Chapter 323.2: Identity Revealed


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Gu Xun enjoyed the wine by himself. "Alliance Head Li should go ahead and ask your questions without reservations. If it is something this Gu knows, this Gu will definitely answer in detail."

Tang Doudou didn't ask directly and instead said with a smile, "Boss Gu is a businessman."

Gu Xun reacted as if he just recalled this. "Yes, I am a businessman."

"Boss Gu, I've always been very straightforward in my speech, I'm not much for tactful dealings." As Tang Doudou spoke, she observed Gu Xun's expression carefully. However, his guard was too strong so she couldn't read him at all.

"Alliance Head Li means?"

"What exactly do you want? Why don't you just state it?"

"Alliance Head Li is overthinking things. There's nothing that this Gu wants. This Gu just saved Baili gongzi in consideration of our friendship." Gu Xun chuckled, then glanced over at Baili Yu who seemed to be sleeping. "As of now, Baili gongzi has not only lost his memories, but his martial arts as well. Forgive my rudeness, but I'd like to ask what you plan to do now?"

"What I plan to do?" Tang Doudou understood what he meant now. He wanted some useful information before he would reveal what exactly he wanted.

"Of course I plan to bring him back to Huai City."

"I'm afraid that won't be easy." Gu Xun glanced at Tang Doudou. "Not only has that person from before been seeking an opportunity to attack this entire time, lately the Jianghu has been abuzz with rumors that the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce was about to change hands. Both matters are a great threat to Baili gongzi!"

"Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce is about to change hands? Who said this?" Tang Doudou furrowed her brows. She could tell that Gu Xun was about to give her shocking news.

She had been too busy rushing here these last three months so she hadn't paid attention to the news being passed around the Jianghu at all. If these rumors were going around, it was no wonder Jun Xin had been gone for such a long time.

He had probably gone to deal with this incident.

However, leaving without a word wasn't his style.

He had always been very indifferent to the Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce as well, so would he really return just due to this matter?

"It's not something I heard from someone, this news was spread by one of Baili gongzi's three generals, Yun Hai." Gu Xun actually did have something he needed Tang Doudou's help with, so he had brought Baili Yu back with ulterior motives. However, when this matter was brought up, he stopped smiling and became very serious. "Alliance Head Li is aware that three months ago, Plum Garden released news of the return of Baili Yu's younger sister?"

Tang Doudou furrowed her brows. "Are you talking about Yiling? That's not possible, Yiling wouldn't do that."

Although Baili Yiling was shrewd and had strange ways, she sincerely cared about Baili Yu.

She wouldn't do that sort of thing, especially when she still didn't know if Baili Yu was alive or not.

"You know her?" Gu Xun glanced at Tang Doudou curiously. "Alliance Head Li had been back to Huai City?"

Tang Doudou knew that this wasn't the time to keep secrets so she nodded. "I won't keep it from Boss Gu, I had come this time from Huai City. I'm very good friends with Baili Yiling so I'm certain that based on how much she respects Baili Yu, she would never do something like this."

Since the discussion was approaching the other person's family members, normally Gu Xun would stop asking about it. However, this was currently quite an important question, thus he paused for a moment to take a sip from the wine before looking up and asking, "Is that lady really Baili gongzi's biological younger sister?"

"En, Baili Yu has once acknowledged it himself." As Tang Doudou spoke, she glanced over towards Baili Yu and saw that he had already opened his eyes. His expression seemed to show recognition of this younger sister.

"Did you remember something?" asked Tang Doudou.

Baili Yu shook his head. "No, I just feel that this name is very familiar."

Then he turned towards Gu Xun. "Boss Gu, Yiling is definitely my younger sister."

Since Baili Yu had said it himself, this news was definitely true.

Gu Xun sighed. "Then this really will be troublesome."

"Boss Gu, what exactly happened? Things were clearly fine when I left? And I hadn't heard that Yun Hai had come back?"

"I'm an outsider, so I'm not clear about the details either. However, Alliance Head Li, it would probably be good for you to take note of Yun Hai."


"After he returned, he immediately released the news that Baili gongzi was already..." Gu Xun glanced at Baili Yu, then sighed. "This is the reason why I hadn't dared to send Baili gongzi back. Several people have came to investigate Hibiscus Garrison as well. It's only because Wind Cherishing House was a small brothel that it managed to avoid suspicion. This is also why I had no choice but to have Baili gongzi act as Escort Xue.

"Alliance Head Li, you must believe me. Even if you hadn't appeared tonight, Escort Xue still wouldn't have been sold. I only did this to dispel the suspicions of those who are keeping an eye on this place."

Tang Doudou lifted her brows. "I understand the reasoning, but why did you expose my identity?"

"If I hadn't exposed you in front of everyone, you probably would've ran off with Baili gongzi already instead of sitting here calmly to drink tea with me." A calculating expression flashed through Gu Xun's eyes, then he lifted his cup. "I'll drink this cup in apology. I hope that Alliance Head Li would take into consideration the fact that I had no other choice and not hold this against me."

Then he tilted his head back and finished the drink in one go.

Tang Doudou sighed. What was the point of holding it against him now?

However, he had sure dealt a ruthless attack. Now that her identity was revealed under these circumstances, the news would definitely spread across the entire Jianghu by tomorrow. Not only would people know where she currently was, they'd definitely be curious about the courtesan that she had spent two hundred thousand on. There would tons of people rushing to Hibiscus Garrison by tomorrow morning.

Tang Doudou quietly took a sip of the tea. "There are only a few people in Huai City who knows that something has happened to Baili Yu. There's only me, Jun Xin, Bai Feiyun, Baili Yiling, Feng Long, and Mu Ye.

"Out of these people, the one I distrust the most is Feng Long."

"It's probably not her," said Baili Yu.

Tang Doudou nodded. "It can't be the rest of us, so the only possibility is Nangong Yan's group."

Gu Xun asked in surprise, "Nangong Yan? Wind Cloud Island Master's daughter? Why is she involved in this?"

"Hadn't Boss Gu saved Baili Yu from their hands? How is it possible that you don't know them?" Tang Doudou smiled. "In addition, hasn't that person been waiting outside Wind Cherishing House this entire time? Boss Gu isn't actually unaware, right?"

Gu Xun smiled. "So it was them."


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