Chapter 262.2: Hand It Over


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"Why did you sneak your pet into the Sacred Tree!?" An angry voice came from behind her. There was no need to guess, the person speaking was definitely the one holding onto Lil' Gray.

When Lil' Gray was curled up, he pretty much looked like a hunch on her back. No one had been able to see through it, so how did this person notice?

Moreover, his angry tone made it clear that bringing a pet onto the Sacred Tree wasn't something they tolerated.

"The Saint Envoy is asking you a question! Are you mute?" Another person spoke. His tone was not much different from Ah Yu's, it was very unbridled and rude.

Even a strong dragon had to be cautious in a snake's nest. Since she was in their territory, it was best if she behaved. After all, there was no one here to protect her.

"Oh, so it's a Saint Envoy. My sincere apologies, I didn't know that it was prohibited to bring pets here. I'll immediately take it back, immediately!" Tang Doudou wanted to turn around, but since Lil' Gray who was on her back was in their grasp, she had no way to turn around, so she could only keep her gaze on the ground. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the corner of a white robe.

Lan Jia was also a Saint Envoy, but he wore a black robe.

Why were there also white-robed Saint Envoys? The internal structure of the Seven Great Saint Tribes was truly complicated. It wasn't something she could figure out in a short time.

The white-robed Saint Envoy gave a cold humph. "You can only enter the Sacred Tree, you can't exit, so how do you plan to bring it back?"

Tang Doudou's heart chilled. How did she end up forgetting about this?

"T-then, does Saint Envoy have any suggestions..." Tang Doudou asked probingly.

The white-robed Saint Envoy released her and his tone became much milder. "There is a way, but you might not agree."

Tang Doudou hastily turned around and her eyes met with a pair of average eyes that contained anger, so she hastily shifted her gaze away. She copied the movements of the black-robed people she saw earlier and saluted him. "Saint Envoy's method is definitely a good method. How could this subordinate possibly refuse?"

"Take it out for this envoy to see first." The white-robed Saint Envoy folded his hands behind his back.

Lan Jia had said before that Lil' Gray was some Nine-eared Monkey and very intelligent. After interacting with him a few days, Tang Doudou had discovered that Lil' Gray really was very smart. His intelligence was even higher than those of seven year olds. He seemed to understand pretty much everything she said.

However, what if she took him out and this Saint Envoy wanted to take him or kill him?

"What are you dawdling for? Hurry up and take it out for Saint Envoy! Could it be you even want us to help you with that?" It was the unbridled voice from earlier.

Tang Doudou glanced over and found that it was, as she had expected, another arrogant youngster.

A crowd was gathering to watch the show. Tang Doudou knew that she couldn't continue on like this, so she said with an ingratiating smile, "I'll get him right now, right away..."

She reached back and made several grabbing attempts but wasn't able to get Lil' Gray. She could feel him trembling with fear on her back. It was clear that he was afraid of that Saint Envoy.

Now this was difficult.

"Why are you still not taking it out!? Looks like you really do want us to help!" That black-robed youngster urged her to hurry.

Tang Doudou saw that the white-robed Saint Envoy also seemed to be annoyed and hastily said, "Lil' Gray, come out for a bit."

Lil' Gray whined pitifully. There was no way he was coming out. White-robed Saint Envoys were too scary!

"Humph, I'll do it!"

"No need!" Tang Doudou took a step back, then said with a smile. "Lil' Gray is just an animal. He doesn't understand rules, so please don't take offense. I'll talk to him a little. Once he understands, he'll roll out on his own!"

As of now, she could only stall for time. It was just that she really couldn't think of any way to get out of this situation.

There was no way she'd really hand Lil' Gray over.

When she saw the irritation on the white-robed Saint Envoy's face, she inwardly cursed. What should she do now? If only Mu Ye was here. If nothing else, Lan Jia being here would help too!

But then she thought, she couldn't keep relying on other people all the time! She rubbed her neck and squeezed the thumb ring that Baili Yu had given her as she mulled over this problem.

Just as she was struggling to come up with an idea, that Saint Envoy said, "If it truly isn't willing to come out, why don't you just come with me over there to take off your black robe and let it out?"


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