Chapter 319.2: Do You Mind It?


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Upon hearing this, Baili Yu's expression became a bit hurt and he asked softly, "Do you mind it?"

Uh, could she say that she minded?

But that wasn't the important part!

Tang Doudou looked at him worriedly. "It's not a question of whether I mind or not, but whether you've been..."

Heavens ah, this was a male brothel! With Baili Yu's city-toppling looks and currently defenseless situation, it was incomparably dangerous!

"You mind it?" Baili Yu asked again.

Tang Doudou's heart was filled with conflicting emotions. She couldn't say that she didn't mind, because she really did mind a lot.

She cared about Baili Yu's safety and purity. However, regardless of whether he had been taken or not, he was still her husband.

But how was she supposed to tell Baili Yu about this? Losing their chastity was probably a very severe matter to straight men.

Moreover, he already had a wife. She came from a future world in which science and technology exposed her to many more strange things, thus she was able to open-mindedly accept a lot of matters. However, Baili Yu was someone of the ancient era. Would he fall into despair because she minded and end up turning homosexual?

Although she was a fujoshi, there was no way she could accept her man turning gay!

Anger rushed to her head and she pulled Baili Yu up. "Let's go! I'll help you get justice!"

Baili Yu immediately understood what she was thinking when he heard this, and he wrapped his arms around her tightly. "It's fine as long as you don't mind."

"It doesn't matter whether I mind or not! What matters is you!" Tang Doudou looked at Baili Yu, worried that he wouldn't be able to get over it.

Baili Yu laughed lightly. "If you don't mind, then what does it matter?"

"Huh?" What exactly did he mean by this?

However, Baili Yu didn't gave her a chance to ask about it. He lifted her chin with a slender finger and slowly lowered his head. When Tang Doudou felt his hot breath, she blushed and nervously gripped his clothes. Was... was this a good time?

Bang bang bang!

Just as the two were about to kiss, deafening knocks came from the door. There was a shrill shout that sounded like an eunuch's voice. "Escort Xue! Are you ready yet!?"

Tang Doudou turned her head away in a fluster and pushed Baili Yu towards the room. "Y-you should hurry and go out!"

After she said that, she felt like her words sounded off. "Don't worry, I'll definitely get you out of here. Trust me!"

"En." As Baili Yu gazed at her blushing face, for the first time, he felt like his heart, which had always felt empty, was filled. It was a very comfortable sensation.

The knocking and shouting still hadn't stopped. Tang Doudou stood outside the window for a moment, then she reached out, wrapped her arms around Baili Yu's neck, and pressed her lips against his quickly before turning and running away.

Baili Yu hastily reached out to pull her back, but it was already too late.


"Aaah!!!! My buns!"

Baili Yu covered his eyes but still couldn't suppress the urge to take a look. Tang Doudou had landed splat on her front and was shrieking miserably.

"Are you alright?"

"I'm... I'm fine..." Tang Doudou reached lifted a hand and waved. "You, should hurry and go!"

"En, I'll wait for you." After saying this, Baili Yu left the window.

Tang Doudou stayed there for a while until the pain dulled before finally getting off the ground. She rubbed her buns as she inwardly remarked that it was a good thing she had stuffed a lot of cotton clothes in front for her disguise. Otherwise, her buns would have been squished flat!

However, Baili Yu was sure heartless. He really believed her when she said she was fine and didn't stay around to comfort her...

Tang Doudou walked into the building with a lot of silent grudges. Lian er, who hadn't seen her leave, was stunned when he saw her again. "S-s-s-sir T-t-tang... W-why are you..."

Tang Doudou rolled her eyes at him. "Why're you stuttering so much? T-t-tang what? This master doesn't have any candy for you, move out of the way already!" (Tang = candy)

She was angry and a little resentful. Upon hearing her irritated tone, Lian er hastily moved aside to let her in.

Tang Doudou made sure to glance around the hall first before walking in. She didn't see Lin Shuxuan and the other guys that were usually with him, so they were probably in a private room. Since they were in the private room, she'll just stay here. In any case, there were a lot of people here and everyone would be focused on the stage, so she probably wouldn't be noticed.

She found a place in the corner to sit down and called Lian er over. "My throat isn't feeling well, so in a bit, help me shout the price!"

Wasn't this guest's throat perfectly fine?

He recalled the deafening shout from earlier and was very speechless. However, he was trained well so he said with a professional smile, "Understood."

Tang Doudou nodded in satisfaction. "If you serve me well, there'll be a big reward."

Lian er's eyes lit up. This guest had a bad temper, but he was very generous. Escort Xue had only chatted with him for a while but he got so many benefits. If he was able to get this guest to take a fancy to him and successfully get onto this guest's bed, wouldn't he get even more rewards?


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