Chapter 269.1: After The Calamity, Renewed Life


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The matter was really easier said than done. Tang Doudou almost died from a heart attack when she was scaling the cliff.

She would definitely be done for if she fell!

As of now, she could only pray that these garments were sturdy enough to hold her weight. Otherwise, she would fall before she could even try to rescue Mu Ye.

Luckily, this tree branch wasn't very far away from Mu Ye. It only took a little while for her to reach Mu Ye. She poured her inner strength into her feet and stood on the bramble. When she saw that it was able to support her weight, she slowly bent down to grab Mu Ye.

However, she had underestimated the weight of a man and Mu Ye had a very well-built figure so her first tug wasn't able to lift him in the slightest. The second tug did cause movement, but it was the bramble beneath her that was starting to move.

Tang Doudou's back became covered with cold sweat and she didn't dare to pull at Mu Ye anymore.

"Mu Ye, Mu Ye, can you hear me?"

Since she couldn't get Mu Ye up, she decided to just wake Mu Ye up and have him work with her.

However, she was also aware that there wasn't much hope in this idea. She didn't know how long Mu Ye had been here, but Lil' Gray had definitely already tried to wake him up without any success.

Could it be...

She had a bad feeling. She crouched down and started digging through the black robe to find Mu Ye's head. As she did this, she finally realized that this situation was strange. Why was Mu Ye hanging here?

This wasn't an overhanging cliff and there was no place to jump down, so how did Mu Ye end up hanging here? It couldn't be that a gust of wind had blown him here, right?

When Tang Doudou's thoughts reached this point, she couldn't help but start laughing. How large must the gust of wind have been to blow him here?

It was Tang Doudou's special ability to find humor in things despite the desperate situation. After laughing for a while, she didn't feel as tense anymore. She glanced at the sky and saw that it was already completely dark. However, the sea seemed to glimmer with reflected light from somewhere, so she was just barely able to see that she had managed to dig out a face.

"Hey, Mu Ye, wake up..." She reached out and found that Mu Ye was still breathing, so she patted his face to try to wake him up. He didn't seem to be injured, so why wasn't he waking up?

Tang Doudou tried lightly tugging at him again, but still wasn't able to get him to move. Suddenly, a loud crack came from behind her.

Before she could even react, a bunch of smaller cracking sounds came from beneath her like a chain reaction. The brambles below her snapped and Mu Ye started sliding down.

Tang Doudou reached out to grab him, but disasters didn't come singly. The rope made from her clothing couldn't endure the weight of two people and ripped. The two immediately started falling like a broken kite.

"Ahhh!!!" Tang Doudou only reacted when they started falling. As they started falling faster and faster, she gripped Mu Ye tightly in fear. When they were about to hit the water, it occurred to her that she might've been able to fly up with qinggong if she let go of Mu Ye.

However, she couldn't bring herself to let go Mu Ye either.

She closed her eyes. Forget it, if she was going to die, so be it!

With two loud booms, they crashed into the sea, causing enormous waves. Large bubbles rose to the surface where they fell before circles of ripples started spreading outwards. The deers that were drinking water were frightened by this disturbance and fled.

Tang Doudou wanted to struggle, but the moment she entered the water she started sinking like a stone. The ocean was freezing cold. Her fear of water immediately caused her to go stiff and Mu Ye was ripped out of her grasp by the force of the fall.

However, right now, Tang Doudou couldn't even save herself. She had already swallowed several mouthfuls of water and her lungs were filled with water. It was so uncomfortable that she wanted to faint, but for some reason she remained conscious. The only thought on her mind was that, if she had known earlier that she was going die in water, she would've just choked herself to death in order to avoid this fate.

Just as she was thinking these random thoughts, a deafening splashing came from behind her. The waves sent Tang Doudou flying all over the place and almost made her crash into the reefs at the bottom of the ocean.

Although she felt uncomfortable all over, her mind was still very clear. These waves meant that something big was coming this way.

She couldn't help but feel sorry for herself. It was enough that she was going to die by drowning, but now she actually had to be buried in a fish's stomach! What sins had she committed last lifetime for her to be tormented so much before death?

However, there was nothing she could do. The sounds of the splashing still hadn't stopped. The thing was extremely quick and soon appeared behind her.

Tang Doudou was thinking that since she was about to be eaten, she should at least see what was going to eat her. That way, at least when she encountered the King of Hell, she would be able to tell him how she died.

As she was thinking this, she turned around with great difficulty. The moment she took a look, she regretted it. Pretty much three out of her seven souls got scared flying. This was way too much of a coincidence, wasn't it?

It was actually that sea dragon!

Currently, she was staring straight at its cold triangular eye. Because she was extremely close, she was able to see all the veins in its eyes. In addition, its pupil seemed to contain blood and scared her so badly she almost wetted herself.

Truly, once one hit bad luck, one would completely run out of luck. Out of all things, she had ran into this vicious sea dragon. It'd definitely take its revenge on her for the time Baili Yu hit it.

Though all these thoughts had ran through her head, things had actually happened in an instant. When they made eye contact, the sea dragon's triangular eye shifted to focus on her with a fierce light.

Following that, it lifted its large head and opened its jaws. There were pieces of bloody flesh stuck in the gaps of its sharp teeth. As Tang Doudou took in the sight of its sticky saliva, she also smelled a disgusting stench. It was so strong her eyes immediately rolled back and she fainted.


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