Chapter 282,2: Who’s the Groom?


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The first thing she did was to look all around, and the initial glance astounded her.

How was this a bridal chamber?

It was practically an imperial palace!

This bridal chamber was large and spacious with a separate outer and inner rooms. Using the words 'a dazzling sight' to describe this was simply too inadequate because not only was the bridal chamber spacious, it was decorated gorgeously with beautifully put together red and gold decorations.

When her gaze shifted to the huge round bed that she was sitting on, she saw that a crimson-colored wedding blanket that had vivid golden silk embroidery of a phoenix and dragon was spread over the bed. From above, luxurious layers of pink curtains draped down. There was also a faint lingering scent of ambergris that came from the incense burner. The atmosphere was beautiful enough to take one’s breath away.

Tang Doudou stared in awe for a while and then stood up. The bridal chamber was decorated so exquisitely, it was obvious that Lan Jia had premeditated everything long ago. If she still thought that he was just helping her out of kindness and wasn’t marrying her for real, then she'd truly be stupidly naive.

When she thought to this point, she started to hate Lan Jia to the point she clenched her teeth in hatred. However, she still couldn’t guess what Lan Jia's main purpose was.

It couldn’t be that he wanted to marry her for real, right!?

Tang Doudou would rather believe that he was a homo and that he did all of this to break her and Baili Yu apart so that he could take advantage of the situation to be with his love.

“Damned Lan Jia, you had better not show up in front of this lady again!” Tang Doudou threw the veil ferociously to the ground, then ran towards the door.

Just as she was about to open the door, she heard footsteps come from outside.

Tang Doudou panicked and quickly ran back to the bedside before picking up the veil and putting it back on her head. Then, she sat there on the big bed like a well-behaved lady.

The reason was very simple, if she tried to break out now, she would definitely fail, so it was better to first find out who was coming before making further plans.

She had just sat down when the door was opened.

After that, the door was closed again, then there was the sound of steady footsteps slowly coming her way. It was very rhythmic as if each step was following a precise beat. For some reason, the sound of those orderly steps creeped her out.

She looked at the red shoes on those feet… The person who came in was actually the groom!

Could it be Lan Jia?

For some reason, she had a feeling that this person wasn’t Lan Jia.

That person didn't make a sound after coming in aside from those faint footsteps. When he reached her, he picked up the wedding stick from the side and prepared to lift the veil.

Tang Doudou's heart was beating very fast, her hands were clenched into fists on the bed. She didn't know what to do next. If this was Lan Jia, she could come up with a way to deal with him.  After all, he didn't know martial arts, but she still knew a little. But, what if that person wasn't Lan Jia?

Then who could that be?

And was he a martial arts expert or not?

Her mind was raced with questions as her veil was lifted little by little, broadening her line of sight...

Tang Doudou also moved along with the veil and slowly raised her lowered eyes. When she finally saw the person standing in front of her, she couldn’t hold back the surprise in her heart and let out a cry of disbelief.

Soon after, she collected her thoughts and her heart filled with joy as she threw herself into that person’s embrace. She clung onto him and greedily inhale that familiar scent. “Big evil spirit! How come it's you!?”

She was so immersed in the joy of their sudden reunion that she didn’t notice the difference in Baili Yu’s behavior.

“Big evil spirit, I’ve missed you so much! That day, when I got surrounded by those black-robed men, I really thought that I'd never be able to see you again.”

“Lan Jia told me that you were getting married. Do you know how sad I was when I heard that?”

“Is that guy really your friend?”

“He's too much, he's always lying to me...”

After she spoke for a while, she finally realized that something was off. She had already said so much, yet Baili Yu hadn't responded at all!

In the past, it was always Baili Yu chattering on and on to her and teasing her. How come he was so quiet today?

And why was he here?

As she wondered about this, she lifted her head to look up at him. Her gaze first landed on that enchanting face of his and then on his captivating slender eyes.

Something was off!

To her surprise, she couldn’t see any alertness in his eyes. His eyes were dull, like those of a puppet!

“Baili Yu! What- what's the matter with you?” Tang Doudou reached out and touched his cheek, her heart filled with anxiety.

Baili Yu lifted his eyes and looked at her, but his eyes were still lifeless and soulless.

“Are- are you really Baili Yu?” Tang Doudou couldn’t believe this, how could the omnipotent Baili Yu have end up like this?

Baili Yu glanced at her. His gaze flickered slightly, but then said in a emotionless voice, “Let’s sleep.”

Tang Doudou glowered at him. “You’re already like this, yet you still want to take advantage of me!?”

If it was before, Baili Yu definitely would’ve rolled his eyes and then use his unparalleled and seductive thick-skinned expression to say something naughty. However, the current Baili Yu just stood up, picked Tang Doudou up in a princess hold, and carried her to the bed. He lowered his head to kiss her as he pressed her down.


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