Chapter 295.2: Things Have Taken a Turn


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"Humph! I already said that Cerulean Mountain isn't a place where you guys can come and go as you please!" Lan Jia, who had been observing them silently for a while, suddenly sneered, "Su Yi, I won't be able to stop you from leaving, but I won't allow you to take those two with you!"

After he said that, he attacked Su Yi with his sword. Su Yi didn't want to waste time battling with him and just retreated with Tang Doudou and Baili Yiling in tow.

Lan Jia said coldly, "Shen Moru, you're still not making a move? How long do you plan to wait?"

Shen Moru still didn't move. He attacked, but it was to kill off the person dressed in red. He turned to look at Lan Jia with his dark eyes and said slowly, "As of now, our abilities are on the same level. If you want me to help you, at the very least, shouldn't you say please?"

Lan Jia's lips twitched. Had Shen Moru gone crazy to be acting like that in this situation? If Tang Doudou escaped, they would have no other source of Xuanyuan blood. They had each eaten a half of that immortality pill, but all that the pill would do was increase their martial arts. They needed Xuanyuan blood in order to cultivate. Had Shen Moru gone dumb and forgotten about their purpose?

Or was it that he had a different plan from the start?

"Since that's the case, then I'll have to ask Brother Shen to form an alliance with me and quickly take down these three. Afterwards, we can settle on a suitable time to discuss these matters at length, how is that?" As Su Yi had said, he had no way of preventing all three of them from leaving by himself.

Only then did Shen Moru nod in satisfaction. "That's precisely what I wanted as well."

Following that, he flew forward to attack Su Yi alongside Lan Jia. Su Yi, who had been unruffled earlier, was starting to struggle with two experts attacking him. He had to focus all his efforts on dealing with the two and didn't have the time to protect Tang Doudou and Baili Yiling.

"You two, get back. Once you see a chance, take it and run, got it?"

Baili Yiling hastily nodded and said, "Don't worry, Senior Su, I'll definitely get Sister-in-Law out of here safely!"

"En, good girl!" Su Yi smiled in satisfaction, then waved his hand. The sky seemed to fill with stars that merged into a bright ray which shot towards Lan Jia and Shen Moru. Su Yi forced them to retreat a distance back, then stopped attacking to send Tang Doudou and Baili Yiling away. "Hurry and leave!"

However, how could Lan Jia possibly allow that? "Brother Shen, I'll delay Su Yi, so please go catch those two."

This time, Shen Moru agreed without any complaints and rushed straight towards Tang Doudou.

"Sister-in-Law, we need to run!" When Baili Yiling saw that Shen Moru was chasing after them, she hastily urged Tang Doudou to start running.

The two weren't very good at martial arts, but they were extremely good at qinggong.

The moment they decided to run, they put all of their strength into their qinggong.

When Shen Moru found that he couldn't catch up with them, he was so angry his chest hurt from the boiling fury. If he hadn't eaten that immortality pill, he could've moved using the black fog. However, ever since he had taken that pill, he hadn't been able to use that technique. That technique wasn't the only one that he could no longer use, a lot of his other techniques seemed to have been sealed somehow as well. That was why he had provoked Lan Jia earlier out of anger.

As of now, his inner strength had increased so much it felt like he had an unending amount of it. However, he was no longer able to use a lot of martial arts techniques now, so this inner strength was useless. He felt very vexed. For some reason, ever since he had taken that pill, a strange energy had appeared inside his dantian.

What exactly was that?

Could it be that the rumor of the immorality pill being fake was actually true?

During that moment in which he had spaced out, Tang Doudou and Baili Yiling had already disappeared from sight. When Lan Jia saw, he exploded with anger. "Shen Moru, they're already gone! What are you still daydreaming for!?"

Darkness flashed through Shen Moru's eyes as he said coldly, "So? Even if they run, they won't be able to escape. Rather than wasting time chasing after those two, we should work together to deal with Su Yi first. Once Su Yi is taken out, who else in this world would still be able to protect them?"

Lan Jia was still annoyed, but he had to admit that Shen Moru's suggestion was very smart. As long as they killed these people, no one else would ever get in their way again!

Su Yi laughed with contempt. "You two want to kill me? Keep dreaming. Since those girls are no longer there, I'll say this now. Lan Jia, Shen Moru... I'd advise you two to take advantage of this time to hurry and get that poison out of your bodies instead of wasting time trying to fight with me. Humph, do you two really believe that thing's an immortality pill?"

Lan Jia and Shen Moru refuted at the same time, "Shut up!"

Shen Moru said, "Su Yi, quit trying to confuse us with crafty words. Back then, you had killed plenty of people for the immortality pill as well. You've also done your share of atrocious acts, but now you're telling us that this immortality pill is fake? Aren't you slapping your own face?"

Lan Jia's eyes darkened. He didn't get involved in this conversation because he was younger than them by a generation and had no idea what happened between Su Yi and Shen Moru, much less what Su Yi was like back then.

When the past was brought up, the smile on Su Yi's face immediately turned cold. "Since you don't believe me, then just forget it. In any case, the ones to be dying with their eyes still open won't be me."

Although his tone was cold, he made no indication of attacking. Lan Jia and Shen Moru shared a glance, then attacked simultaneously.

They couldn't allow Su Yi to walk away alive. The consequences would be too dire.

Su Yi lifted his brows with disdain. Since he didn't have to worry about the two girls, he could now use his full strength against these two. Although he couldn't kill them, he could still delay them long enough for the girls to flee.

As for him! If he wanted to flee, no one had the ability to stop him!

Shen Moru and Lan Jia naturally knew what he was planning, so they attacked him without reserve in an attempt to kill him as quickly as possible.

As an intense battle started up again, Tang Doudou and Baili Yiling continued running like their lives depended on it. In just a little while, they had arrived at the beach again.

Baili Yiling continued running as she searched for a safe direction to run in, but after running awhile, when she looked back, she saw that Tang Doudou was still standing at the beach and staring at the ocean in a daze.

She sighed and ran back. "Sister-in-Law, you're hung up on it again?"

"Yiling, say, if Baili Yu really had fallen into the sea... could he have been washed ashore somewhere by the waves?"


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