Chapter 297.1: Isn’t It Important?


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Baili Yiling's smile stiffened. This person was seriously rude!

However, the fact that he was able to sit on top of the stone lion at her brother's house fearlessly without anyone driving him off likely meant that he wasn't an ordinary person. Based on his age and temperament, it was likely that he was the rumored Blood Fiend Jun Xin.

When Baili Yiling's thoughts reached this point, she forced another smile and said, "I'm not here to beg for food. It's fine if you don't know me, but if you drive me off before taking a look at the person on my back, you'll regret it."

Why did this beggar's eyes seem so familiar?

Jun Xin got up and, with an easy movement, jumped off the stone lion. He then spat the tanghulu seeds before asking, "Who are you carrying?"

"Won't you know once you take a look? I'm just afraid you wouldn't dare to," said Baili Yiling with a soft laugh.

After a brief moment of hesitation, Jun Xin walked up. He was still chewing half of a tanghulu, so his words were a little slurred as he humphed coldly, "It's just taking a look, what is there in the world that this little master doesn't dare to look at? Little beggar, if I find out that it's a trick, I'll... humph!"

Baili Yiling continued smiling. "Then just take a look, why waste so much time talking if you weren't scared?"

"Humph, this little master has never understood the meaning of being scared!" After he finished speaking, he reached out and quickly brushed aside Tang Doudou's messy hair. It only took one glance for him to make out who she was. His expression rapidly changed and he immediately lifted her off Baili Yiling's back. "Little beggar! What did you do to her!?"

When he checked her pulse, he found that it was completely still. It seemed she was dead!

The temperature abruptly dropped as he seized Baili Yiling's neck. "Speak!"

"Cough! You..." Baili Yiling hadn't expected for Jun Xin to suddenly attack her so she didn't react in time to dodge. However, even if she had time to react, she probably wouldn't have been able to dodge.

Traveling for an entire month had already drained all of her energy.

Being choked like this caused her body to be pushed beyond its limit, so after forcing out two words, she fainted.

Although she had spoken very softly, the words were very clear.

"Baili Yiling? She's Baili Yiling? Baili Yu's younger sister?" Jun Xin released his grip on her neck, and she collapsed to the ground. Jun Xin's eyes still contained some disbelief, but there was more confusion. If Baili Yiling was the one who brought Tang Doudou back, then where was Baili Yu?

It couldn't be that something had happened to him?

Jun Xin's expression turned grave as he lifted Tang Doudou in a princess hold. Although she was no longer breathing, the fact that Baili Yiling had worked so hard to bring her back here definitely meant that she was still alive.

He carried Tang Doudou into Plum Garden. When he encountered a servant, he said, "Carry the lady outside in and settle her in properly."


Jun Xin continued walking, but after a few steps, he recalled those familiar eyes and stopped the servant that was leaving. "And, remember to call a doctor to take a look at her. Make sure to do it as soon as possible."

The servant had never seen Jun Xin act this considerate towards anyone, so his eyes filled with surprise. However, he responded respectfully without a pause.

"En, that's it, you can go."


After the servant left, Jun Xin continued heading towards the room with Tang Doudou. Once he set her down, he started carefully examining her and loosened a breath in relief once he found that she wasn't injured.

Following that, he saw that her hands were still holding on tightly to the cloth bundle on her back. A trace of surprise appeared in his eyes and he reached out to touch that cloth bundle. It was hard and had sharp corners. It was probably a box.

But why was she so concerned about a box?

Jun Xin furrowed his brows. Could it be Baili Yu's ashes?

The moment this thought arose, he couldn’t stop the following thoughts. His eyes darkened as he wondered, had Baili Yu died? Was the Seven Great Saint Tribes really that dangerous?

"Doudou..." He called softly as he tugged on that cloth bundle.

However, Tang Doudou's hands continued to grip it tightly like she would die before she let go. Jun Xin didn't know if she could hear or not, but he still said gently, "Doudou, let go. This is Plum Garden, I'm Jun Xin."

After he said this, her eyes seemed to move a little. Jun Xin called excitedly, "Doudou? You can hear me?"

"Doudou, can you hear my voice? I'm Jun Xin."

Why was there no reaction again?

Jun Xin furrowed his brows as he continued softly, "Let me put this away for you, alright? It's safe, you're in Plum Garden. No one will hurt you."

"Your clothing is a complete mess and so dirty too. If you don't change out of it and get it washed, people will be disgusted by you."

"You don't want to have people disgusted by you, right?'

As Jun Xin spoke, he gently pulled on the cloth bundle. Although Tang Doudou had a death grip on it before, as he spoke gently to her, her grip gradually loosened until he was able to pull it out of her grasp.

"Don't worry, I know that this is important to you so I'll put it somewhere safe. Once you wake up, I'll personally hand it back to you..." Jun Xin softly stroked Tang Doudou's rigidly bent fingers to try to have her relax.

After Jun Xin spoke softly to her for a long time, her hands finally relaxed.

It seemed that she could still hear his words. And when he inspected her earlier, she didn't seem to have any injuries, so why wasn't she walking up?

He got up with the cloth bundle. From the looks of it, the only way he was going to find out the situation was if he asked Baili Yiling.

"Just rest. I'll have someone help change you in a little while, and I'll figure out how to help you soon."


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