Chapter 321.1: Self-directed Act


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"Alright, alright, I'll start right away, right away..." Qing Cheng was worried that Tang Longbiao would make another scene so he hastily returned to the stage.

Even while Tang Doudou was acting angry, she kept her gaze on Baili Yu. At this time, she winked at him smugly as if asking for praise.

How could Baili Yu possibly maintain that cool and aloof manner when she was acting so cute? His eyes softened and he curled his lips in an indulgent smile.

Those outstanding looks of his were captivating enough on their own, but when he smiled and released such a indolent seductive aura, it instantly sucked away the audiences' souls.

Even Qing Cheng was stunned. Escort Xue had been in Wind Cherishing House for almost three months, but he had never seen him smile. However, the owner had once warned him that Escort Xue was a seductive devil.

He had guessed that Escort Xue would be captivating if he smiled, but he had never expected it to be this captivating.

When Tang Doudou saw the people around her fall into a daze, she instantly realized that she had done something stupid again. Why the heck had she winked at Baili Yu?

It wasn't like she had glaucoma or cataracts!

She covered her forehead as she tried to think of a solution. Then she shouted, "Qing gongzi, are you going to start the auction or not!? If you're not, I'm leaving now!"

Her voice resounded loudly in the hall and jolted Qing Cheng back to his senses. He glanced apologetically at the audience only to find that most of them were still in a daze. Thus, he shot a look towards the courtesans behind the stage. As lively music rang out, the main hall revived again.

Qing Cheng said a few more words to stroke the atmosphere, then proclaimed the start of the auction.

The rule of brothels was that the one who paid the highest price ultimately got the courtesan, thus the hall filled with people shouting prices the moment the auction started. Due to Baili Yu's earlier smile, the prices were abnormally high. Every time Qing Cheng heard another person top the going price, his smile would deepen.

Tang Doudou wanted to shout a price, so she kicked Lian er's butt.

Lian er was currently stunned by the prices that were being shouted. He had never seen a courtesan go for so much.

Tang Doudou's sudden kick made his eyes well up with tears of pain. He looked to her in confusion.

"Shout a price!" Tang Doudou glowered at him.

Lian er immediately understood. When he heard someone call five hundred taels, he didn't know how much to call so he turned around to ask Tang Doudou. However, the moment he turned around, he was glared at. Thus, he thought that since Tang Longbiao was rich, it'd be better to shout out a large increase rather than waste time increasing the price bit by bit. He opened his mouth to shout the price he had come up with. "E-e-eight..."

Tang Doudou glanced at Lian er in surprise. Lian er glanced towards her as well, but still couldn't understand what she was trying to say. Thus, he shouted, "Eight thousand taels!"

The entire hall fell silent to the point the sound of the wind could be heard.

Tang Doudou's face turned pitch black. Why did she end up with an idiot helping her call out the price?

She wouldn't be able to get this much money even if she sold herself.

It took quite a while for Qing Cheng to recover from his astonishment. "Lian, Lian er, stop messing around."

Lian er glanced towards Tang Doudou, feeling wronged. "Qing gongzi, I'm not messing around. It's Master Tang that told me to help him call out a price."

Tang Doudou: ...

Qing Cheng's gaze then shifted towards Tang Doudou. Even Master Wang looked over with schadenfreude. He could barely stop himself from shouting, if you don't have money, then scram!

Meanwhile, Tang Doudou looked towards Baili Yu as she smoothed her hair. Use eight thousand taels to bring home an evil spirit...

It was worth it!

"En, this price is my intention." Inwardly, Tang Doudou's heart was bleeding. She wasn't even in the mood to look at Baili Yu anymore. She was trying to figure out how to hurry up and escape with him.

"Ahem, Tang gongzi's bid is eight thousand taels. If there's no one willing to pay a higher price, Escort Xue will go to Tang gongzi!"

Master Wang, who had been hoping to catch a good show, unhappily retrieved his gaze. Then he peeked at Tang Doudou again. Who exactly was this person? That was eight thousand taels ah! But he didn't even blink when spending it!

Master Wang had no idea that Tang Doudou's heart was currently dripping blood as she restrained her urge to send Lian er flying with a kick.

"Sir, did I make a mistake?" Lian er looked towards Tang Doudou timidly.

What was she supposed to say?

Since she had already decided to give up on paying and just run away with Baili Yu, the price didn't matter. The important point was that after this price was called, there was no more competition!

So now that she thought about it, it had been a pretty good move.

Eight thousand taels were enough to buy Escort Xue in his entirety with money left over, to spend this one just a courtesan's first night was unthinkable. Thus, after this price was called, no one else in the hall made a sound.

Qing Cheng repeated his previous statement two more times, but still, no one said anything. Tang Doudou relaxed and nudged Lian er who was kneeling next to her. She whispered, "It was right, nicely done."

Lian er blushed happily. "Many thanks for Sir's praise. In the future, I'll do even better!"

Inwardly, he was very excited. His guess had been right! This guest was definitely super wealthy. That was eight thousand taels after all!

He had second guessed his decision countless times before he had shouted that price. Luckily he had made the right bet!

There would be a future? Tang Doudou glanced mildly at Lian er as she rubbed her chin. Although this courtesan looked naive and pitiful, it turned out that he was actually quite crafty and greedy... This could be exploited.


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