Chapter 302.1: No Matter How Beautiful It Is, a Jug Is Still a Jug


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Baili Yiling turned around and found that a person dressed in gray was standing beneath the shade of a nearby tree.

The person's looks were ordinary except for that pair of strange hypnotic eyes.

"You are?" A person that could enter and exit Plum Garden freely who also addressed her as Eldest Miss could only be a subordinate of Big Brother. However, Big Brother had way too many subordinates. She only knew a little about Jun Xin and not much about any of his other subordinates.

Feng Long bowed towards her. "This subordinate is Feng Long. Greetings, Eldest Miss."

"Feng Long?" Baili Yiling's eyes narrowed with interest. "You're Demon Blade Feng Long?"


Baili Yiling then said, "Oh, so it's you. Were you looking for me for something?"

"This subordinate heard Young Master Jun say..."

"What he said was true, Big Brother has already passed away. What else do you want to ask?" Baili Yiling interrupted Feng Long's words and got straight to the point. "You're here to ask about what to do with the business Big Brother left behind, right?"

"This subordinate doesn't dare." Feng Long lowered her head as a trace of displeasure flashed through her eyes. This Baili Yiling didn't seem as easy to handle as she had expected. In addition, was it really true that she hadn't come back with any ulterior motives?

The Heng Xuan Chamber of Commerce was enormous, with wealth that could rival the nation's and enough influence to control the Jianghu...

Feng Long trusted her instincts as a woman. No matter how cautious and meticulous Jun Xin was, he was still a man, and he was also a man that tended to be very insensitive towards women.

He had probably never tried to probe Baili Yiling for her motives.

"Was Jun Xin the one that sent you to look for me?" Although Feng Long looked more amiable than Jun Xin, Baili Yiling was well aware that, in truth, this type of person was the toughest to deal with.

People like Jun Xin would behave themselves as soon as you grab ahold of their weak point.

However, it was impossible to read people like Feng Long since they concealed their emotions very well.

Perhaps Feng Long was very cooperative when Big Brother was around, but Big Brother was no longer around.

"Young Master Jun was busy, so this subordinate had no choice but to come bother Eldest Miss. This subordinate has always been in charge of investigating the matter regarding Madam Qin, so this subordinate would like to find out what exactly happened," replied Feng Long.

Baili Yiling smiled slightly. "So it was like that."

"Does Eldest Miss have time to talk a little?"

"Of course I do! For the time being, I can't help out with anything on Sister-in-Law's side, so I was about to go crazy with boredom."

A few moments ago, she was still busy eavesdropping on someone, yet she was saying that she was going crazy from boredom? Feng Long inwardly laughed, but on the surface, she remained unperturbed. "Then would Eldest Miss honor me by accepting my invitation to the lake?"


After Bai Feiyun left the room, he stood in the courtyard for a while, so he was still there when Feng Long walked out with Baili Yiling.

"Bai gongzi."

"Lady Baili." Bai Feiyun bowed towards Baili Yiling even as his eyes filled with confusion. Why would they appear from inside the courtyard?

Did they see what happened earlier?

"How's Sister-in-Law?" asked Baili Yiling with an expression of concern like she hadn't seen anything.

"Alliance Head is still the same as before. Would Lady Baili like to go in and take a look?"

"There's no need. I'll come visit again once Sister-in-Law gets a bit better. Thank you for all your help, Bai gongzi." As Baili Yiling took in Bai Feiyun's gentle and elegant temperament, she felt that he didn't seem like a bad person. However, why was he trying to secretly get the Alliance Head Command Tablet from Tang Doudou?

When they were running for their lives, those two jade tablets had fallen out.

As of now, the Alliance Head Command Tablet was in her possession, so how could Tang Doudou possibly know where it was?

Bai Feiyun smiled slightly. "There's no need for Lady Baili to be so polite. It is Feiyun's duty to take care of the Alliance Head."

Baili Yiling also responded with a polite smile before turning to Feng Long. "Then, let's go."

"Yes, Eldest Miss." During this entire time, Feng Long hadn't said anything and just stood behind Baili Yiling with her hands folded like a dutiful subordinate.

The two walked away. Bai Feiyun watched them for a while before finally retrieving his gaze. The image of those strange eyes were still vivid in his mind. He was probably one of the three strongest subordinates of Baili Yu, Demon Blade Feng Long?

Both Demon Blade Feng Long and Blood Fiend Jun Xin were here... could it be that Baili Yu really had passed away?


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