Chapter 274.2: Friendship Born of Having Weathered Dangerous Situations Together


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Since he couldn't figure out any way to sway Tang Doudou, he decided to try his luck on Mu Ye instead. He muttered to himself in a seemingly offhanded way, "He's still not back, could it be that he's encountered something?"

Tang Doudou rolled her eyes without paying attention. In the past she had praised this old guy for being quite intelligent, yet in the blink of an eye he seemed to have gone dumb. His intentions in saying this was way too obvious!

Although this was what she was thinking, she was still a little nervous. As of now, she and Mu Ye were pretty much brothers that had suffered in the same boat for a long time. She felt that due to this, their relationship was actually pretty good.

After all, Mu Ye no longer tried to kill her on sight like he once did. His cold expression would even occasionally melt to show a faint smile. Now that she thought about it, Mu Ye really did treat her differently. He probably also thought of her as a friend.

And he did seem to have been gone for quite a while...

Shen Moru who was in the shadows seemed to glance over at her with his white eyes. He started muttering again, "It couldn't be that the thing in the sarcophagus has been startled and got out?"

Tang Doudou's heart skipped a beat and she seemed to hear that rattling sound again.

"There's so many poisonous bugs in there as well. Just the slightest bit of negligence could attract a wave of bugs. These are all demonic bugs that could devour a person in seconds. Their appetites are so large that they could clean off a hundred, even a thousand people without a problem. Back then, that sea of bugs didn't just eat all the people in Saint City, they even devoured all the animals. Not a single living creature nearby was left untouched... tsk tsk... although he's pretty good at martial arts, it's still hard to fend off overwhelming numbers. In that area, that sarcophagus is the only place to hide..." Although Shen Moru acted as if he was just talking to himself, it was obvious that he was saying this for Tang Doudou to hear. He was even speaking with speculative reasoning.

Tang Doudou couldn't help but start thinking along those lines. She really wanted to cover her ears and ignore him, but the cave was quiet and spacious so there was no way to ignore that conspicuous voice unless she sealed her senses.

However, she had already used all the needles Mu Ye had given her on Shen Moru. It was truly a case of dropping a stone on her own foot!

"Even if he hid on the sarcophagus, those bugs would still chase after him by climbing the roots on the ground... If he had his iron chain with him..."

Before Shen Moru even finished speaking, Tang Doudou had gotten up to run towards the cave."Mu Ye!" Tang Doudou ran in the direction she saw him go off in.

However, before she got very far, she crashed into a person.

A voice came from above her head. "I'm here."

Tang Doudou immediately loosened a breath in relief. "Are you alright?"

Mu Ye was a little confused. What could possibly happen to him?

"I'm fine."

"That damned Shen Moru!" In reality, Tang Doudou was pretty sure that Mu Ye would be alright, but after hearing Shen Moru's words, she couldn't calm her unease. She had to see with her own eyes that Mu Ye was alright before she could calm down. Now that she had confirmed that Mu Ye was fine, she immediately started cursing Shen Moru.

Upon hearing this, Mu Ye instantly realized that Shen Moru was the one behind this. "Where is he?"

"He's still outside, it's just that..." Tang Doudou hesitated for a moment, then told Mu Ye about everything that had happened earlier.

Mu Ye looked up, then turned around without speaking.

Tang Doudou thought that he was angry and tried to explain quietly, "I just had a brain fart for a moment and thought that I could seal his ability to speak so that he would shut up..."

"If it could be sealed, I already would have done so." Mu Ye seemed to sigh.

Upon hearing this, Tang Doudou lowered her head even more. "Then, will we still be able to get out?"

Mu Ye said, "Wait until I finish looking."

"Okay..." replied Tang Doudou. After a moment of thought, she lifted her head and asked, "Can you see clearly?"

Mu Ye didn't reply.

It was clear she had asked another stupid question, so she forced a couple laughs to try and ease the awkwardness. However, the more she laughed, the more awkward she felt, so she finally closed her mouth and decided to wait quietly until Mu Ye finished looking.

Mu Ye was a little surprised when he didn’t hear her speak. "Did you get injured?"

"Huh?" Tang Doudou had just lowered her head and was sinking into her thoughts when Mu Ye suddenly spoke. She lifted her head in surprise. What injury?

Mu Ye asked again, "Shen Moru didn't do anything to you, did he?"

This time she could hear it clearly and she shook her head as she replied, "He moved in the beginning, but afterwards it seemed that he couldn't move anymore."

If he couldn't move, then that meant he wasn't able to attack. Having gotten his answer, he then said, "Let's go."

Tang Doudou asked, "You finished looking?"


"Were you able to see something?" Tang Doudou continued asking.

Mu Ye shot her a meaningful look and nodded, "I understand it now."

Understand what? Tang Doudou didn't understand what Mu Ye was saying, but he didn't seem to have any intention of explaining. He took the iron chain from her hand as he said, "You must be careful. Shen Moru might have escaped, but he might also still be in the cave."

Tang Doudou nodded. Right then, Shen Moru's voice appeared nearby.


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