Chapter 289.1: A Family of Three Foxes


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Shuyin laughed softly and turned back to talk to Tang Doudou again. "Weren't you curious about what was in the cauldron? Since we still have a little time, why don't I tell you about it?"

Tang Doudou had still been caught up in the embarrassment and hadn't expected the topic to be changed so fast, so she reflexively asked, "What?"

"You really are a kind and slightly slow child, how adorable." Shuyin's eyes curved in a smile as she pinched the tip of Tang Doudou's nose.

Tang Doudou immediately became speechless. This pair of mother and son really had identical habits.

Although she didn't respond, Shuyin started talking on her own. "That thing ah, putting it nicely you can call it an immortality pill, but really, it's just a mushy ball made from squeezing a lot of different things together."

Tang Doudou was surprised. "Could it be that this cauldron is for refining pills?"

Shuyin's eyes narrowed. "It seems like little Doudou is also very familiar with cultivators."

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin. She had only read a little too much cultivation novels. However, this Shuyin really lived up to the reputation of being Baili Yu's mother. Her temperament was seriously too similar.

"Ahem, I heard my master talk about it a little." Since she had been caught, she had no choice but to push this onto Su Yi.

Shuyin asked, "Your master? Su YI?"

"En. Mother, you also know my master?"

"Who wouldn't know of the grand Lord of Cloud City?" said Shuyin with a smile. "However, I really did have the fortune of meeting Senior Su a couple times."

Su Yi had lived for over a hundred years so he really did count as the senior of Shuyin's generation. However, it seemed like although the Jianghu looked large, it was actually quite small. After all, there were familiar people left and right.

"Ahem, so it was like that." Tang Doudou really didn't know how to converse with Shuyin since she was seriously too similar to Baili Yu. Whenever she talked with Shuyin, she'd end up revealing secrets that she shouldn't have.

As of now, Baili Yu loved her a lot and no longer tried to sneakily get secrets out of her. When he talked with her now, would speak straightforwardly.

However, Shuyin gave her a very dangerous feeling. This was probably the so-called tyrannical aura of the mother-in-law!

Or perhaps it was the dangerous feeling mother-in-laws gave to their daughter-in-laws?

When she snapped out of her thoughts, she saw that Shuyin had pulled the topic back to that cauldron again. "Rumors say that after you eat this thing, it'll clean your meridians and allow you to come to understand and sense Heaven's law. Hence, the person would be able to become one of those cultivators of the legends."

"How can rumors be trusted?" Tang Doudou scoffed. "When I was little, I got a cold and had a cough for over half a month. Since I was showing no signs of getting better, Grandpa heard a local remedy from someone and tried it. Apparently, that person said that clay earthworms could stop coughs, so Grandpa spent a lot of effort to get his hands on a 'clay earthworm' and forced it down my throat. In the end, not only did my cough not get better, I even got food poisoning! It almost took my little life!"

After she finished speaking, she patted her chest to sooth the fear from that memory, "Superstitions are too dangerous!"

Shuyin burst out laughing after hearing what she said. "Your childhood is sure amusing. What happened after? How did your cough get better?"

"Of course, Grandpa came up with another idea and finally took me to a good doctor. After that, I slowly recovered." Tang Doudou was originally going to say that she was taken to a hospital, but recalled about Shuyin's strong ability to catch details. She sighed in relief that she had managed to catch herself in time, but before she could even relax, she heard Shuyin laugh again.

"Doudou, I seem to recall that it was your master who raised you? Since when did you have a grandpa? Are you talking about the godly doctor, Cang Baicao? But since he's a godly doctor, there's no way he wouldn't be able to cure a little cold, right? Why would he need to find some clay earthworm?"

Although her tone was light, her slightly narrowed eyes still contained sharp shrewdness. It was so similar to Baili Yu's appearance that Tang Doudou felt a chill. Fudge, she still slipped.

She hugged Lil' Gray nervously. Just as she was trying to come up with an excuse, she heard Lan Jia humph and say, "Little girl, you're still too young to hope to stand a chance against Shuyin."

His voice was still clear and nice to hear, but now his tone was dark. He seemed completely different from the crafty old fox he appeared to be earlier. Tang Doudou looked at Shuyin again.

She finally understood how Baili Yu ended up so crafty. This family had three foxes of all sizes boxed up in the same house!

"Hehe, I never thought that Mother would be still so familiar with outside matters even though you've been on Cerulean Mountain for so long. You even know about Doudou's childhood."

Shuyin said with a smile, "Cerulean Mountain isn't a hidden place. Every five years there would be a Saint Tribes conference, so enough news come around to keep this old lady entertained.""Haha, that makes sense. What I said earlier was just an example to say that it's best not to eat things of unknown origin. After all, it'd be terrible to get food poisoning."

Shuyin expressed her approval and nodded with a smile. After that, she started slowly walking towards the cauldron. "Ah Lan ah, this pill is about finished."

When Lan Jia saw that she had finally shifted her attention back, he lifted his eyes to look at her. However, the emotions in his eyes were too difficult to make out. "Mixed with the pure blood of Xuanyuan, ignited with saint blood, with the Heaven Cocoon as the basis, and all those precious materials we had gathered in the past added in... Is the rebirth pill formed?"

Shuyin coughed a couple times, then said hoarsely, "Yes, it's finally almost done."


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