Chapter 293.2: Searching


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The eagles seemed to be guiding them since they didn't fly very quickly as they headed towards the southwest. After a while, Tang Doudou noticed that the surroundings were familiar. When they got to the mountaintop and she saw the endless mass of waves, she abruptly realized where this place was.

"Why did they come here!?" Tang Doudou exclaimed.

Baili Yiling asked, "Sister-in-Law, you've been here before?"

Tang Doudou told her briefly about her experience falling down the Sacred Tree, then said, "We've already ran such a long way but we still haven't seen your older brother. Could this be the wrong place?"

"That's not possible, Xiao Qing and Xiao Yu are spirit animals. They're intelligent, they wouldn't lead us the wrong way." Although Baili Yiling said this, she also looked confused.

"Yiling, you're not familiar with this place even though you've been in Cerulean Mountain for so long?"

"This is the true forbidden grounds of Cerulean Mountain. It's guarded even more tightly than Lan Jia's secret room. With my martial arts, I had no way of getting here."

"Since that's the case, should we still follow? Those two eagles are flying above the ocean now. Could it be that they've entered the sea?" asked Tang Doudou as she pointed towards the eagles.

Baili Yiling had been distracted by her thoughts earlier, so she only took note of where the eagles were now. Her eyes widened in surprise and she said, "That's not right. If they were in the sea, the sea couldn't be so calm. And Xiao Qing and Xiao Yu are still flying forward... Could it really be that they're following the wrong thing?"

"There's a vicious sea dragon in the sea. Will Baili Yu be alright?" Tang Doudou's face turned pale when she recalled that sea dragon.

"He'll be fine! That sea dragon isn't a match for Big Brother."However, her tone was uncertain so Tang Doudou became even more worried. It was true that the sea dragon wasn't a match for Baili Yu, but Baili Yu had to deal with Lan Jia, Shen Moru, and that demonic bug as well. That combination was definitely difficult to handle, so if he had to fight a sea dragon as well...

Tang Doudou didn't dare to think any further along those lines. As she gazed at the sea, her head went blank.

Baili Yiling also fell silent in worry.

The two stood for quite a while before Tang Doudou finally broke the silence by declaring, "No! If he's alive, we have to see him! If he's dead, we have to see his corpse!"

After saying that, she started running again and reached the beach in a few moments. Baili Yiling followed after her and said, "Sister-in-Law, don't do anything rash."

Tang Doudou ignored her and ran towards the sea. "Baili Yu! Baili Yu!!"

"Sister-in-Law!" Baili Yiling moved up to block her way. "Calm down, what if Big Brother isn't in the sea but you ended up getting hurt due to catching that sea dragon's attention? How is Yiling supposed to explain once Big Brother comes back?"

"I don't care! I have to find him! What if he's waiting for our help? Yiling, let go!" Tang Doudou had already lost all rationality so she wasn't taking in Baili Yiling's words at all.


"Let me go!"

"I can't! Sister-in-Law, calm down and trust me once more. Let me try looking one more time. If they still say that Big Brother is in the sea, Yiling promises not to stop you!"

"I'll go look myself!"

"Aiyah!" Baili Yiling didn't know what to do with her. She bit her lips and said, "Sister-in-Law, I apologize in advance!"

Following that, a white silk cloth flew out of her sleeve and tied Tang Doudou up like a zongzi before dragging her away from the sea.

"Yiling! What are you doing!? Hurry and let me go! I need to find Baili Yu!" Tang Doudou struggled as if her life depended on it.

Baili Yiling shook her head, then called the eagles down. "Are you guys sure that the bug is in the sea? Why are there no traces of the bug passing over the beach?"

The eagles screeched, then returned to midair and circled as they screeched.

"You're saying that the bug is in the ocean? But it didn't walk over, it was kicked down by someone?" Baili Yiling furrowed her brows. "Who was it that kicked it down? Was it my older brother?"

The eagles screeched in confusion.

Baili Yiling then said, "Oh, I forgot, you guys haven't seen my brother before."

After she said that, she picked up a nearby tree branch and started drawing on the sand. With a few strokes, a remarkably life-like portrait of Baili Yu had appeared on the sand. "He wears a large red robe, has long silky black hair, and looks a lot like me. Have you guys seen him?"

After being tied up for a while, Tang Doudou had calmed down. When she heard what Baili Yiling said, she said wryly, "Even a human would find it hard to understand that description, would they be able to?"

When Baili Yiling saw that Tang Doudou had calmed down a little, she said with a soft laugh, "Sister-in-Law, even if Big Brother really encountered a mishap, you shouldn't take it too hard. Otherwise Big Brother would definitely haunt me as a ghost!"

Even at this time, she still had the mood to crack jokes? Tang Doudou's eyes were dim. She didn't feel like speaking.

Right at this moment, the larger of the two eagles suddenly screeched, then rapidly flew in the opposite direction of the sea.


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