Chapter 263.2: You Can't Like Him


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"Isn't he your senior brother? Is there a need for me to help you find him?"

"This is the annoying part. I think of him as a senior brother and show him my utmost respect but he never treats me as a junior brother. He never takes care of me. Not only is he always distant, now he doesn't even look at me!" Nangong Yan started feeling wronged again.

That black-robed man said, "Then why are you looking for him? You should just head back to Wind Cloud Island. Cerulean Mountain is about to start the Saint Offering Conference. When the time comes, everyone that isn't needed will be disposed of. My position in the Saint Tribes isn't as strong as in the past. It'll probably be difficult for me to protect you."

"I..." Nangong Yan lowered her head as a trace of bashfulness flashed across her face. "I just wanted to ask Senior Brother whether he was really the one that did that back then."

"Did what?" The black-robed man glanced at Nangong Yan with shock. "You've fallen in love with him?"

Nangong Yan didn't explain what happened back then. When she heard the question 'you've fallen in love with him,' her heart pounded so hard she felt like it was about to jump out of her chest. Even the tips of her ears flushed red.

Upon seeing this, the black-robed person's eyes gradually turned cold. In the end, he slapped the table and shouted, "Yan er, you had best give up on this! You can't like Baili Yu!"

"Why!?" Nangong Yan glowered. She couldn't understand why everyone said this. What part of her was bad? Could it be that she was that far from being a suitable match for Senior Brother?

The black-robed person sighed heavily. "Yan er, in the past, you always asked me about your identity, right?"

A trace of confusion flashed through Nangong Yan's eyes. Why did he suddenly bring this up? She did ask about this a lot in the past, but she had stopped asking after she became the adopted daughter of the Nangong family.

The black-robed man said, "If it weren't for the fact that the time hadn't arrived yet, I would have told you earlier. However, you're actually having this kind of thought now, it's seriously... it's seriously letting down that person!"

The more Nangong Yan heard, the more confused she became. "How does this have anything to do with me liking Senior Brother?"

The black-clothed person gave another heavy sigh and shook his head as he looked at her. In the end, he didn't tell her the reason and just tried to dissuade her. "In a bit, I'll get someone to help you leave Cerulean Mountain. As for Baili Yu, you should just give up on this thought! He's already engaged! Why put yourself through this futile struggle?"

"I won't! Why do I have to give up!? I'm clearly the one Senior Brother likes! If it weren't for Li Xueyi using her schemes, I would've already gotten married to Senior Brother! I... I can't accept this!" Nangong Yan hadn't expected that even the uncle who had always doted on her wouldn't support her in this. She had already heard words like this countless times. When she first heard these words, she did feel that there was some logic to them, but the more she heard these same words, the more annoyed she became. She wasn't causing a fuss out of nothing. Back then, Senior Brother had liked her. If not, he wouldn't have...

The more Nangong Yan thought about it, the more wrong she felt. Why did it felt like she was the mistress? Why did everyone criticize her? It was clearly Li Xueyi who came in, destroyed their relationship, and snatched Senior Brother away.

It was all because of that hateful woman!

"Yan er, you won't even listen to the words I say anymore?" The black-robed man became a little angry and slapped the table with both hands.

"But I've already fallen in love with Senior Brother, and even swore that I won't marry anyone but him..." Nangong Yan lowered her head, feeling extremely hurt. She covered her face and started sobbing.

The black-clothed man shook his head. His eyes were filled with remorse as he said, "I really should have told you the truth earlier."

"What truth? Uncle, tell me already!"

"You..." A conflicted expression appeared on the black-robed man's face. However, before he could speak, he saw that a black-robed person had appeared in front of the window. He immediately stood up and demanded, "Who are you!?"

"The reality is nothing more than thus. Why is Sire so unwilling to tell?" said Baili Yu. His low charming voice contained the usual hint of an amused tone.

Nangong Yan immediately lifted her tearstained face to look towards the figure outside the window. Even with the black robe, his handsomeness couldn't be concealed. She rubbed her eyes. When she found that it wasn't a hallucination, she called out hesitantly, "Senior Brother?"

Meanwhile, Tang Doudou had followed the white-robed Saint Envoy east until they arrived at a row of small cabins. The black-robed youngster casually picked a room and pushed it open. "Here! Hurry up, don't waste time!"

Tang Doudou slowly walked in. There was probably some sort of rule regarding this, as the white-robed Saint Envoy and that youngster didn't follow her in and just closed the door.

Tang Doudou was looking around the small room to see if there was any way to escape when she heard quiet sobbing come from next door. It seemed to be a woman crying. Her curiosity was immediately tickled and she slowly approached that wall.

She pressed her ear against the wall and the sobbing gradually became clearer. "Wuuwuu, Senior Brother... I thought you didn't want me anymore..."

Nangong Yan? Why was she also here? And why was she crying?

Tang Doudou was confused. Her eyes whirled as she tried to come up with a way to see what Nangong Yan was doing when another familiar, slightly low voice spoke. "How could that be possible?"

Tang Doudou's heart squeezed as she looked at the wall in front of her with disbelief. She was so stunned she couldn't even move.


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