Chapter 294.2: Clearly Asking For a Beating


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Tang Doudou hastily helped Yiling up. "Yiling, are you alright?"

Baili Yiling wiped off the blood at the corner of her lips and said firmly, "I'm fine."

Following that, she glared at the person dressed in red and cursed, "Where the hell did you roll out from? Why are you wearing my brother's clothes?"

The person in red got up and started picking the bits of leaves off his clothing. After he finished, he elegantly bowed towards Baili Yiling, "Lady, this is our first time meeting. There are no grace or grudges between us, so why are you insulting this one that way?"

"Stupid damned bookish fool!" Baili Yiling rolled her eyes. When she saw that Shen Moru was walking over, she paid no more attention to the person dressed in red and retreated backwards while shielding Tang Doudou. "Sister-in-Law, this situation doesn't seem good. We should run!"

Tang Doudou approved of this suggestion quite a lot, but...

"Shen Moru seems to have really good qinggong. Will we be able to escape?"

Baili Yiling's expression was resolute. "No matter what, we have to try. We'll just split up. After all, he can't very well divide himself, right?"

As of now, this was their only available option.

The two shared a look, then ran off in opposite directions.

However, Tang Doudou had only taken a few steps when she heard Baili Yiling cry out in pain and curse, "You damned nutjob! What are you grabbing me for!?"

When Tang Doudou turned back around, Shen Moru was already standing in front of her. She gulped and said, "Shen Moru, you-. S-stay away!"

However, she was immediately sent flying back towards the valley.

She saw that the person dressed in red had caught Baili Yiling with red strings. As Baili Yiling struggled with all her strength, she continuously sprouted curses.

It annoyed Lan Jia and he shouted, "Stuff something into her mouth!"

The person dressed in red laughed vulgarly and said, "Ah, this is embarrassing."

Then he pouted and moved towards Baili Yiling's lips.

Baili Yiling's expression stiffened, then she turned and chomped down hard on that person's face. Blood started spilling out between her teeth.

The person in red had been caught completely off guard and was in so much pain he screamed like he was a pig being slaughtered. He hastily sealed Baili Yiling's pressure points, then slowly got his face out of her teeth. He wanted to rub the wound to ease the pain, but he didn't dare to touch it and just continued crying in pain.

Since Baili Yiling's pressure points were sealed, she couldn't do anything but glare at him.

Meanwhile, Tang Doudou had been backed into a corner by Shen Moru. Shen Moru wanted to grab the cloth bundle she was carrying, but Tang Doudou dodged his grip. "Shen Moru, if you want to kill me or flay me, just do it. However, I won't allow you to touch my things!"

Shen Moru closed in on her step by step. Dark hatred filled his eyes as he said, "Why would I kill you? Baili Yu has already died with that demonic bug and fell into the sea. Mu Ye has disappeared somewhere, so if the Saint Emperor and I want to cultivate, your Xuanyuan blood is the only thing we can use. If you die, where are we supposed to go to find the right blood? Behave and stop resisting. In exchange, I'll leave you a good-looking intact corpse!"

Of everything he said, the only thing Tang Doudou heard was that Baili Yu had died with that demonic bug...

"Y-you said that Baili Yu..."

"He's dead!"

"That's impossible!"

"Why is it impossible? No matter how strong he is, he's just a human. How could he compete with us, who have cultivator bodies? He should've known his place and supported us, but he refused to and we had to sacrifice one of the rare few ancient demonic bugs that still existed in this world to kill him and make him fall into the sea... tsk tsk..."

"No, there's no way he's dead!" How could he die!? Didn't he promise her that he wouldn't die? How could he die!?

Baili Yu! How could you leave me behind and die just like this!?

"It was you! You guys killed him!" Tang Doudou couldn't tell if this was heartache or something else, but she felt terrible pain. It felt so horrible she felt like dying.

When Shen Moru saw that she was getting stirred up, he recalled how much she had injured him the past times and immediately stopped provoking her.

If she ended up going into that state again, they have to waste a lot more effort to capture her.

Moreover, since Baili Yu was dead, she was their only hope. For the sake of luring them over here, he even had to risk being eaten by the sea dragon to fish Baili Yu's clothing out of the ocean.

Since Tang Doudou seemed beside herself with anxiety, she probably wasn't clear-headed enough to run around. Baili Yiling had also been brought under control, so he looked towards Lan Jia and said, "Saint Emperor, if we delay any longer, the immortality pill will probably lose effect..."

"Help me kill this person and I'll split half of the Xuanyuan blood with you!" Lan Jia's voice was exapersated. He had no idea who he was fighting with. This person had suddenly popped up out of nowhere, and he also had incredibly strong martial arts.

"Understood, Saint Emperor!" This had been the sentence Shen Moru was waiting for, so he leapt up with a laugh and started helping Lan Jia fight that person.

However, the moment he moved up, that person disengaged himself from the battle and landed next to Tang Doudou. He attacked that person dressed in red with a flick of his fingers, then pulled Baili Yiling over as well. "Lan Jia, you want to use my dear disciple to cultivate some dogfart spiritual energy, but didn't even greet me or notify me of it? Aren't you clearly asking for a beating?"


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