Chapter 306.2: Couldn't Get Clear Answers


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When Bai Feiyun saw her stern expression, he knew that she wouldn't leave today without obtaining a satisfactory answer. He sighed and said, "Does Alliance Head know who your birth parents are?"


"The City Lord is likely trying to revive your mother, Jun Yuner."

"Jun Yuner?" Tang Doudou reflexively glanced towards Jun Xin. However, she then recalled that Jun Xin only got his name after he got to Wind Cloud Island and that his original surname was Ming, so they probably didn't have any relationship.

However, after finding out about Lan Jia's complicated relationships, she couldn't help but wonder...

She gave a soft cough, then rubbed her chin as she asked, "Who's Jun Yuner?"

"She's your birth mother and the disciple of the City Lord."


This was too much information! Tang Doudou covered her forehead. Her mother was Su Yi's disciple, and she was also Su Yi's disciple. Wasn't this a little too messy!?

"Then do you know who my father is?"

"The City Lord never told me about him. All I know is that after your mother gave birth to you, you were swapped by someone and became Tang Doudou."

"The Tang family?"


So Li Xueyi's background was also that complicated. Tang Doudou then asked, "What does this have to do with you needing the Alliance Head Command Tablet?"

"I'm not the one that wants the Alliance Head Command Tablet, it's the City Lord that wants it," said Bai Feiyun mildly. "If I wanted the Alliance Head Command Tablet, I would've already taken it instead of waiting until now. In addition, I have no interest in your position."

That was true.

Tang Doudou nodded before asking, "Then what does Su Yi want the tablet for?"

"City Lord would only make a few remarks about his matters and matters involving you occasionally when he was in a good mood. Other times, he never talks about it and I don't dare to ask about them either."

The meaning was that he didn't know why Su Yi wanted the Alliance Head Command Tablet either.

However, Su Yi was the one who gave her the tablet in the first place? Although it later fell into Baili Yu's hands for a while, Su Yi didn't seem to care about it, so why did he want it back now?

Something felt strange.

"Since you've finished asking your questions, Alliance Head, could you let me go?" prompted Bai Feiyun gently when he saw that she was sinking into thought.

Tang Doudou scratched her head. It felt a little anticlimactic to just let him go now. But if she didn't let him go, what would she keep him for?

Just as she was trying to think of another question, Jun Xin walked in with a yawn. "Bai gongzi, I apologize for my earlier actions."

Then he said, "But the fact that you guys want the Alliance Head Command Tablet probably isn't for something as simple as just wanting to revive Jun Yuner, right?"

"Though this dumb woman doesn't know the secrets the Alliance Head Command Tablet contains, there's no way you don't know, right?

"And there's no way Su Yi wouldn't know since he was the one that made the tablet. It was Baili Shuyin who later took the tablet and split it into two parts. The part that Cloud City held onto became a symbol of the Alliance Head's status. Meanwhile, the one in Baili Yu's possession expressed his influence as the richest individual in the world."

"The 'Alliance Head Command Tablet' you're trying to get back, is it only Cloud City's part or both pieces? Su Yi is probably already aware that this stinkin' woman now possesses both of them, right? That's why he's asking her for them?"

His words caused Bai Feiyun's facial color to change drastically. "Young Master Jun, it's best not to speak without evidence. Your empty conjectures may harm the City Lord's reputation!"

"What does his reputation have to do with me? I'm just warning you guys. Although Su Yi does treat this stinkin' woman well, if he harbors any other intentions, he shouldn't blame me for heartlessly turning against him and digging out all those old matters. At that point, I'd like to see how he can survive the shame." Jun Xin seemed to be really angry and pulled Tang Doudou to leave right after spitting those words.

Tang Doudou hadn't expected for Jun Xin to know so much. If she knew earlier, she would've just asked him instead of going through all this trouble to kidnap Bai Feiyun.

Suddenly, she recalled something. "Wait, Jun Xin."

"If you want to know about what happened back then, I'll tell you about it while we travel. If we wait any longer, we won't be able to reach that place before the sun sets," said Jun Xin impatiently.

"I know, it'll only take a little while!" Tang Doudou rushed back and kicked Bai Feiyun's leg. "Xiao Bai, how do I release my inner strength?"

Bai Feiyun responded with a slight smile, "You have so much inner strength that it's beyond the limit of what your body can handle, that's why I tried to seal half of it. If it's released, it'll damaged your meridians and might cause you to die."

"What if I accidently released it. What would happen?"

"You'll die."

"Oh, okay." Tang Doudou then stooped over and pinched Bai Feiyun's jade-like cheek before saying with a sigh, "Xiao Bai ah, I'm leaving now. When you go back, tell Su Yi that if he wants the Alliance Head Command Tablet, he should come ask me for it himself. I owe him a lot, so I'd even give him my life. I really don't care about the tablet, but your actions pissed me off!"

If it weren't for the fact that he had forcefully stimulated her consciousness to ask her about the whereabouts of the tablet, she wouldn't have woken up so quickly.

Bai Feiyun glanced at her with furrowed brows. He couldn't really understand why she was doing this, so he just repeated, "City Lord would never harm you, so why must you do this?"

Tang Doudou glanced at him, then laughed coldly. "He won't harm me, but I know that he definitely didn't go to Cerulean Mountain just to get that one item."

Bai Feiyun's facial color changed slightly but it immediately went back to normal. "How did you know?"


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