Chapter 32: So What If I Did It On Purpose?


Chapter 32: So What If I Did It On Purpose?

Baili Yu didn’t stay there for long before he lifted his foot and headed into Snow Gazing Courtyard.

Jun Xin watched until he walked far away before hurriedly running to Tang Doudou’s side and checking her breath. Seeing that it was still pretty steady, he finally released a breath of relief.

Immediately, he got ready to help push out the water in Tang Doudou’s lungs and stomach. After all, this incident was partially his fault. In reality, he was still concerned about Tang Doudou’s spicy strips.

His hands pressed down at her stomach area two times, then his face turned rigid. It’s really soft?

Even though he never rubbed a woman’s stomach before, but he had often rubbed his own . Where was it this soft? When he doesn’t eat it’s all flat and hard, once he eats until full it’s also plump and hard.

Jun Xin suddenly narrowed his eyes and stooped down to look. This guy’s skin was like concentrated resin, his facial features delicate. With his red lips and white teeth, he seriously did look like a lass ah.

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It couldn’t be that he’s really a girl?

If it was really like that, then it might rather be a bit too interesting. Jun Xin rubbed his chin. Should he show his great benevolence and help Baili Yu examine and find out?

His hand paused in front of Tang Doudou’s chest. Jun Xin had second thoughts again. Master(teacher) said that between men and women, who is receiving and who is searching is not clear. If he places his hand down, in the one in a thousand chance that Li Xueyi really was a woman, then doesn’t that mean he had to take responsibility?

No no, this kind of troublesome thing, he better throw it to Baili Yu after all!

Retrieving his hand stealthily, he slapped a couple pats on Tang Doudou’s face, “Hey hey, wake up! Wake up!”

He’s already fine, why is he still not waking up?

Jun Xin called several times, but seeing no indication that Tang Doudou was about to wake up, he acted with a might-as-well mindset. So he tapped several acupuncture points on her body, then supported her up. After moving to her back, he raised his hand and swatted a palm onto Tang Doudou’s back.

Shit, who the hell hit her!?

Just when Tang Doudou’s consciousness was about to return, she was hit with Jun Xin’s palm. The enormous power also made her have an intimate kiss with mother earth. Adding on the residual effects of falling into the water, her heart, spleen and stomach all truly felt terrible.

Meow a miii, seriously. Tang Doudou slowly opened her eyes. After seeing the familiar ground did she realize she had been saved. Her intuition told her Jun Xin could never be that good-hearted, could it be Qing Yin?

Turning around to look, what entered her eyes was Jun Xin’s particularly infuriating face. He was currently proudly blowing at his palm, completely ignoring the already awake Tang Doudou.

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“This young master’s(shao ye) palm strength is just improving at an unbelievable rate with practice……”

“Practice…… urh……” You da ye*! Tang Doudou wanted to open her mouth and curse, but who knew the moment she opened her mouth, the latter three words were drowned out by a hot flood that surged out from her throat. With a ‘gurgle’ she vomited all over Jun Xin’s face.

I think I’ve covered it in earlier chapters but cursing at someone’s relatives is common. Your mom is used most commonly alone, cursing at a particular action the other person talks about often uses other relatives. For this one, Jun Xin called himself ‘shao(young) ye’, which is young master, usually for the younger generation of a family. ‘Da(big) ye’ is kind of like big master, usually referring to the older uncles of a family, but is also a way for arrogant people who, often turn out to be just bigtalk and useless, to refer to themselves. Since I already got to here, ‘lao(old) ye’ is usually used for the current master of the family.

Originally when she first started vomiting, she did have time to turn her head to the side. But when she saw Jun Xin’s scoundrel appearance, Tang Doudou forcibly rushed towards that face. Only after she finished vomiting out the last drop of water in her mouth, did she wipe her mouth and say with a ‘hehe’: “I’m sorry ah, it wasn’t on purpose!”

“You! You completely did it on purpose!” Hearing Tang Doudou’s completely insincere apology, Jun Xin finally snapped out of his daze. Even the finger he had pointed towards her was shaking.

She did do it on purpose, but so what? Unwilling to accept? Unwilling to accept then come bite her ah!

Tang Doudou cast an extremely smug side glance at Jun Xin. In regards to vomiting all over his face, she was completely unapologetic. Who asked this despicable guy not to save her when she fell into the water?

Jun Xin absent-mindedly wiped his face, feeling the nauseating smushiness, he immediately exploded, “Li Xueyi! This is how you repay your lifesaver!? If lao zi* knew earlier lao zi would have just let you drown!”

”lao zi” - father, daddy, “I, your father” (in anger or contempt), I (used arrogantly or as a joke). Sometimes, I’ll probably use ‘this daddy’.

In any case, she was unconscious at that time and didn’t see that it was Bali Yu that saved her.

Who expected that Tang Doudou would actually give an exceedingly disdainful humph and directly expose his lies: “Do you even want face? How could it be possible for you to have that good of a heart to save me? You should just drop it. I would rather believe that the sun rises from the west before believing that you would save me! Heartless butt-aged brat! Xiao ye(little grandpa = I) really made a wrong judgement, to believe that we could become friends. Treating you sincerely, even giving you spicy strips to eat. Never thought you were actually this type of person!”

This burst of words caused Jun Xin’s handsome face to turn flushed then pale, then from pale to red again. His neck even turned completely red, yet he couldn’t hold back his curiosity, “You, how did you know that it wasn’t me that saved you?”

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Even though Tang Doudou woke up, she felt horrid. Merely just the taste of falling into the water in the dead of winter was already unpleasant, adding on Jun Xin’s slap just then? It didn’t slap her straight to death but she felt like her five visceras and six bowels had been all struck out of place. If she still had the spirit to chat with Jun Xin right now, she would truly be disdaining that her life was too long.

She immediately pushed Jun Xin aside and shakily got to her feet, “Scram to the side, xiao ye doesn’t have time for you!”

If it was the past, being shouted at by Tang Doudou like this, Jun Xin definitely would not have let her off easily. But right now, he actually didn’t refute even half a word but rather asked with concern: “Hey, are you alright?”

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“What eyes are you looking from to think that xiao ye, I, am alright?”


The sun was glaringly bright, but with a breeze her entire body became even colder to the point she trembled. Tang Doudou’s teeth chattered. She just wanted to quickly leave this place, change out of her wet clothes, then snuggle into the blankets to warm up.

But the moment her feet moved, she nearly fell to the floor again.

Misfortune never comes singly. This legs going soft symptom that refuses to come at better times has started up again.

Seeing Tang Doudou’s face and lips were the same color of paleness and that her hair and clothes were all dripping wet, emitting chill, Jun Xin hurried over to help support her. He slowly sent his inner strength circulating into her body, while asking in a soft voice: “Hey, is it a little better?”

No matter what, he had some responsibility for this. He, Jun Xin, has always regarded responsibility as important. If it was his wrong then he would never try to deny it.

Feeling a warm flow enter her body, Tang Doudou had on an expression of wonder, so this the the legendary inner strength. On the other hand, she was also deeply moved that this Jun Xin’s conscience wasn’t completely gone. She’s such a big girl, so she won’t bicker with a little kid about that much. What’s more, she really couldn’t stand steadily.

So she seized the opportunity and leaned against Jun Xin’s body, “Little brat still has some conscience ah. But don’t waste time and inner strength anymore, if you have this strength then hurry and bring me to change my clothes. Could it be you fudging didn’t notice that I’m freezing?”

Jun Xin was called ‘little brat’ by her several times in succession. He couldn’t quite hold it back anymore and retorted: “You’re not allowed to call me little brat. I’m not little anymore.”

Tang Doudou didn’t have the time to debate with him over this, “Stop chitchatting, hurry and take me to change my clothes.”

“Ok!” Out of the corners of his eyes, his gaze swept across the injury on her hand and saw that it had already been soaked by the water so much that it turned white and was curling up. Thus Jun Xin also didn’t dare to delay any longer. Even though Baili Yu isn’t scared of trouble, he, Jun Xin, is afraid ah. If it turns out that Baili Yu, that fox, foisted off all the responsibility of something happening to Li Xueyi onto him, then wouldn’t he have to deal with that entire bunch of people from the Alliance Head’s place when they come to cause trouble?

Just thinking about it sounded frightening. He couldn’t help but feel a bit of sympathy for Tang Doudou. How could he be that out of luck, to be thrown over by the Cloud City Lord to be some pain-in-the-butt Alliance Head?

How could Tang Doudou tell what Jun Xin was thinking in his heart? Seeing that he didn’t move for a long time, she directly struck his head with her middle finger, “Hurry up and go.”

At this time, Qing Yin finally returned from going to get gauze. Seeing Tang Doudou’s wretched appearance, her brain couldn’t quite comprehend it for a moment. It had only been a few moments, what had happened?

Tang Doudou closed her eyes, out of strength, so she didn’t see Qing Yin’s arrival. When Jun Xin saw Qing Yin he shot a look at her, telling her to leave.

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Qing Yin bit her lower lips, really wanting to head over to take a look at Tang Doudou. But in the end, she helplessly put down the gauze and left.

Jun Xin stared at that gauze for a while before supporting Tang Doudou and starting to walk towards a direction, gradually leaving Snow Viewing Courtyard. Before he left, he extended a hand behind his back and sucked that gauze into his palm(like The Force). Later when he needs to bandage the wound, he couldn’t very well walk all the way back here to get it, right?

After putting away the gauze, he lowered his eyes and discovered that at some unknown time Tang Doudou had fainted again.

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Recalling the situation he observed when his inner strength was circulating inside Tang Doudou’s body, he couldn’t help but sigh. Disseminating Tassel Fragrance sure was vicious; actually completely scattering all his martial arts, not leaving half a bit.

Li Xueyi was ranked fifth in the Cloud City Martial Arts Circles. It is said that his martial arts skills were only below that of the Lord of Cloud City. He greatly received the City Lord’s favor and quite a few matters in Cloud City were given to Li Xueyi to handle. In the past there were even rumors that Li Xueyi may succeed the Cloud City Lord’s position, but unexpectedly just as these rumors were heating up, it was announced that the City Lord was sending Li Xueyi to take up the Alliance Head position.

Towards this person, Li Xueyi, there were a lot of rumors about him in the Jianghu. Over half talked about how he committed this crime or that; it could be said that he was infamous.

In the past, he also was quite disdainful of this guy for using the fact that he had good martial arts skills to commit wrongdoings everywhere. But looking at it now, other than the fact that his mouth was a bit exceptionally stinky, he didn’t have any other obvious shortcomings. Why are there so many terrible rumors about him in the Jianghu?

Could it be that the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance caused his personality to undergo a huge change?

This also isn’t completely impossible.

Hey hey, what is he thinking about so much for? It’s not any of his business anyways. He only had to wait for this guy to wake up, recover, then think of a way to overcharge him and make him cook a meal for him. Those spicy strips were so tasty, others will definitely not be any worse.

Speaking of spicy strips, Jun Xin suddenly recalled that those super spicy ones that Tang Doudou made for Baili Yu were still inside Moon Viewing Courtyard.

Recalling that dreadful spicy taste… Ay, it can only be wasted.

Speaking of which, Baili Yu had returned to Moon Viewing Courtyard. In the originally empty courtyard, in an instant it was filled up with quite a few people.

A uniformly attired black-clothed group appeared then all knelt on the ground.


“Have you finished investigated everything?” The moment Baili Yu stood inside the courtyard, the desolate courtyard immediately became as beautiful as a painting.

The acting leader of the group reported: “We’ve finished investigating. Half a month ago Li Xueyi went to Azure Water valley and never left.

Mu Ye is still in Huai City and did not return to the Demonic Sect.

That night, he was startled away by the Master of Rutaceae Pavilion. When Mu Ye went over, Li Xueyi had already lost all his martial arts.”

The subordinate narrated systematically and in full detail all the information he had to report. Baili Yu was silent the entire time until he got to the point where after Mu Ye left it seemed like Li Xueyi became an entirely different person. At that point, the expression in his eyes turned a bit complicated.

“Even though there are quite a lot of suspicious points that appeared in the current Li Xueyi, Bai Feiyun didn’t show the slightest sign of doubt. On the contrary, he still helped Li Xueyi over and over again.”

Getting to here, there were no more information to report.

Only after a while did that subordinate speak again: “Master, should we keep a watch on this Li Xueyi? Jun Xin also seems to treat him a bit differently.”

Baili Yu swept an indifferent gaze at him, unhurriedly saying: “It’s rare for Ah Xin* to get along well with someone, just let him do as he pleases. There’s no need to watch him. Anyways, with Ah Xin there, he won’t be able to cause any trouble.”

Putting Ah(阿) in front of someone’s name is a form of friendly endearment, often used towards someone younger.

Even though Jun Xin looks unreliable, in reality he had an innate gift of perception. Towards many things, he can see through them with just a glance, able to make decisive choices when facing matters. He was a very hard to come by seedling, Master(teacher) had said when he first handed Jun Xin to him.

It was just that he was still young, so his personality was rather straightforward and simple.

After saying that, Baili Yu didn’t continue speaking. Those subordinates could only stay kneeling in their places, not even daring to twitch.

When Meng Yu carried out the pot, she was just in time to see the row of black-clothed men kneeling on the floor. Looking at Baili Yu who was standing in the courtyard with an unclear expression, she thought Baili Yu was angry and hurriedly with ‘thump thump thump’s ran to Baili Yu’s front. Wiping off the sweat on her forehead, she recalled what Tang Doudou said to her earlier and blurted out: “Master, Young Master Jun sneakily ate all the deer meat again!”

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