Chapter 284.1: Rose Colored Canopy


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Lan Jia proved to be quite efficient in handling tasks as she had just climbed onto the bed when she heard knocking come from the door. "Lady Doudou, I've brought you the clothing."

Tang Doudou jumped off the bed and reached the door in a few steps.

"Open the door and give me the clothes!" said Tang Doudou.

Lan Jia replied in a troubled tone, "This, I'm afraid that's not the best idea."

"Don't worry, I won't escape!" With Baili Yu like this, how was she supposed to escape?

"It's not that I won't open it for you, but I don't have the key," said Lan Jia in a helpless tone. Following that, he started shoving the clothing bit by bit through the seam below the door. "When I went to the main hall earlier, someone already became suspicious of me, so I have to leave. I've brought you the clothes, so the rest will have to be up to you."

Tang Doudou pulled the clothes into the room then rummaged through the crimson robe as she replied, "Alright, then be careful!"

Lan Jia left with a smile.

Tang Doudou carried the clothes onto the bed and slowly searching through them one by one. However, though she was slowly searching, in reality, it didn't take long because Baili Yu's clothes were all very simple and didn't have much ornaments. They were pretty much like sheets of tablecloth, yet when they were draped on him, they seemed perfectly tailored.

In any case, Tang Doudou only had to look briefly to figure out that these clothes didn't contain anything.

The objects stored inside had already been taken out.

She should have expected this...

Tang Doudou pushed all the things to the side in disappointment. Her gaze then landed on Baili Yu and her expression became a little complicated. The person was already unconscious, so could it be that she'd have to force herself on him?

Tang Doudou continued thinking over it until she even started to feel hungry from thinking so hard. Finally, she set her resolve and pulled the cumbersome hair ornaments out of her hair, then jumped off the bed to lock the door from the inside. Following that, she let down the canopy that divided the room before walking back to stand uneasily next to the bed.

Even unconscious, Baili Yu was a breathtaking sight.

Tang Doudou gritted her teeth. In any case, they had already gone through the marriage rites, so consummating the marriage would happen sooner or later.

Thus, she took off her crimson outer robe, then lowered her hands to pull off her waist belt. Layer after layer of garments fell around her feet...

She climbed into the bed and, with trembling hands, let down the canopy around the bed. Only then did she summon up enough courage to pull at Baili Yu's pants. However, she had barely given it a tug when her hands were caught by a larger hand.

"Baili..." Before she could even get her words out, she had been pulled into a warm embrace. Following that, her lips were seized in an aggressive, yet still gentle kiss.

F*ck! Why did he wake up now!?

Tang Doudou silently cursed. It was over! Once Baili Yu woke up, he'd definitely say that she had tried to seduce him again!

She didn't have the chance to think any more beyond that.

She didn't know if Baili Yu was now himself again or still under that spell, because his movements were very impatient, but also extremely gentle. It was as if he felt like the person he was holding was the most precious treasure in the world and had to be protected carefully.

Tang Doudou melted in his gentle embrace and all distracting thoughts left her head, leaving only the desire to become one with him.

As the red candles flickered with hazy light, within the rose colored canopy, two shadows swayed. From time to time, there would be the blush-provoking sounds of soft moans and muffled groans...

As the night deepened, cool moonlight spilled down over the large palance. In the distance, a few red lights could be seen flickering in the slightly chilly wind.

However, that gentle light turned cold when refracted from Lan Jia's eyes.

"Sire, these are the items that were found in Baili Yu's clothing, please take a look." The black-robed person next to him offered up a tray that contained several items.

Lan Jia glanced over. All of the things on the tray were easily identifiable except for a slightly yellow booklet.

"What is this?" He asked.

The black-robed person lowered his eyes. "It's..."


"Based on the cover, it seemed to be a porn..." Before he even finished speaking, Lan Jia's eyes had darkened, so he tactfully closed his mouth.

"Leave it there, you may withdraw!"


Lan Jia only picked up the booklet to flip through it once that subordinate had walked away.

At first, he had a slightly amused smile on his face as he flipped through it. He hadn't expected that insufferably arrogant son of his to have such a vulgar side as to carry this sort of thing around with him.

However, as he continued looking through it, his facial color started turning dark until he finally threw the booklet onto the ground. How was this a pornographic book? It was clearly a manual with instructions on how to suppress the Hoarfrost Poison!

Lan Jia immediately rushed towards Baili Yu's bridal chamber.

The scheme that he had worked so hard to set up was about to fail at this crucial moment! He was about to go insane from anger!

At this moment, his only hope was that the development hasn't gone too far and that his good son hasn't woken up!

However, things rarely went as wished. The embarrassing and intense battle in the festively decorated bridal room had already ended. The two tightly pressed together figures currently had their fingers entwined as they whispered sweet nothings to each other.

"You're saying that the way you were behaving earlier was an act?" Tang Doudou cried out in shock and got out of Baili Yu's embrace to sit up.

At this time, Baili Yu had already returned to normal. The black veins in front of his chest had also retreated back to his wrist and was curled up tightly there, showing no signs of spreading again.

Baili Yu's languid almond eyes lifted, following Tang Doudou's movement. As he enjoyed the wonderful view, he laughed lightly and teased, "Which part does Wife mean? There were a lot of acts earlier..."


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