Chapter 301.2: Want the Alliance Head Command Tablet


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Early the next morning, Bai Feiyun came to pay a visit.

Jun Xin had a servant lead him over. He then proceeded to wring out a handkerchief and wiped Tang Doudou's face, her hands... He gently coaxed her into opening her eyes.

Tang Doudou's body had self-awareness. Last night, he had also coaxed her into going to sleep the same way.

When Bai Feiyun arrived, Jun Xin was already feeding her porridge. One small spoonful at a time, he gently coaxed her into opening her mouth and eating the food.

Bai Feiyun was shocked by this scene. "She's awake?"

Jun Xin turned around and made a shush motion towards him before continuing to feed Tang Doudou porridge.

Bai Feiyun understood what he meant and stood outside in the courtyard to wait.

After a while, Jun Xin came out.

"Young Master Jun..."

"She seems to still retain some consciousness. When I talk to her about simple things, she can understand and she can also do basic movements." Jun Xin told Bai Feiyun about everything he had observed while taking care of Tang Doudou.

He didn't trust Bai Feiyun, but Tang Doudou still needed Bai Feiyun.

Bai Feiyun was silent for a while before he replied with his usual gentle smile, "It seems like Alliance Head's situation isn't as bad as we thought."

Upon hearing this, Jun Xin's face lit up with joy. He had thought the same thing as he was coaxing Tang Doudou to sleep yesterday, but he had been worried that he was being too optimistic.

Now that he got a confirmation from Bai Feiyun, he felt much more relieved and asked, "Then what do we do next? Do we still need to find something that can stimulate her?"

Bai Feiyun nodded. "We'll definitely need. Although the situation looks promising, over time, her condition will get worse. If she stays in this state too long, it'd be difficult for her to wake up even if she wanted to."

"Then that means the sooner she can recover, the better?" Jun Xin furrowed his brows.

"En. I looked through the ancient records yesterday. Does Young Master Jun have any subordinates who are skilled in the technique of vocal mimicry?"

"I do!" Jun Xin looked at Bai Feiyun. "You've figured out a way?"

"En. If possible, Young Master Jun, please invite the person over."

"Alright." Jun Xin nodded and had walked a few steps away when he suddenly turned back.

Bai Feiyun asked softly, "Does Young Master Jun still have questions?"

"I hope Bai gongzi won't spread the news about Baili Yu," said Jun Xin in a low voice.

Bai Feiyun chuckled. "Don't worry, Young Master Jun. Feiyun isn't someone that can't tell the severity of situations."

Jun Xin nodded. If this matter wasn't related to Tang Doudou, Bai Feiyun's promise to stay silent couldn't be completely trusted. However, since this matter was related to Tang Doudou, Jun Xin was pretty certain that he wouldn't spread this incident around.

"Since this matter is linked to the fact of Baili Yu's death, I'm afraid I can't call the person skilled in mimicry over," said Jun Xin.

Bai Feiyun's smile faded. "It was my negligence."

"How about this? I'll go learn how to mimicry, then Bai gongzi can just tell me what to do."

"You'll go learn?"

"Don't worry, it's just mimicking voices. How could something like that stump me?" said Jun Xin with a confident laugh. Following that, he took off the jade tablet that was attached to his waist and placed it in Bai Feiyun's hand. "I'll have to trouble Bai gongzi to look after Doudou for a while. I'll return by nightfall!"

As of now, what else could he say?

Bai Feiyun naturally agreed. As he watched Jun Xin leave with large strides, his gaze gradually dimmed and he murmured, "Half a day? That's enough."

He then walked into the room.

Baili Yiling who had come to visit Tang Doudou had hidden in the nearby shrubs when she saw Bai Feiyun and Jun Xin talking. After Bai Feiyun went inside, she slowly got up from her hiding spot. Setting Jun Xin aside for now, this Bai Feiyun...

What was he up to?

Baili Yiling decided to see what he was doing and with a light leap, she landed on the roof. She then carefully lifted a roof tile to look inside.

Bai Feiyun was currently checking Tang Doudou's pulse. His relaxed and gentle features were extremely elegant.

Someone like this probably wasn't a bad person, right?

Baili Yiling wondered if she had overthought things. After all, Bai Feiyun was her sister-in-law's subordinate and a trusted aid of City Lord Su, so he probably wouldn't do anything to Sister-in-Law.

Despite having these thoughts, she continued watching.

Jun Xin had already been sent away with an excuse, so Bai Feiyun thought he was completely alone. He had no idea that there was now another person in Plum Garden that liked spying on people from the roof.

Jun Xin didn't like noise or being watched by people, so even the hidden guards had been arranged to be far away from this place. That was why Bai Feiyun thought that with Jun Xin gone, he was alone with Tang Doudou in this courtyard.

"Alliance Head?" Bai Feiyun lifted Tang Doudou and pulled her into his arms.

Baili Yiling was shocked. Could this Bai Feiyun be a beast in disguise?

Tang Doudou's body was currently completely weak and limp. When she was lifted up, her head drooped to the side. She looked like a soulless puppet.

Bai Feiyun lifted his hand,pulling out the long slender needle stuck below her armpit and threw it aside.

He had inserted this needle yesterday after getting Jun Xin to leave. Originally, he had wanted to ask his questions yesterday, but he was still worried about Jun Xin overhearing his questions.

After he took out the needle, Tang Doudou abruptly opened her eyes, before starting to cough violently. "Cough cough..."

"Alliance Head, can you hear me?" Bai Feiyun asked in a lowered voice.

"Cough cough, Xiao? Xiao Bai?"

"It's me. Alliance Head, I used a secret method to stimulate your consciousness. For the time being, you'll be awake for fifteen minutes." Bai Feiyun pulled her back into his arms as he explained softly.

Tang Doudou's eyelids felt very heavy. She wanted to open them, but couldn't lift them.

"Don't worry, I'll do all I can to allow you to wake up as soon as possible!"

"I, I don't want, to wake up. Just let me go, please." Tang Doudou's thoughts were evidently very alert right now.

Bai Feiyun furrowed his brows. It seemed that she was resolute in not waking up. He shook his head helplessly.

"Alliance Head, there's not much time. Feiyun has one very important question."

"A... ask..."

Bai Feiyun hesitated for a second, then asked slowly, "Alliance Head, where did you put the Alliance Head Command Tablet?"

"The Alliance Head... Command Tablet?" Tang Doudou furrowed her brows in thought. "I-I... I put it... where?"

When Bai Feiyun heard that she didn't know either, his gentle expression became a bit flustered. "The City Lord needs the tablet. Alliance Head, please try your best to recall where you put it.""I-I can't remember." Tang Doudou lifted her hand to try and push Bai Feiyun away. "Y-you, you guys, don't try to save me anymore. I-I..."

Thud!Tang Doudou fell back onto the bed. Her eyes were still open, but they were once again dull and lifeless.

Bai Feiyun sighed, then gently shifted her into a more comfortable position and covered her with the blanket.

He then checked her pulse again. When he saw that everything was normal, he stood up and walked out of the room with his hands folded behind his back.

Once he left, Baili Yiling jumped off the roof as well to land on the other side of the courtyard. She narrowed her eyes. What did Su Yi want the Alliance Head Command Tablet for?

Just as she was digesting what she had just heard, a neutral but still very charming voice came from behind her. "This subordinate greets Eldest Miss."


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