Chapter 304.1: You Can't Go to Cerulean Mountain!


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"Yiling!" When Tang Doudou saw Baili Yiling, her spirits immediately lifted. "When did you arrive? Jun Xin said that you were too busy dealing with those visitors to come visit."

Baili Yiling's face darkened and she shot a glare towards Jun Xin. The words contained in her look was crystal clear: you sure had guts to talk about this lady that way in front of Sister-in-Law!

Then she walked over to Tang Doudou with a bright smile and shoved Jun Xin aside as she said, "Young Master Jun is right, these days have seriously been exhausting for Yiling. Originally, Yiling did find some time to come visit Sister-in-Law, but since people were worried that Yiling would disrupt Sister-in-Law's rest, Yiling could only sigh and turn back every time after reaching the courtyard doors."

Tang Doudou sat up on the bed to talk to Baili Yiling. When she saw Baili Yiling's face, she couldn't help but recall Baili Yu and tears started welling up again. She pressed her lips tightly together to stifle all sound.

She just continued gazing at Baili Yiling's face as tears silently fell.

When Baili Yiling saw Tang Doudou's reaction, she lowered her eyes. She understood now why Jun Xin did what he did.

She looked too similar to her older brother. Jun Xin was worried that Sister-in-Law would be reminded of him when she saw her.

She glanced to the side and saw that Jun Xin looked annoyed. She made an apologetic expression, but Jun Xin just humphed and left.

Fine, she made this mess, so she had to clean it up herself.

"Sister-in-Law, don't cry anymore. If you want to see Big Brother, just do as Jun Xin suggested, go back to Cerulean Mountain to look for him!"

Tang Doudou sighed. "He only said those things to console me. Even if it was possible, how are we supposed to find him in the vast sea?"

"Even if we discover his corpse, Jun Xin will probably come up with another excuse to stop me from killing myself."

"Sister-in-Law, why do you want to die so much?" Baili Yiling had considered this question countless times but she still hadn't been able to figure out what Tang Doudou was thinking.

It was unavoidable that Sister-in-Law was heartbroken due to Big Brother's death.

If it was a different girl, a weak and delicate lady, she definitely wouldn't be able to bear this pain. A girl like that committing suicide wasn't anything out of the ordinary.

However, Tang Doudou was nowhere near that fragile, so there was definitely a different reason behind this.

After she asked that question, she saw a trace of unnaturalness flash through Tang Doudou's eyes, so she continued, "Sister-in-Law, Jun Xin is right. Death doesn't solve anything and often just makes things even more complicated. In addition, the dead can't help!"

They were right. Tang Doudou understood everything they said.

But it wasn't like she could tell them that she wanted to die so that she could transmigrate back to the modern era instead of staying in this place that was filled with painful memories. Once she got back to the modern era and got back to her original life, she could treat this as just a dream.

Although she had let some things slip due to anger earlier, Jun Xin probably just thought she was saying nonsense.

He wouldn't take it seriously.

"Alright, I won't try to kill myself anymore." Tang Doudou smiled and pulled Yiling so that she sat down. "Yiling, has anything amusing happened lately?"

Baili Yiling saw that Tang Doudou seemed alright. She didn't know if Tang Doudou was really alright now, but it should be fine if she paid close attention.

She blinked mischievously. "Amusing things? One just happened today. That son of Qiuli Lin, I think it was the sixth or seventh prince, ran all the way here to give me a crappy jug. I mean, I don't even pickle vegetables, so what would I use a jug for?"

"A jug?" Tang Doudou's curiosity was aroused. How could Xiqiu Lin's son have given a jug as a gift?

"That's right! It's a blue and white jug. It's ugly to the point it's unbearable to look at!"

"Pfff, are you sure it's not a porcelain vase?"

"It's a jug! I'm telling you ah! Something even stranger happened. Some place called the Flowing Clouds Palace sent me a bunch of men! I'm a woman, but what do I need so many men for? To till fields?" exclaimed Baili Yiling.

Tang Doudou didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. Which faction was Flowing Clouds Palace? For them to actually send men? However, it was quite remarkable that they came up with such an idea. Had Baili Yu been here, if he knew that they were bullying his sister this way, he'd definitely send people to burn that palace down on the spot!

When Tang Doudou recalled Baili Yu, she sighed again.

Baili Yiling was still talking, but Tang Doudou was no longer interested and just gave a few hums as responses. Jun Xin, who was outside, couldn't stand listening to this anymore and walked in to drive Baili Yiling out. "She needs to rest so you should head back!"

Baili Yiling originally wanted to argue, but when she saw that Tang Doudou did look a little sleepy, she decided to hold back her dislike towards Jun Xin. She exhorted Tang Doudou to rest well, then headed back to the Rain Building.

As soon as she left, Jun Xin forced Tang Doudou to eat, then coaxed her to sleep.

He sat down quietly next to the bed and watched as she drifted off to sleep.


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