Chapter 280.2: You- Scoundrel!


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One of them was the black-robed Lan Jia, and the other actually turned out to be an unconscious Baili Yu.

When he saw this, a trace of puzzlement flashed through his eyes. It was clear that he didn't understand what was going on.

“Sect Leader Mu, long time no see ah!” said Lan Jia with a smile. It was the exact same thing he had just said to Tang Doudou.

Mu Ye walked over and sat down opposite Baili Yu. “Please have a seat.”

Lan Jia sat down and stared fixedly at Mu Ye with his clear eyes. Following that, his gaze shifted down and stopped on the bundle of bone fragments.

“Sect Leader Mu, aren’t those Saint Envoy Feng Qing’s remains?”

Mu Ye narrowed his eyes as he answered, “Yes.”

Lan Jia chuckled upon hearing his reply. “Ha, who would have expected that after all my years of searching, my next encounter with him would be with his bones? How lamentable.”

Mu Ye was confused. Lan Jian then asked, “Is Revered Master still doing alright?”

When Mu Ye heard this question, he knew that something was off. In this world, apart from those few people, there was no one else that knew about his master.

Based on this question, it was clear that Lan Jia was acquainted with his master.

But, Lan Jia appeared to be only around twenty years old and looked even younger than him, so how could Lan Jia possibly know his master?

Even though they were all descendants of the Saint Tribe, this was still quite surprising.

Lan Jia chuckled again when he saw that Mu Ye was not responding. “Ha, Sect Leader Mu, there’s no need to be suspicious. I asked this merely because I’ve heard my master mention Revered Master’s past achievements before.”

“Your master? Who?” Mu Ye’s words were brief and to the point as always.   

Lan Jia had already gotten used to his straightforward manner of asking questions, so he just nodded and said, “I’m sure that Sect Leader Mu has guessed this already, my master was one of the five from back then.”

“Mo Yuqing?”

“That’s right.”  

Mu Ye stood up right away and said, “You should leave.”

“Sect Leader Mu isn’t interested in hearing this one’s plan? Or could it be that Sect Leader Mu has already long forgotten about your master’s teachings?” Lan Jia was still smiling, but his words carried a trace of coldness.

Mu Ye’s expression didn't change as he replied, “Master parted ways with them long ago. I’m not interested in your plan.”

“Is that so?” said Lan Jia with a slight smile. “It's fine if you’re not interested in our plan, but, don’t tell me that you’re also not interested in her?”

Coldness immediately flashed through Mu Ye’s eyes. “You’re not allowed to touch her.”


Mu Ye moved his lips and hesitated for a while. In the end, he still spoke up, “She’s Xuanyuan’s child. Your plan can’t do without her.”

Lan Jia smiled. His smile was particularly pleased. “Sect Leader Mu, didn’t you say that you weren't interested in this one’s plan?”

Mu Ye didn’t respond.

Lan Jia continued, “How about this? We’ll spare her little life if Sect Leader Mu joins us. This is a very good deal, don’t you agree?”

Mu Ye didn’t answer his question and instead looked at Baili Yu. “He… What’s going on?”

Upon hearing this, Lan Jia knew that Mu Ye had already accepted his offer, so his smile became even brighter. “You mean Baili Yu? Of course he’s someone of great importance!”

Mu Ye looked down and contemplated this. Suddenly, his eyes lit up. “He… It’s him?”

Lan Jia nodded with a smile and passed a jade bottle to Mu Ye. Following that, he patted Baili Yu’s shoulder. Baili Yu then stood up like a marionette and followed him.   

“As for how to utilize this thing, I’m sure Sect Leader Mu already knows, right?” After saying this, he took Baili Yu along and left without looking back.

Mu Ye glanced at the jade bottle in his hand then placed his hand on the pile of bone fragments. “Senior, for her sake, this junior has no choice but to do this.”

As for Tang Doudou, she had gotten a good night rest. By the time she woke up, the sun was already shining brightly. Hence, she got up and prepared to wash up. She planned to look for Baili Yu after that.

Her heart was already filled to the brim with words that she wanted to say to him. It had been only a few days since she last saw him, but she felt as if she hadn’t seen him for several lifetimes already. No matter if she was standing, sleeping or dreaming, her mind was filled with thoughts of him, and she couldn’t stop thinking about him.  

When Tang Doudou recalled the sweet dream she had last night, she slapped her face forcefully. What was she thinking about so early in the morning!? She should get ahold of herself!

She then got off the bed excitedly in a happy and cheerful mood.  

However, as soon as she got off, she noticed that something was wrong. There was another person on the bed!

She was startled at first, but then she became delighted. Apart from Baili Yu, who else would be so shameless as to climb onto a lady’s bed for fun?

“You, how did you find me?” She lowered her head bashfully and asked in a soft voice without looking back.

The person behind her remained silent.

Could it be that he was angry?

Tang Doudou thought that was the case, and fiddled with the ornament ring on her thumb a little before asking, “Are you angry?”

“If you’re angry then you can just punish me!” She pouted, feeling wronged. She had already suffered enough the past few days and had nearly died several times. Why didn’t he ask her whether she was doing alright? Instead he was even getting angry with her!

When men got jealous, they were honestly scarier than women.

Tang Doudou sighed. She was about to turn around to clear things up with Baili Yu when a gentle voice blew into her ear, “Punish you? How should I punish you? How about you warm my bed as punishment?”

Upon hearing this voice, Tang Doudou abruptly turned aroundand jumped off the bed with a scream. She pointed at Lan Jia who was still lying on bed with disheveled clothes and cried out, “You! Scoundrel!”


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