Chapter 319.1: Do You Mind It?


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This situation didn't last too long. It might have been due to the swish of the sword or because she had made too much noise while dodging, but in any case, Baili Yu noticed a disturbance. Just as she was trying to figure out a way to shake off Liu Zhiyuan, Baili Yu appeared like an angel and opened the window to Heaven for her.

"La... Sir Tang, what are you doing here?" The hazy yellow light of the candles made Baili Yu's gentle expression even warmer. His beautiful eyes contained joy at the surprise of seeing her.

Tang Doudou didn't turn around and just force a couple laughs. "The view of the moon is really good from here. I'm here to gaze at the moon."

Baili Yu chuckled. "But there's no moon tonight?"

Tang Doudou reflexively glanced up at the pitch-black sky, then rubbed her nose in embarrassment. "Oh, maybe I mistook a star."

"It's quite cold tonight, so why don't you come in?" Baili Yu opened the window a bit more and moved aside.

However, Tang Doudou didn't dare to move because that damned Liu Zhiyuan was still there and his murderous intent was blocking all her roads of retreat.

"Lately I've had a little too much internal heat, so this is a good chance to cool down a little."

"Cool down?" Baili Yu laughed. "If you have too much internal heat, you should eat more mildly flavored foods to cool your body down. I've never heard of hanging upside down outside a window to cool down."

"Haha, well now you have." Fudge, it wasn't like she wanted to hang upside down either!

Baili Yu saw that she still wasn't willing to enter the room, so he shook his head helplessly and carried a bench to the window. He climbed out to the ledge and sat down so that he was eye-level with Tang Doudou, who was still hanging upside down.

"Wh-what are you doing?" Tang Doudou was confused about his actions.

Baili Yu reached out and helped her down onto the ledge, then pulled her to sit down next to him. "Come sit with me."

Tang Doudou hastily nodded. "Alright!"

How could she refused? Right when Baili Yu came out, the murderous intent that had kept her locked in place for so long had disappeared without a trace. Liu Zhiyuan had retreated.

However, it only left her even more confused. Why did it seem like Liu Zhiyuan was afraid of Baili Yu?

He had already lost his memories and didn't have martial arts either.

So what was there left to be afraid of?

They sat in silence for a while. As the wind gradually became colder, Baili Yu took off his outer robe and draped it around Tang Doudou's shoulder as he slowly asked, "Are you also here today to participate in my..."

"No!" Tang Doudou hastily interrupted him. The feeling of his warm robe wrapped around her was strangely comforting. Since Liu Zhiyuan's intimidating presence was no longer here, she shifted and made herself more comfortable by leaning against Baili Yu's shoulder. "I came to visit you."

Baili Yu glanced at her cheek, then asked, sounding a bit helpless like a lost child. "Ever since you left that day, I've been trying to figure out who you were.""Oh? Then have you remembered?" She glanced up at Baili Yu's chin that had become skinner. She leaned closer and rubbed her head against his chest a couple times before finally settling down contently.

In reality, she didn't need him to answer. If he had remembered her, this wouldn't be the scene taking place right now.

As she had expected, Baili Yu shook his head. "I haven't. I tried a lot of ways to trigger my lost memories, but all I was able to ascertain was that you were very important to me."

The fact that he was certain of this was already very good!

She had watched plenty of TV dramas and whenever she saw that characters lost their memories to the point they forgot about their parents and lover, she'd always want to criticize it. It's not as if the person swapped personalities after losing their memories. Love and blood ties were carved into a person's very bones, how could it all disappear just due to memory loss?

However, before she found Baili Yu, she had been worried over such things. What if she found Baili Yu but he didn't remember her anymore and had fallen in love with someone else...

Fortunately, it had been pointless worries. Even though Baili Yu had lost his memories, he still remembered that she was very important to him.

She couldn't help but laugh as she hugged him tightly and buried her head into his chest. After rubbing her head against him a little, she said, "At least you have some conscience and made sure to remember that I was important to you."

Baili Yu stiffened when she suddenly made such an intimate gesture, but he soon relaxed and pulled Tang Doudou into his arms naturally. "Did you come to Hibiscus Garrison to find me?"

"Of course!" Tang Doudou pouted unhappily and pushed herself out of his arms. "I traveled on horseback for three entire months! My butt almost got calluses from all that riding."

A trace of heartache flashed through Baili Yu's eyes as he gently cupped her face. "Does it still hurt?"

Tang Doudou's heart started racing when she met his passionate gaze, but her thoughts remained clear. Hell, if she got calluses, how could it still hurt? But his question was too frickin' embarrassing.

Her face flushed and it was a while before she was able to force out the words, "It hurts."

"Then I'll help you rub them." Baili Yu smirked as he reached behind her and started restlessly moving his hands.

Tang Doudou's face immediately filled with black lines. This guy lost his memories and forgot about everything, but still remembered to take advantage of her!

She hastily grabbed the misbehaving hand and glowered at him. "What are you doing?"

Baili Yu responded helplessly, "Didn't you say it hurt? Everyone says that the places I rub don't hurt anymore, so I wanted to help you rub it.""Who have you rubbed before?" Tang Doudou had only focused on this part of his words. After she asked this, she looked Baili Yu up and down. A strange thought emerged in her mind. Could it be that Baili Yu has already been...


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