sat with her to quietly listen to Gu Xun.

Gu Xun reached out and poured himself another cup of wine. After drinking it, his tone became more stirred up. "My mother and brother don't know about these events. All they know is how loathsome my father had been back then. They don't know how much he had suffered for my sake. Ever since that time, I had sworn that once I grew up, I would make Bai Luoqing pay a hundred, a thousand fold, for what she did back then!"

"Boss Gu..."

"There's no need to try to dissuade me. After all those years, although I still harbor hatred for her, the memories are no longer as painful." Gu Xun put down the cup.

Tang Doudou swallowed back her prepared words of comfort, then glanced up. "Is Boss Gu's request for me to help you deal with the Bai family?"

Gu Xun laughed softly. "Alliance Head Li is truly intelligent."

"If I was still unable to guess after you spoke about this, wouldn't I be an idiot?" Tang Doudou loosened a breath of relief when he smiled. Gu Xun and Bai Feiyun truly looked too alike. She couldn't help but link him with Xiao Bai when she saw him in pain, so her heart became uncomfortable for him.

However, why didn't Gu Xun tell these things to Bai Feiyun?

"Are you curious why I didn't tell Bai Feiyun about this?" Gu Xun could tell what she was thinking by her expression. This was a normal question.

Tang Doudou nodded. "I am very curious. Why didn't you tell Bai Feiyun? If you told him, he'd probably choose to work with you to defeat the Bai family."

"No, Alliance Head Li, you don't understand my brother." Gu Xun sighed. "The current Bai Feiyun truly is an elegant, capable, and gentle man, but back before White Wind Manor was being established, he did his fair share of dirty work. The first time you met him seemed to have been during that time."

When Tang Doudou saw that Gu Xun didn't seem to be exaggerating to frighten her, she smacked her lips thoughtfully. So it turned out that Xiao Bai was that kind of person.

It was no wonder that when she had first met Xiao Bai, she got the impression that he was very two-faced. However, as they interacted more, she gradually came to feel that he was a very very good person and that he was especially attentive when it came to things involving her.

And, Li Xueyi had known Bai Feiyun for such a long time?

What exactly happened between them? And what had Bai Feiyun promised Li Xueyi? Were the things he had said to her before true or not?


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