Chapter 281.2: Getting Married


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“You, you probably have a way, right?” Tang Doudou had racked her brains left and right but still couldn’t figure out a way to get into the Saint Palace. That place was so far away from the Sacred Tree and also wasn’t someplace that she could casually enter. There were definitely a lot of experts from the Seven Great Saint Tribes there. If she went alone, she'd probably be ‘kacha’-ed by someone before she even manages to make a splash, much less reach Baili Yu.

After thinking it over for awhile, Tang Doudou’s gaze landed on Lan Jia. There was a grand wedding waiting for him to attend, yet he ran all the way here to tell her these things. Who would be dumb enough to believe that he didn’t have a motive?

As expected, Lan Jia smiled and opened his eyes. “Lady Doudou, you’ve really asked the right person.”

Tang Doudou responded with a smile.“Saint Envoy Lan Jia, let’s not beat around the bush. Just say it, what exactly do I have to do so that you'll take me to the Saint Palace?”

“Lady Doudou sure is very straightforward. Now I feel bad about requesting this...” said Lan Jia.   

Tang Doudou silently roasted him in her heart. If he knew how to feel bad, then there wouldn’t exist any more thick-skinned people in this world. She put on an unperturbed expression and said, “Saint Envoy Lan Jian, there’s no harm, so feel free to say it. I won’t mock you for being shameless.”

Lan Jia’s expression stiffened. There were a lot of people that called him shameless, but no one has ever dared to say that to his face before. He had also never seen such a subtle way of bad-mouthing someone either.

However, he was still an old fox after all. In the blink of an eye, he was all smiles again. “I will be straightforward with you then.”

“En.” Tang Doudou suddenly felt that the ‘en’ word Mu Ye always used was actually really useful.  

Lan Jia continued, “The Saint Palace only admits those ranked as Saint Envoys or higher. If an outsider or a Saint Apprentice wants to get in, then there’s only one method.”

“What method?”  “Of course it’s Brother Baili’s method. This method’s indeed superb, you can enter the Saint Palace and also bring a beauty home; it kills two birds with one stone perfectly,” answered Lan Jia as he smiled like an old fox. It really made people want to beat him up.

Tang Doudou understood his words, but where was she supposed to find a Saint Emperor’s token?

Lan Jia saw the realization in her eyes and praised, “Looks like Lady has already guessed the idea, you’re indeed exceptionally intelligent.”

However, if he found out that Tang Doudou had actually completely misinterpreted the main point, he'd probably get so angry he'd beat this dumb girl to death.

“This method is good, but it’s just too difficult.” Tang Doudou frowned and propped up her chin, vexed.

What was so hard about acting as his bride?

Lan Jia thought that she was hesitating due to lingering emotions and so he said, “Although this one has some feelings towards Lady, this one also understands the principle that ‘one shouldn’t covet one’s friend’s wife.' Therefore, Lady Doudou can rest assured. My only intention is to help Lady find Brother Baili. I won't ask Lady to become my wife for real.”     

After that, he added, “This one never insists on things that can't be forced.”

Upon hearing this, Tang Doudou glanced at him, and then took a second glance with an odd expression on her face.

Lan Jia couldn’t take it anymore and touched his cheek which was currently covered by the black robe. “Is there something on my face?”


“What is it? How come this one doesn't feel anything?” Lan Jia’s fingertips then slid through the black robe as if he was about to expose his face.  

Tang Doudou chuckled. A trace of craftiness flashed through her eyes as she said, “It’s a thick layer of intangible skin, so of course you can't feel it.”

Upon hearing that, Lan Jia stopped rubbing and he narrowed his eyes slightly. “Lady Doudou…”     

Tang Doudou interrupted him and said, “I’ll have to trouble Saint Envoy Lan Jia with the arrangements then.” Following that, she started walking towards the door. “I’m going to let Mu Ye know and ask him to wait for me here.”

Look for Mu Ye?

But she wouldn’t be able to find him anymore.

Lan Jia smiled slightly, but he didn’t stop Tang Doudou and just slowly closed his eyes again. He initially thought that he would have to exert extra efforts to persuade her, but she had actually agreed so quickly. He had really overestimated her.

Shouldn't it have occurred to her that if all Baili Yu wanted was to gain power, then he could have just taken over the Wind Spirit Imperial Court. Why would he bother running all the way to this remote crappy place just to become some Saint Emperor?

Baili Yu, that good son of his, never liked to be controlled by others. If he wanted to be the Saint Emperor, then he would have staged everything neatly so that he could sit on his position of Saint Emperor firmly. What need would there be for him to agree to some lousy wedding?

Tang Doudou still didn’t understand his son well enough ah, it seemed!

When Lan Jia's thoughts reached this point, he got up and left the five words ‘wait for the right time’ on the table.

Following that, he jumped out the window gracefully. His qinggong was extremely good. What a liar! Who would believe that he didn’t know any martial arts!?

Tang Doudou looked but in the end, wasn't able to find Mu Ye. The Mu Ye who said just yesterday that he would follow her wherever she went, had vanished without a trace in the blink of an eye.

Tang Doudou assumed he left to take care of some urgent matters. In any case, she had been racking her brains on how to ask him to leave, but now there was no need to worry about this anymore.  

When she got back to the room, she saw the five words left on the table.

“Wait for the right time?” Tang Doudou wiped the words away with her hand and then grumbled, “Wait for what time? Didn’t he say that Baili Yu and the Saint Maiden were getting married soon? If we wait longer, then wouldn’t it be too late!?"

But there was also no other way, she could only put her hope in the method he had proposed. No matter how anxious she was, she had no choice but to wait patiently.

Since she had nothing to do, she went out to stroll around again. She bought a new set of clothes to change into and also bought two sets for Mu Ye, but she didn’t know whether the sizes would fit him. After awhile, she returned to the inn to wait for Lan Jia.

As soon as she walked in, a gray figure rushed up and threw itself at her.   

When she got a clear look, she was stunned to find that it was Lil’ Gray. She hadn't seen him since he ran away in the forest. At that time they were in the mountain cave, so that was probably why he hadn't been able to find them.

“Lil’ Gray?”

“Zhi, zhii...” screeched Lil’ Gray when he heard Tang Doudou’s voice. After that, he jumped into her arms and buried his head into her chest with a doleful look as if he had been wronged.

Tang Doudou lifted her hand to pull him out of her bosom and set him on her shoulder before saying, “Lil’ Gray ah, you’re finally back. What’s wrong, who bullied you? Look at your pitiful manner, you're seriously hopeless.”  

Lil’ Gray felt wronged and screeched again, “Zhizhizhi…”

Someone really bullied him ah!

Lil’ Gray point towards the inn’s second floor. Tang Doudou lifted her head to look upstairs. Who else would it be except Lan Jia, that shameless scoundrel?


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