Chapter 279.1: But Very Pitiful


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There was the sound of another slap.

Following that, there continued to be the sound of things being smashed until all the sounds eventually faded. There was probably nothing else left to smash. All that was left was the distinct sound of heavy panting.

After Liu Zhiyuan spoke those earlier words, he didn't make anymore sounds.

Nangong Yan started crying. "Why? Why are you treating me this way?"

"Why? I also want to ask you why you treat me this way?" Liu Zhiyuan didn't soften when Nangong Yan cried; his tone remained cold and vicious.

"What did I do? You're the servant Father bought, a lowly and wretched existence. Putting it nicely, one would call you a servant, but one can also say you're just a dog! Could it be that I'd have to be polite to a dog?" Even at this point, Nangong Yan still refused to humble down her attitude.

These words successfully drove Liu Zhiyuan to explode. "Dog of a slave!? You're right! I'm just a dog!"

His words contained so much anger it sounded almost tangible.

Tang Doudou shuddered as she silently remarked, oh no.

As she expected, there was the sound of a thump as something heavy hit the ground. Following that was a low pained moan.

F*ck! The person has started 'driving' again by himself without a word.

Tang Doudou was very conflicted. Although Liu Zhiyuan hadn't stated it clearly, nor had Nangong Yan admitted to it, the whole story was already very clear. Back then, Baili Yu hadn't drunk that soup and the only person that could have possibly delivered the soup was Nangong Yan's most trusted aid, Liu Zhiyuan.

Since Baili Yu hadn't drunk that soup, it was very likely that Liu Zhiyuan drank it. It was even more likely that Nangong Yan had ended up drinking it.

Regardless of who it was that drank the soup, something had definitely happened between Liu Zhiyuan and Nangong Yan.

Later, Nangong Yan figured out what had happened, but she continued to deceive herself and refused to accept the fact that something had happened between her and Liu Zhiyuan. Following that, she continued being infatuated with Baili Yu while gradually hating Liu Zhiyuan more and more.

The reason she was so nasty to the person always accompanying her was probably because she felt humiliated from the thought that Liu Zhiyuan had sullied her.

She wanted to kill him, but couldn't find a good reason. Her greatest fear was probably that Liu Zhiyuan would reveal the incident.

At the same time, she started to feel that she was unworthy of Baili Yu. However, her desire to obtain Baili Yu only increased. After constantly suppressing these painful feelings for such a long time, it caused her mentality to twist. That was why she wanted to also sully the people by Baili Yu's side and cause them to feel the same pain.

After organizing this information and sorting out her thoughts...

Tang Doudou felt that she was completely innocent! Why did she end up getting hit by this even though she was lying so far away?

However, if Baili Yu disliked Nangong Yan so much, why did he walked out of this room with her so intimately that day?

Could it be that his personality had suddenly changed?

That wasn't very likely.

As she was thinking through the possibilities, Mu Ye's voice suddenly appeared in the room. "What are you doing?"

Tang Doudou came back to her senses. There were still faint sounds of that poignant drama coming through the wall so she gulped. "Uh, nothing much."

However, how bad did she expect Mu Ye's hearing ability to be?

Mu Ye had already noticed the vulgar sounds coming from next door when he entered. It was just that he hadn't expected Tang Doudou to be so bored as to stand here and listen to them...

His expression became a little unnatural. The rumors on the Jianghu really were true. Her conduct was sometimes, indeed a little... not enough like a virtuous lady.

Mu Ye said, "If it's nothing, then let's go."

Tang Doudou replied 'oh,' then hesitated.

"What's wrong?"

"Ahem, why don't we save her?"


"Nangong Yan!" Tang Doudou really couldn't bear to just ignore this. Although it wasn't the first time between Nangong Yan and Liu Zhiyuan, Nangong Yan was an unwilling party.

Although she was hateful, the most loathsome person was Liu Zhiyuan. He was the most deranged person.

A couple years ago, Nangong Yan was probably only around fifteen. That was the age where young girls longed most for a wonderful love. Right at that time, she ended up encountering someone as perfect as Baili Yu, so it was no surprise that she fell in love. When she failed to obtain him and decided to use desperate measures, not only did Liu Zhiyuan not stop her, he even took advantage of this chance to sully her body and her mentality. After taking the wrong step once, she ended up continuing to land on the wrong steps.

She fell in love with the wrong person and took the wrong path, so she was destined to have a pitiful life.

Her current personality and situation stemmed from Liu Zhiyuan's doings.

His love truly was as Nangong Yan described, not only was it wretched, lowly, and shameless, it was even perverted!

Mu Ye's gaze focused on her eyes. "Why?"

"Can I tell you after you save her?" Tang Doudou curved her eyes. "You'll definitely find it interesting!"

Mu Ye slanted a look at her. "Not interested."

"How do you know you're not interested before even hearing about it?"

Mu Ye started walking.

Tang Doudou hastily chased after him. "Hey, where are you going?"

He stopped and tilted his head. "To rescue."

Tang Doudou cheered then followed him to jump over the wall. In an instant, they landed in front of the house next door.

Mu Ye walked up without a pause and kicked down the wooden door.

There was a burst of dust and splinters, but since Tang Doudou was hiding behind Mu Ye, none of it got on her.

"Who!?" There was the sound of Liu Zhiyuan's voice, followed by the rustle of clothing.

When the dust settled and Mu Ye and Tang Doudou's figures were revealed, Liu Zhiyuan first looked stunned before his expression turned dark. He then pulled Nangong Yan into his arms and pressed a sword against her neck.

"Don't approach or I'll kill her!"

Tang Doudou laughed. "You're using Nangong Yan to threaten me? Liu Zhiyuan, did you get out of bed head-first this morning? Damaged your brain?"

Liu Zhiyuan didn't speak.

She continued, "Aiy, actually, I'm just here to enjoy the show. You guys don't need to mind me! Go ahead and continue!"


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