Chapter 317.2: Let's Not Tell Him for the Time Being


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She headed back to the inn with many things on her mind. The moment she got into bed, she fell asleep and didn't wake up until the next day. However, before she even had a chance to eat breakfast, Lin Shuxuan had already arrived at the inn.

So she went with those sons of wealthy families to Hibiscus River and played. By the time she came back, it was already late in the night again.

For several consecutive days, Lin Shuxuan came to the inn everyday and insisted on taking her to different places to play. He said he had to act as a proper host, but Tang Doudou kept having an uneasy feeling as if something was about to happen.

This particular day, Lin Shuxuan came to find Tang Doudou early in the morning again. The moment he walked into the room, he said with a mysterious smile, "Did Brother Tang have fun these past few days? Haha, today I'm going to bring you to an interesting place."

Tang Doudou had been wanting to go back to Wind Cherishing House, but Lin Shuxuan was around so much that she didn't have a single chance. After finally hitting up all the famous spots of Hibiscus Garrison, she thought that she would have time to find Baili Yu today, but this guy came yet again.

Inwardly, Tang Doudou howled. If she knew earlier, she wouldn't have tried to be clever and become friends with this person. Not only did she fail to get any useful information, she ended up with such a clingy person.

However, it's not like there were no benefits. At the very least, from chatting with them these few days, she found out that three mysterious people had come to the garrison three months ago and that they were staying in the nearby Shing Wong (a Chinese deity) Temple.

Due to the fact that they were strange and seemed to have bad tempers, no one dared to provoke them.

Fortunately, they didn't visit the town often either. They'd only come occasionally to buy some daily necessities. A person had seen them from a distance. This particular person was a frivolous man who often enjoyed romances beneath the moonlight, he had been able to tell with one glance that one of the three was a woman.

The most important information was that all of them were wearing black robes.

It was almost definite that those three were Nangong Yan's group. However, shouldn't the three be Baili Yu, Nangong Yan, and Liu Zhiyuan? But Baili Yu was in Wind Cherishing House, so who was the person with Nangong Yan?

"Brother Tang? Did you not rest well? You seem to be very out of sorts, it couldn't be that you've gotten sick?" Lin Shuxuan reached out to touch her as he asked with a frown.

Tang Doudou returned to her sense and evaded his hand. She coughed softly and said, "Ahem, thank you for your concern. I'm not sick, I probably just drank too much last night."

"Brother Tang, now you're definitely lying. You're always the one drinking the least!" Lin Shuxuan said with a laugh, "I never would've thought that Brother Tang, with your refreshing personality, was so bad with alcohol."

Tang Doudou forced a laugh. "I'm afraid I won't be able to accompany Brother Lin today."

Lin Shuxuan sat down and said sadly, "Don't be like this, I'll have to head home in a few days. If I don't take advantage of this time to get close to Brother Tang, I probably won't have a chance to do so in the future."

"Brother Lin isn't someone from Hibiscus Garrison?" This was the first time she heard Lin Shuxuan mention his home.

Lin Shuxuan waved his fan. "I probably do count as someone from here. It's just that my home is in the Lin Clan Stronghold that's not far from Hibiscus Garrison. However, it still falls under this garrison's administration."

"So it was like that." Lin Clan Stronghold? What was that? It sounded like a power on the Jianghu, but if that was the case, why didn't Lin Shuxuan know martial arts? And why was County Magistrate Tao so respectful towards him? It was so strange.

"Aiy, my family is super strict. Most of the time I'm not even allowed to go out. I was able to play around this time because Father had me deliver something over, but once I head back, I probably won't have another chance to come to Hibiscus Garrison for a long time. And since Brother Tang isn't someone from Hibiscus Garrison, the sad reality is that we might never be able to meet again after this."

Although Lin Shuxuan put the situation gravely, Tang Doudou didn't feel like this was the case. If he rarely went out, how had he been able to meet so many other wealthy sons.

Thus she said with a smile, "There are no banquets in the world that do not end! Longbiao will forever remember Brother Lin's hospitality. If there's a chance, I'll definitely come visit you and thank you for all you've done."

"Heh, is there a need to be like this? We're brothers after all." When Lin Shuxuan saw that she still showed no indication of changing her mind, his eyes flickered. "Since you seem tired, Brother Tang, I won't insist that you head out with me. Rest well. In a few days, I'll invite you for some food before I head back. Make sure not to reject me at that time!"

Tang Doudou understood that there was no way she could reject that invitation, so she agreed. However, she was thinking that she'd probably rescue Baili Yu out by then so she wouldn't have to keep such a pointless date.

After seeing Lin Shuxuan off, she rolled around on the bed for a while. When night fell, she disguised herself and left the inn.

Certain people were watching as she left the inn.

"Young Master Lin, should we follow her?'

Lin Shuxuan considered it and furrowed his brows. "She really is a woman?"

"Heh, she thought she had disguised herself so well. She had no idea that that girl, Ah Xiu, had already seen through her," said Ah Cai with a laugh.

Ah Xiu was the head courtesan of the brothel they went to a few days ago. She had been attending to Tang Longbiao, and based on her familiarity with women, since she said that Tang Longbiao was a woman, it was definitely correct.

Lin Shuxuan nodded, but he then felt puzzled again. He pressed his fan against his chin. "Say, why would a woman run all the way here to Hibiscus Garrison?"


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