Chapter 315.2: A Little Male Brothel


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"If Sir has any needs, you can just tell me. Although I'm not the boss, I make the decisions here."

Tang Doudou sized up this Qing gongzi. He was a beautiful man, and she had figured that he had a high status here based on how he had order those two prostitutes around, but she hadn't expected him to the be the person in charge.


"I wouldn't dare to deceive Sir."

"Alright then, call all the prostitutes here for me. I want to pick a few that are pleasing to the eye to entertain me!"

"This..." Qing gongzi's expression became troubled.

"What? Is the money not enough?"

This person brought up money in every single sentence, he was truly coarse. However, the reason they started this business was to earn money, so even though Qing gongzi was annoyed, he continued smiling softly, "Sir is joking. I'll go tell them to dress up right now, then I'll bring them here to greet Sir."

"En, go!" Tang Doudou waved her hand dismissively.

Qing gongzi bowed, then turned and headed upstairs.

Suddenly, something occurred to him and he turned around to say, "It takes quite some time for the boys to dress up, so Sir, why don't you head to the room first to have some alcohol and enjoy music as you wait?"

"Alright!" Tang Doudou also felt that sitting in the main hall attracted too much attention. When she heard his suggestion, she immediately jumped off the table and stuffed all the banknotes on the table back into her chest. After all, who would pay the fee before even getting a prostitute?

She started following Qing gongzi. When they got upstairs, she suddenly heard a familiar guqin song and froze in place.

Qing gongzi turned around and asked with a soft laugh, "What's wrong, Sir?"

Tang Doudou snapped back to her senses as a flustered expression flashed through her eyes. She hadn't been wrong, that person was definitely Baili Yu. Baili Yu had played this song for her when they had been heading to Cerulean Mountain!

She quickly calmed down and said, "It's nothing. I just feel like this song is quite nice and wanted to listen for a while longer."

It was Baili Yu, but what happened to his inner strength and martial arts?

Was the reason why he hadn't returned to Huai City and made no contact with the people of the Chamber of Commerce because he had lost his martial arts and got stuck here? Or was it because Nangong Yan was also here?

That's right, where was Nangong Yan?

It seemed that her choice to scope out the situation first was correct. Since the enemy whereabouts was uncertain, it was best to be cautious.

"This song is pretty good," replied Qing gongzi with a smile. Then he pushed open the door in front of him. "Sir, please wait here for a while. I'll go arrange for the boys to come here."

Tang Doudou retrieved her thoughts, gave an 'en,' then walked into the room.

She had gone to a lot of brothels before, but she had never gone to a male brothel. She saw that the decoration was very serene and elegant with an unique charm to it. There was a faint, barely noticeable fragrance lingering in the room. This place didn't have that strong overpowering coy decoration so it was actually quite refreshing. So this was what a male brothel was like!

Soon after she walked in, a delicate-looking young man walked in with several plates of side dishes and a jar of wine.

"What's your name?" Tang Doudou stared at the prostitute in front of her. He looked only around fifteen and his features hadn't fully developed yet, but hints of his future handsomeness could already be seen. In a few years, he'll probably turned out almost like Qing gongzi. She couldn't help but feel that it was strange. Hibiscus Garrison was only oh so big, so how was a little male brothel like this able to have so many good-looking young men?

Even in the brothels she had visited in the past, there were only a few good-looking women. For the rest, had they not dusted their face white with powder, their faces probably would have been unbearable to look at.

She recalled the male prostitute she had seen on the way here. Although not all of them were stunning, they were still pleasing to the eye. Only a ghost would believe that there was nothing off about this.

When she asked that question, the young man blushed slightly before replying sweetly, "Sir, this servant's name is Jin Yi."

His voice was even more coquettish than that of a woman. It was so sweet that it caused Tang Doudou to drop a floorful of goosebumps. Inwardly, she was thinking that it was no wonder some men liked visiting male brothels. Male prostitutes like this were more alluring than even the best courtesans of some places.

When he lowered his eyes in a cute and bashful manner, Tang Doudou lifted his chin and remarked lightly, "Jin Yi? Nice name."

Jun Yi blushed even more. His embarrassed appearance caused Tang Doudou's wolf heart to leap. "Jin Yi ah, how long have you worked here?"Jin Yi's eyes whirled, then he said in a slightly sad tone, "Replying Sir, this servant came to Wind Cherishing Building as a child. As of now, it's already been fourteen years."

He was only fourteen? Wasn't that a little too young?

"Did all of you come here as children?" Tang Doudou lifted the chopsticks and used them to pick up some vegetables. She indicated for Jin Yi to open his mouth, then gently fed him. "Don't be nervous, I just want to chat a little with you. I won't be doing anything else."

People tended to lower their guards when they were eating.


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