Chapter 262.1: Hand It Over


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Tang Doudou gritted her teeth. "What if I insist on leaving? I dare you to try and stop me!"

After she finished speaking, she pulled Mu Ye to leave but didn't succeed.

"Mu Ye?" Tang Doudou looked at Mu Ye, confused.

Mu Ye pulled her to a stop and said coldly, "Stay."

"Stay!?" Tang Doudou's eyes went wide. Was he serious?

Mu Ye nodded. "It's better to stay with them."

Tang Doudou wanted to argue but then there was a tug on her hand and she was forced to let go of Mu Ye. She looked down and saw that she had forgotten about Lan Jia's hair tie.

"Lady Doudou is engaged so it's probably not good for you two to be pulling and tugging at each other in public, right?" Lan Jia dusted off his butt, then got up with Ah Yu's help.

She had really misjudged this person. He clearly had such a clean and elegant aura, yet the things he does and say were so... vulgar!

Tang Doudou wracked her brain and found this as the perfect word to describe Lan Jia.

"Isn't Saint Envoy Lan Jia's range of concerns a little too broad!?" Tang Doudou pulled off the hair tie as she shot a disdainful look at Lan Jia. No matter how bad she was, at least she was better than him who had tried to seduce her away from Baili Yu.

How did Baili Yu end up being friends with such a shameless person!?

Lan Jia said with a smile, "Brother Baili told me to look after Lady Doudou. Naturally he also meant for me to keep vigilant watch on Lady so that you don't give him some Hulunbuir prairie (aka an enormous green hat)..."

"He even told you about that?" Tang Doudou was stunned! Baili Yu's relationship with Lan Jia was that good? The fact that he even told Lan Jai about this showed how close they were.

However, Baili Yu had sent someone to keep a watch on her. He distrusted her this much?

Tang Doudou looked at Lan Jia suspiciously and saw that his eyes contained faint mirth. She became certain that this guy was saying this on purpose. After all, it wasn't the first time he had tried to make her doubt Baili Yu.

"Brother Baili and I are practically brothers. Our relationship is as close as one's hands is to one's feet, nothing can come between us. We hold each other's absolute confidence..." Lan Jia's eyes curved slightly with a smile as he started making up nonsense again.

Tang Doudou hastily stopped his lengthy elaboration. "I don't care about your relationship with him. No matter what, shouldn't you at least tell me what exactly you want? Otherwise, you should just let me and Mu Ye leave to save both of us annoyance."

She summed up the situation. The reason Lan Jia had said so much was probably for the sake of ruining her relationship with Baili Yu. However, it definitely wasn't because he liked her. Tang Doudou didn't feel like she had enough charm to make everyone that saw her fall in love with her. However, although she didn't, Baili Yu did! Lan Jia probably, towards Baili Yu... It wasn't that she was overthinking, that guy seriously had too many admirers...

Lan Jia then said, "Lady Doudou, you've misunderstood again. I'm not trying to stay with you, but with this Mu gongzi."

As he spoke, he glanced towards Mu Ye. "Mu gongzi is looking for this one for a matter, no?"

"En." Mu Ye actually nodded.

Tang Doudou was immediately lost again.

They didn't bother to wait for her to process this before walking forward shoulder by shoulder.

"Mu gongzi just ask. There's no need to hold back." Lan Jia's voice was clear and slightly magnetic. It was extremely pleasing to the ear.

The hair tie wrapped around Tang Doudou's hand still hadn't been undone, so when Lan Jia started walking, she was dragged along. As she walked, she pricked up her ears to see what exactly Mu Ye would ask.

However, Ah Yu who was walking next to Lan Jia remarked with a cold humph, "Fickle woman!"

"..." Tang Doudou puked blood. How come everyone she came into contact with seemed to be offended by her?

"How did Baili Yu end up taking a fancy to a woman like you!?" continued Ah Yu.

"How? You should just go ask him!" Tang Doudou understood it now. Ah Yu was speaking up for his master.

From the looks of it, her guess had been right. Lan Jia really did have feelings towards Baili Yu.

Her heart felt tired. It was enough that she had to fight over a man with women, but now she had to fight over a man with men. What kind of logic was this?

"You're stupid and ugly. It's ridiculous!" Ah Yu continued grumbling.

Tang Doudou decided to just ignore him. She had enough experience with these types of people. The best way to deal with them was just to ignore them. If she reacted, he'd only become more excited.

"Saint Envoy is right, you're not a good match for Baili Yu at all."

That's right, that's right, she wasn't a good match. Your family's Saint Envoy was the only one that was suitable. It was just a shame that the person in question, Baili Yu, didn't like men.

"However, Baili Yu still kept praising you and talking about your good points in front of Saint Envoy, causing Saint Envoy to get angry."

Aiyah, so Baili Yu would actually praise her in front of other people! Many thanks for letting her know!

Ah Yu finally noticed that she wasn't paying any attention to him and started muttering to himself. Since Tang Doudou's inner strength had recovered, her senses got a lot keener and she was able to hear what he was saying. It was pretty much just things about how super duper wonderful his family's Saint Envoy was, and how super duper subpar she was, and why Baili Yu was so blind as to take a liking to her.

Tang Doudou felt that there was no point bothering with him. Rather than wasting her time listening to his complaints, it would be better to spend that time figuring out what Mu Ye wanted.

However, just as she shifted her attention over, Mu Ye had already pretty much finished speaking. Lan Jia then said with a light laugh, "So Mu gongzi wanted to find out about that. It really is such a coincidence. This one just happened to know everything about it. Why don't we discuss this in the teahouse over there?"

Mu Ye replied 'en,' then glanced back at Tang Doudou. "Wait outside for me!"

Nani? Tang Doudou was taken aback. "I'm not going with you?"

Mu Ye didn't reply.

Tang Doudou shrugged. It was fine, it'd be the perfect chance for her to walk around and see if Baili Yu was here.

She had been focused on the conversations earlier so she hadn't really looked around this tree. As of now, what she saw surprised her. When she was looking from the other side, this side looked like it was just full of black-clothed people. However, when she looked now, she discovered that there were people wearing white robes as well.

Those people dressed in white robes seemed to have very high statuses. Pretty much every black-robed person that saw them would salute them respectfully.

Tang Doudou watched for a while. By the time she turned around, Mu Ye had already entered the teahouse with Lan Jia.

Ah Yu had disappeared off somewhere as well. Tang Doudou patted Lil' Gray who was hugging her chest and said, "Lil' Gray, move to my back."

Lil' Gray cupped his hands in salute inside the black robe, then moved towards her back. Once he got a stable grip, Tang Doudou started strolling around the Sacred Tree.

She had felt that this Sacred Tree was enormous when she was looking at it from Saint City. Now that she got here, it only seemed more impressive.

The Sacred Tree didn't seem to have been sliced by a sharp weapon. From far away, it seemed flat and smooth, but from close up it could be seen that the surface was actually very uneven. A lot of places look like they had been chopped at and there were a lot of gorges left from things being snapped off. Its appearance seemed quite battered and bruised.

There were also a lot of restaurants and inns here, but they weren't as neat as the ones in Saint City. Here, it was pretty much a random building here and there, and all of them seemed to be quite large.

After walking for almost two hours, she still couldn't see the center of the Sacred Tree, nor did she catch sight of Baili Yu. Tang Doudou sighed and was just about to turn back when someone grabbed her back.

Her heart plunged. Though she said it was her back, it would be more accurate to say that it was Lil' Gray who was grabbed.

Lil' Gray had been grabbed by someone!


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