Chapter 278.1: Eavesdropping


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Tang Doudou really wanted to spit some scalding comments, but there was something more important to take care of right now. She hastily turned around and retreated backward with an alarmed expression. "Y-you, what do you want!?""Alliance Head Li, don't worry, I'm not someone as vile as Sect Leader Mu," said the black-clothed person.

Right after he said this, Tang Doudou sensed a cold gaze sweeping towards this direction and she quickly moved over to block that cold gaze. Frowning, she asked, "Who sent you?"

"Don't worry, Alliance Head Li. Regardless of who it was that sent me, for the time being, you won't be in any danger. However, I'll have to ask you to..." The black-clothed person knew that she didn't know any martial arts and his higher-ups had told him not to injure her, so he decided to try using a gentler method.

Tang Doudou wanted to keep asking him questions, but another black-clothed person walked out and said, "What are you wasting time for? Hurry up and just bring her back!"

Tang Doudou withdrew backward calmly. "You think I'd just go with you without resisting? Keep dreaming!"

The black-clothed person from earlier didn't show any signs of impatience and said with a smile, "Don't be so anxious, Alliance Head Li."

Tang Doudou rolled her eyes. What part of her seemed anxious?

She waiting for them to f*cking make a move already! Less talk, more action! That was the right way to do things!

Yet the person that was supposed to capture her was wasting so much time chattering with her. It was unbelievable.

Luckily, the black-robed person that came out after didn't have so much patience. He didn't bother with that other black-clothed person and just sent a look toward someone behind Tang Doudou.

Following that, Tang Doudou screamed and struggled as someone tied her up.

A little while later, as she glanced at the rope around her, she smiled briefly with satisfaction before continuing to shout, "Damned bastards! Don't you know who I am!? How dare you use such a dirty rope to tie me up!? You guys are despicable! Once I get back, I'll definitely send people to throw the whole lot of you into the sea for the sea dragon to snack on!"

She was, of course, mimicking Nangong Yan's special ability!

That woman was super skilled at angering people. As expected, by the time she finished cursing, the black-robed people were furious. One hauled her up and stuffed a rag into her mouth.

"You two work on bringing her back first. I'm a little worried about the situation over there so I'm going to go take a look." The impatient black-robed person handed Tang Doudou over to the other two.

Those two nodded and responded in unison, "Understood!"

Then they started bringing Tang Doudou towards a certain direction.

Tang Doudou couldn't help but sigh in relief when she saw that things were going as planned. She wiggled her fingers loose and made an OK sign in the direction of the forest.

Mu Ye who had been following her secretly smiled. Although this method seemed very stupid, it was quite effective.

The two black-robed people carried Tang Doudou all the way to the valley where she had woken up. Then they pulled out another cloth to blindfold her.

Tang Doudou couldn't speak or see. The only sense she had left was her hearing, but the two only seemed to have said 'be careful' before they fell silent.

After several hours, she heard, "We're here. Lock her up first, then send the signal."

After the person said that, Tang Doudou was pushed forward. Following that, there was the sound of a door closing and a lock being shut.

Tang Doudou's eyes were covered so she didn't know where she currently was, nor did she know if she had been brought to Saint City. All she could do was wait quietly for Mu Ye to come save her.

However, that didn't mean she could just do nothing. She felt the ground with her foot, then sat down on the ground.

Her hands were tied behind her back, but all she had to do was shift them past her butt like playing jumprope to get them in front of her. This way of tying someone up was so pointless it was a complete joke.

Once she got her hands in front, she first pulled off the cloth covering her eyes.

She immediately started looking around.

My gawd!

She wasn't in Saint City, they had brought her right up to the Sacred Tree!

Happiness had come too suddenly. For a moment, Tang Doudou couldn't believe it. However, when she realized that those little cabins seemed familiar, she became depressed.

Wasn't this way too much of a coincidence?

After taking a trip around, she ended up right back here.

Weren't these houses precisely the ones where she bumped into Baili Yu having a rendezvous with Nangong Yan?

She lifted her shoulder and started biting away the rope. Mu Ye had been following behind them from a distance, so he probably about reached here.

She quietly approached the door and listened. The two black-robed people were actually chatting about an erotic story and didn't seem worried about her escaping at all.

This situation was too abnormal! There was definitely something off about this!

Tang Doudou rubbed her chin and leaned towards a certain wall again even though she didn't have much hope of hearing anything. However, as she was thinking this, she discovered that there really were people talking on that side!

And it was even Nangong Yan!

How could she describe this feeling?

In any case... it was quite complicated!


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