Chapter 279.2: But Very Pitiful


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After interrupting a person's enjoyment, she was telling him to continue so that she could watch?

Liu Zhiyuan face filled with anger and he pointed his sword at her. "Li Xueyi, you go too far in bullying people!"

"Tch, going to far in bullying people is at least better than going too far in bullying a dog."

Liu Zhiyuan was very sensitive to the word 'dog.' The moment he heard this, he attacked. He moved so fast that all Tang Doudou could see was a blur.

Mu Ye reached out and pushed her head behind him, then lifted his hand again to block Liu Zhiyuan's attack.

His fingers bent slightly and the sword shattered. "Scram!"

Liu Zhiyuan abandoned his sword and quickly drew back. He glanced at Tang Doudou with an unclear, dark expression in his eyes. "If she dies, Baili Yu will hate you forever."

The words 'Baili Yu' attracted some reaction from Nangong Yan. She seemed like a drowning person that was trying to grab on to the last bit of rice straw. A bit of light appeared in her previously dim and blank eyes as she cried, "Senior Brother? Senior Brother, where are you? Senior Brother..."

As she searched, she ended up seeing that Mu Ye and Tang Doudou were standing at the door and shrieked, "Why are you guys here!?"

Following that, she noticed that she was nearly naked with only a few strips of cloth around her. She immediately recalled what happened to her and cried out in grief. She hugged her arms and dug her nails into her flesh as hatred flooded into her eyes. "Liu Zhiyuan, Liu Zhiyuan! Help me kill them!"

A trace of heartache flashed through Liu Zhiyuan's eyes, but it was soon drowned out again by hatred. "Kill them? Why? Isn't it good for her to see you like this?"

Following that, he grabbed Nangong Yan's chin and violently kissed her.

It was a very fiery scene. Tang Doudou poked her head out to get a better look but a broad palm covered her eyes. "Don't watch."

Tang Doudou pushed at the hand, but Mu Ye's hand was practically part of her face, she couldn't get it down at all.

"I'll only take one look."


That guy was already starting to pant again.

"Liu Zhiyuan, I definitely, I'll definitely kill you!" The emotions in Nangong Yan's eyes could not longer be called just hatred, because it was something even darker than hate. The darkness in her eyes was so deep it caused people's hearts to chill.

Tang Doudou pushed Mu Ye.

Mu Ye glanced down, then attacked with his iron chain as he walked towards Liu Zhiyuan.

Liu Zhiyuan knew that he wasn't a match for Mu Ye, so he started retreated backwards while half-dragging Nangong Yan. At this time, Tang Doudou discovered why Nangong Yan wasn't moving much. There were two horrible looking slash wounds near her ankles.

Her tendons had been cut!

It was no wonder she hadn't tried to struggle free despite being humiliated like this.

Tang Doudou couldn't help but feel pity for her even though she still felt hatred for her. Her gaze filled with sympathy as she looked at Nangong Yan.

Mu Ye seemed to sense that she had resolved to kill Liu Zhiyuan, as he instantly attacked with his iron chain. The iron chain moved like a flash of lightning to land on Liu Zhiyuan's shoulder and caused Liu Zhiyuan to crash heavily into the wall.

Despite having been injured, Liu Zhiyuan still didn't let Nangong Yan go. He said in a low voice, "If I die, I'll make sure to pull Nangong Yan along as well. If Baili Yu found out that you killed his biological sister, would he still marry you?"

His words fell like like a strike of lightning on the two women present. Nangong Yan mumbled, "W-what did you say?"

Tang Doudou was astonished. She slapped Mu Ye lightly on the arm and asked, "Is he telling the truth?"

Mu Ye replied, "Yes."

She pressed her chest in shock. Heavens ah, this wasn't just a mess, it was chaos!

At the same time, a bit of joy and delight filled her heart. It was no wonder Baili Yu's attitude towards Nangong Yan would suddenly change and it was no wonder he would say those things to her. So it turned out that things were like this.

The more she thought about it, the stupider she felt herself to be. She also felt that she had doubted Baili Yu too much. But, it was also Baili Yu's fault for not telling her...

After thinking for a while, she felt an urge to look for Baili Yu right now to clear things up.

It had been a long time since they had seen each other, she really missed him.

Mu Ye sensed her happiness and his gaze turned slightly dim. However, there was no way he could bring himself to lie to her.

"No..." Nangong Yan's cry interrupted everyone's thoughts. Nangong Yan, who had seemed on the brink of breaking down, had finally snapped. She collapsed, sliding down from Liu Zhiyuan's arms as she shouted towards the sky, "Why!? Heavens, why!? Why are you treating me this way!?"

The happiness in Tang Doudou's heart immediately disappeared and she glanced towards Mu Ye.

Mu Ye took advantage of this moment while Liu Zhiyuan was distract to attack with his iron chain.

After he forced Liu Zhiyuan away from Nangong Yan, he crashed through the roof in order to bring the battle outside. Meanwhile, Tang Doudou ran over to Nangong Yan.

"Nangong Yan!" Tang Doudou lifted her from the ground and put her onto the bed. She became worried when she saw the dead stillness in Nangong Yan's eyes.

"Haha, I've always felt that I was the most blessed person on earth. I had parents that love me, a master and a senior brother who cared about me, and all the people on the island were very respectful towards me. Everyone would always want to give me everything good that they had! I was so loved and doted upon... The thing I was most happy about was that there was someone as perfect as Senior Brother to accompany me. Although he wouldn't get close to me, even if he was disgusted by me, as long as he was on the island, I would feel very content. I thought that I would feel no regret if this entire lifetime could be like that."

Tang Doudou felt bad for her and tried to soothe her. "Those are already things of the past, so don't cling to them too much. From now on, just live a good life. You'll definitely encounter the person you are fated with."


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