Chapter 315.1: A Little Male Brothel


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Tang Doudou chased after that back figure until she reached the street. When she looked around, she saw that the figure was still calmly moving forward.

She was so stirred up that she wanted to charge right over, but something felt distinctly off. He seemed to have changed.

His steps were heavy, so it was clear that he didn't have any inner strength. In addition, he was dressed in plain white clothing. Confusion filled her eyes. Could it be that she got the wrong person?

Was this just someone who looked similar?

The fact that she may have found Baili Yu right after she got to Hibiscus Garrison was such happy news that she couldn't help but question if it was too good to be true, so she just followed him from a distance. She wanted to see why he didn't go back to Huai City to look for her even though he had woken up.

She saw him pause in several places to buy things. When she saw him chatting familiarly with the vendors, she became even more confused. Was that really Baili Yu?

That aloof, unearthly, and seductive Baili Yu?

Why does it feel like he had become an elegant teacher?

It was too strange, so Tang Doudou didn't dare to make a rash move. She continued following Baili Yu all the way to a restaurant-like place. She glanced up at the sign but couldn't read the words.

She saw Baili Yu walked in as if he was very familiar with this place and chat with a smile with the men inside for a while before he headed upstairs.

Tang Doudou waited outside for about an hour, but he didn't come back out. She couldn't suppress her curiosity anymore, so she tidied up her clothing and fixed her disguise before walking towards the restaurant with feigned calm.

The moment she walked in, two delicate and pretty young men came up with greet her with soft smiles, "This sir, welcome."

When Tang Doudou saw their skilled manner in welcoming guests, she was taken aback. Why did this restaurant feel a little strange?

When she spaced out, the young man on the left lifted his brows slightly before walking over to hug her arm. "Sir, are you embarrassed?"


She was at a restaurant to have a meal. What would she be embarrassed for?

"What a joke, how could this master be embarrassed?" Tang Doudou patted her chest and while at it, pushed away the two men trying to hang onto her. She said in an annoyed tone, "What are you guys doing?"

"Aiyah, Master, didn't you come here precisely for this..." The young man on the left lightly swirled her hair around his finger before blowing a breath towards her ear.

Tang Doudou immediately became dizzy from the blow and was stunned for quite a while before she came back to her senses. "Y-you, you guys... you're..."

She didn't say the words male prostitute because she was too shocked to speak. How did Baili Yu end up in a place like this? Could she have made a mistake? But who else in the world would have those looks?

Tang Doudou swallowed hard as she tried to process these facts.

"Exactly, exactly. Lian er is right. What would men come here for except to do that? Let me guess, this is Sir's first time here? Haha... don't worry. With Lian er and I here, Sir will definitely have plenty of fun!"

Tang Doudou was still recovering from the astonishment, but on the surface she still seemed pretty calm. Since she had already come in, there was no way she would leave before getting answers. Thus, she swept a glance over the two young men and feigned anger as she pushed them away. "Shoo, shoo! How exactly do you guys run this place? This master has already indulged in romance for dozens of years. Little guys like you aren't even enough for me to pick my teeth with. Go call your pimp over!"

"Pimp?" The two young men looked at each other, puzzled.

Tang Doudou licked her dry lips. She was starting to panic a little. Fudge, she had never gone to a male brothel before but she had heard that the owner of such brothels were called pimps. She had no idea what they were called in the ancient era.

Her eyes whirled, then she started shouting, "As expected of the countryside, you guys don't even know what a pimp is! I'm talking about your boss, hurry and call your boss over!"

She felt like her manner hadn't been imposing enough, so she dug out a bunch of banknotes and slapped it on the table. "This master has plenty of money. Hurry up and call over all the good-looking boys you have in this store!"

The two men shared a look. They had never seen such a wealthy, temperament, and crude person in Hibiscus Garrison before, so for a moment they were at a loss.

However, this disturbance attracted the attention of a good-looking man upstairs. He was dressed in pink, but it didn't make him seem feminine and just added to his elegant air. He smiled softly towards Tang Doudou, then berated the two young men. "Lian er, Xin er, what is with the way you treated our guest?"

"Qing gongzi, I, we..."

"Enough, apologize to this sir and go take your punishment!" Qing gongzi waved his hand to have them leave.

Lian er and Xin er apologized repeatedly to Tang Doudou, then left dejectedly.

Tang Doduou glanced over the person addressed as Qing gongzi. This person was the pimp? He didn't look like one though!

As she was puzzling over this, that Qing gongzi spoke to her. "There are truly very few people like Sir that would come look for entertainers in broad daylight."

"What? You guys aren't open during the day?" said Tang Doudou in a displeased voice as she lifted her brows.

"Of course not." Qing gongzi hadn't expected for Tang Doudou to have such a temper so he was stunned for a moment.

However, Tang Doudou didn't care. All she wanted was to find out what had happened to Baili Yu. "You're the boss of this place?"

"Oh, no.""Then scram, I'm looking for your boss!" Tang Doudou didn't bother to be polite at all and sat down on the table filled with banknotes as she crossed her leg.

Everyone that came to Wind Cherishing House, no matter how beast-like they were in reality, they would always act very sophisticated. There had never been anyone like Tang Doudou who was coarse and vulgar. Wind Cherishing House was usually very quiet most of the time, so this disturbance attracted the attentions of quite a lot of the prostitutes. Tang Doudou glanced over and saw that there were handsome young men of all types. It was a very enjoyable sight.

When Qing gongzi saw her stare at the prostitutes upstairs lustfully, a trace of contempt flashed through his eyes. So it turned out to be a person who was impatient for sex.


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