Chapter 304.2: You Can't Go to Cerulean Mountain!


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Another two busy days passed.

Tang Doudou's mood had gotten a lot better. She would sometimes take a walk around, chat with Qing Yin, and cook with Meng Yu. However, Jun Xin had arranged for quite a few people to secretly keep an eye on her just in case.

Then he went off to prepare for the trip to Cerulean Mountain. The day before they were set to head off, Mu Ye came.

"You guys can't go to Cerulean Mountain!" This was the first thing he said.

Jun Xin rolled his eyes at him. He heard from Baili Yiling that Mu Ye had also been in Cerulean Mountain. However, he had appeared at strange times and in strange locations, so she had no idea what he had been doing there.

This wasn't all that strange though. Mu Ye's doings had always been mysterious.

He had already been aware that Mu Ye was interested in objects related to the Seven Great Saint Tribes from before when he was tracking him.

"I don't want to go either, but if I don't go, I won't be able to find out the truth. If I don't find out the truth, a certain person wouldn't be able to recover. For her sake, of course I'd go to Cerulean Mountain. Even if it was a sea of flames and blades, I'd still rush in to obtain answers for her."

Mu Ye simply repeated, "You guys can't go."

Jun Xin laughed angrily. Who did Mu Ye think he was? Did he really think he had the power to decide this for them?

"Then I'll venture to ask Sect Leader Mu, why can't we go?" Jun Xin didn't change his mind easily. The only reason he asked this question was because he wanted to see what exactly Mu Ye was up to.

If it weren't for the fact that Mu Ye had saved Tang Doudou before, he wouldn't have been this patient.

Mu Ye was silent for a few moments. Just as Jun Xin thought that he wouldn't answer, he said, "Lan Jia is definitely waiting for you guys to go."

"Lan Jia?" Jun Xin raised his brows. "But my people said that they had seen him leave with their own eyes."

"That news is false," said Mu Ye.

"How do you know?" Jun Xin was getting suspicious. How did Mu Ye know so much?

Mu Ye glanced at him coldly, but his usually expressionless eyes actually contained a trace of emotion this time. "You don't need to know. In any case, you two can't go."

Why would he be sad? Jun Xin was curious. "Mu Ye, although we aren't really friends, we're not strangers either. You should know my temper well. If you don't give me a good reason, there's no way I'd change my mind!"

"I'm not trying to change your mind! You can go, just don't bring her with you."

Upon hearing this, Jun Xin narrowed his eyes and subconsciously started knocking on the table softly as he considered these words. "Sect Leader Mu, excuse me for not being able to understand. What exactly are your intentions?"

"Don't let her go." Mu Ye glanced at him. "That's all."

"But I've already promised her. Since Sect Leader Mu knows about so much, you definitely know about what happened to her earlier too, right? Then you should know why we're going to Cerulean Mountain..."

Before Jun Xin even finished speaking, Mu Ye had slapped an object on the table. "Give this to her. Once you do, she won't consider dying anymore and won't want to go to Cerulean Mountain anymore either."

"What is this?" Jun Xin pinched the fragments of black on the table. "Hair?"

"She'll understand." After Mu Ye said that, he disappeared into the shadows.

Jun Xin put away that bit of hair and stayed there silently for a long while before getting up to look for Tang Doudou.

Tang Doudou and Baili Yiling were currently fishing by the river.

"Sister-in-Law, you're saying that your first time with Big Brother was here?" Baili Yiling giggled naughtily. "Hehe, Sister-in-Law, give me the details! What exactly happened? In any case, there's no outsiders here."

"Stop joking Yiling, he was just lying to me. At that time, I didn't know that he had already found out about my gender. I really thought that we had done something after I got drunk. I was seriously hurt and scared!

"It wasn't until way later that I found out I just slept on the couch. He had gone out to take care of a matter. However, near dawn, he purposefully came back to tease me." Tang Doudou's tone was very helpless as she recalled that time. Even now, she still felt complicated emotions. If she hadn't agreed to marry Baili Yu back then, would she be less hurt now?

Baili Yiling giggled. "Sister-in-Law, Big Brother had definitely taken a fancy to you since way back then."

Tang Doudou laughed as well, melancholically. Now that she thought about it, it had only been a year since she had arrived here and met Baili Yu for the first time in Rutaceae Pavilion, so how could the time be described as 'long?'

"What are you two chatting about so happily?" Jun Xin had been listening from behind a tree. When he heard the truth from Tang Doudou's mouth, his eyes became moist. Back then, it was precisely because he thought that they had already gotten together that he had angrily smashed Bloodthirster and went to God Firmament Hall.

He had done it so that he could help her find the cure to the Disseminating Tassel Fragrance.

That way, she wouldn't have to keep currying favor with Baili Yu anymore.

When Baili Yiling saw him, she pouted unhappily. "Sister-in-Law, I just remembered that Feng Long still has work for me in the afternoon, so I'll be leaving now."

"Alright, then be careful. Make sure not to be too rude and impudent when dealing with formal matters," exhorted Tang Doudou. Baili Yiling waved as she walked away.

"Wow, you even know to warn others not to be rude and impudent?" Jun Xin walked to her and took over Baili Yiling's position. As he picked up the fishing rod, he said, "This girl didn't even put a bait on. Was she trying to copy Great Duke Jiang?"

(Great Duke Jiang, aka Jiang Ziya, is the guy that fished with a straight hook, saying that the fish would come to him when they're ready. More info here)

Tang Doudou looked over and saw that there really was no bait on the hook.

"She's probably going easy on me."


"We had made a bet that the person who got less fish would go to Flowing Clouds Palace and give the person in charge a beating."

"What a joke. If she wanted to go, she should just go. Why is she dragging you along?"

"Let's not talk about this for now. How are preparations for Cerulean Mountain going?

Jun Xin showed her what he was holding and said, "Just now, Mu Ye came to find me. He said not to let you go to Cerulean Mountain."

Tang Doudou didn't hear what he said clearly, but she got a good look at what he was holding.


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